Written by David

19 Feb 2019

As many people do on this site, I want to share the experience that changed my sex life possibly forever, this began to unfold last November.

So I have lived with my Girlfriend Emma for the last 5 years, We’re both 30, I work as a broker, she’s a department manager at a very well know DIY store, we both probably spend more time working than we should, and really hadn’t given each other much attention, resulting in a big of a routine relationship.

Going back to November, a typical Thursday evening, Em gets back from work around 8.30 goes upstairs, has a shower, and comes into the living room with a glass of red wine for each of us, and we watch whatevers on TV, without saying too much to each other.

During the ad break I go upstairs for a wee, and as I stand there in the bathroom, something catches my eye. The lids not on the dirty washing basket properly, and Em’s knickers are top of the pile, I can clearly see a whitish deposit in the gusset of the black material. Now I’m quite aware that women do actually, have a certain degree of discharge, but this was so much more and for want of a better description, a slug trail. My brain pondered as I stood there, and I could only draw one conclusion, was it spunk?.

I moved forward to get a better look, and gingerly picked them up by the waistband, bringing them closer, my suspicions were becoming stronger. The gusset was positively sodden, I was genuinely concerned that Em was having an affair, I didn’t want to believe it, but knew I had to be sure. Without further thought I touched it, feeling its consistency, then brought my fingers to my nose to smell them, I knew instantly the salty musty smell of cum, my brain went into overdrive as I realised my relationship was probably over. I threw the knickers back into the basket, and walked back downstairs in a daze, as I contemplated how to deal with this bombshell.

I resumed my position in front of the TV, with wine in hand, sneaking glances at Em whenI could to see any signs of guilt, there were none. I watched her more and more as she giggled and chuckled at the program, without giving any indication of her wrong doing.

My mind then began to wonder, who was the other party? Where had they done it? Was it one off? , before long I headed back to the bathroom to reconfirm my discovery.

As I sat on the edge of the bath staring at the gusset of the knickers, my heart was racing, I began to conjure images of her fucking some faceless guy, and then the image of her face lighting up as he came in her, at this point I actually held the gusset to my nose to be absolutely sure that I wasn’t wrong. The same musty salty smell filled my nostrils, without any warning from my brain, I put out my tongue and touched the gusset with the tip, retracting it immediately as I got the full confirmation my mind was clearly looking for. Again I threw the knickers back into the basket in disgust, and retorted back to my wine in front of the TV.

A new bottle was open and I downed the first glass in minutes urging Em to hurry hers up, she’d started to get quite chatty, and all the while I’m staring at her as she spoke , i’m getting images flashing round my head, at one point as I took a drink I could smell the cum on my finger tips, my mind was beginning to settle down, and I began to get used to the idea that she was fucking another man behind my back, and I started to get aroused by it. As she watched TV I brought my fingers back to my nose, then purposely into my mouth. Bang! There it was, I’d crossed a line that couldn’t be uncrossed, I knew what I was doing, and I didn’t stop myself. I immediately jumped up again, saying I had to get something, I made a dash for the knickers in the basket, I put them to my mouth and I full on licked them, I had an immense sensation going through my body as I kept licking at them savouring the dirty mess in my mouth, before long i’d devoured the contents of the gusset. My cock was raging, I wanted more.

Back own I went, topping up Ems glass again, and sneaking a kiss as I did, she was taken aback, “someones in a good mood, what are you after?” She said, “come to bed and find out” I put my hand under her nightie, and felt her bare pussy, “calm down, whats come over you?” She said pushing my hand away. I told her I was just really horny, she knocked back the content of her glass, and we headed upstairs.

In bed she assumed missionary position but I had other ideas, I began licking her nipples, then kissing down her belly, she tried to get me back up the bed, asking for me to just fuck her, but I resisted and carried on down, eventually she relented, opening her legs, as I moved in for the tasting.

Although she’d had a shower, I could still taste spunk, the texture on my tongue as I lapped at her was new to me, She pulled my head into her, clearly enjoying what I was doing, not realising I knew her secret. We flipped around into a sixty nine position, with Em on top straddling my face, as she took my cock in her mouth, I carried on delving my tongue in and out, flicking her clit with my fingers as I did, I felt her go rigid, and a gush of fluid filled my mouth, I gulped it down greedily and within seconds started ejaculating in her mouth, she collapsed down onto me, obviously having swallowed my load.

I could feel the slimy mixture of cum, both hers and his around my mouth, As she climbed off me I made a beeline straight to her mouth and began to kiss her passionately swapping the fluids back and forth, before we both fell to sleep. The next day, we put it down to a drunken session, but now I was the one with the secret.

