Written by Travelbird

12 Aug 2018

So a sunny day, roof off the car, me in a new dress which maybe was just alittle on the short side, but hey ho, John of course had chosen my underwear as usual, this time bright red knickers and black and red six strap suspender belt, with some baby pink stockings , finished off with cream ankle strap heels. I felt pretty good.

The intention was to visit one of the NT properties which we have not too far away from us. However on the way John decided he wanted to check out a classic car auction, normally i wouldnt mind, but dressed as i was i didnt fancy trooping around a very large garage. He said he would meet me later and we could have dinner. I was actually quite put out by his attitude, and i suppose I left in a bit of a huff.

Anyway I dropped him and made my way to the hall. It was busy the car park quite full, i drove around twice looking for somewhere to park. This apparently attracted the attention of a chap who turned out to be the facility manager his name was gerald, or so it said on his badge. Gerald was very helpful posssibly down to the fact that i was well dressed and driving a sports car and by myself. I