Over the next few weeks I inspected her knickers and found it to be a Tuesday and Thursday occurrence, each time I would clean the mess from her knickers, and we’d end up having mind blowing sex on those nights. Then on a Thursday night in December, I’d been awaiting her return, I had the wine ready, I heard her key in the lock, as she came through the door, instead of heading upstairs for a shower she came into the living room, she had a cheeky smile “get on the floor” she ordered, I gave a questioning look, and she said don’t ask just do it. I did as I was told laying on my back, she stepped over my face looking down at me, she spread her legs wider over me, i’m now looking up her skirt at her knickers, she lifted her skirt round her waist with one hand and with the other hand pulled her knickers aside, then pushed a big load of spunk out of her right over my face, “is that what you’ve been waiting for?” she asked then started to squat down onto my face, I opened my mouth as a slow trickle of spunk dangled from her, and ended up in my throat, I pulled her into my face and ate her hard “lick his fucking spunk out of me” she was saying over and over as she rubbed her clit frantically, I sucked as much spunk as I could out of her, then she began gushing her own juice into my mouth, my face was covered.

She frantically yanked at my jeans to release my cock, as it sprang out she impaled herself on it, licking at my face with her tongue, I flooded her with my own spunk almost immediately, she got straight up and did the same again, pushing my own spunk out, all over my face before feeding me her savoury hole. I licked and sucked at her for what felt like an hour as my heart gradually slowed down to a regular beat.

She asked me how long i’d known, I told her a few weeks, and asked the same question, she told me she’d worked out what I was doing the previous week, and confirmed it on the Tuesday, she said it made her so horny, she wanted to reward me, then she told me she had another surprise for me, she went and got her phone, “I videod him fucking me tonight”. I was apprehensive as she went into her phone menu, then she handed me the phone and told me to play it. I began to watch, the guy was young, I looked at Em “He’s eighteen, his names Luke” I carried on watching, I could make out it was in the office, as she pointed the camera down, it was clear she was on her desk, he was standing in front of her, ramming at her pussy, she was holding her knickers to the side, it went on for a couple of minutes before he was clearly cumming in her, then she puts her knickers back and the video cuts off. She said it was just before she left work for the day, and she’d kept her pussy clenched all the way home.

I was hard again, I laid back and asked her to ride me, as she began riding my cock I began asking her stuff, “have you sucked him off?” “Yeah of course I have, I gave him a blow job in the first aid room, thats how it started. It was his second week of training, and he managed to cut the top of his leg on some wire. I had to give first aid, and bandage him up, he got a hard on while he was in his boxers, and I was wrapping his leg, next thing I’ve got his cock in my mouth, five minutes later i’m shagging him on the first aid bed, it all happened really quickly”

She was still riding me as she was telling me her story, her voice was breathless, I knew she was getting off, I carried on “how did it feel having some eighteen year olds cock in you?” , “it was nice, especially when he fucked me doggy style, he couldn’t stop himself from cumming in me, I wanted to taste it so bad so I scooped it out with my fingers and sucked it off them” she was really getting breathless now, and I was fucking her harder from underneath, “so he fucked you doggy style, looking at your arsehole, have you let him fuck your arse yet?”, “no, would you like that?, would you like him to fuck my arse?” I could feel her on the edge, just as I was, “I’d fucking love to see him fuck your arse so hard”, Ems an anal virgin and always refuses me point blank, but she was in such a state of heightened pleasure right now, I had to take advantage, “ I want him in my arse so bad now, I need his fat cock to fill my hole and cum deep in my arse.” she was shaking as she said it, we thrusted hard and I started cumming deep inside Em, she grabbed her clit and started squirting her juices all over my belly..

Wow, what a fuckin orgasm!, she collapsed on to me still shuddering. As we caught our breath, I looked at her and said “you know I really want to see you do that don’t you, I need to see him take your arse” her eyes were glazed, she was smiling “ I know you do, I really want it as well” I carried on “you need to do it here, so I can watch somehow, does he know about me?”, “yes of course he does, Tomorrows my day off, and his shift doesn’t start until twelve, I can invite him round, if you want to take a day off work”

We set about a plan of action, she sent him a text asking him if he wanted to come round before work, to go through the roster, she said that was their code, his reply was almost immediate, what time?, 10.30, she replied back. Thats that sorted she said and got up for a shower, I followed her up the stairs, my eyes fixated on her arse, I couldn’t believe this was going to happen. I spent the next half hour trying to find a place where I would be able to hide and get the best vantage point, the loft was the only option, I made a small hole in the ceiling above the bed, I told Em where she needed to be, it was perfect. We went to bed exhausted.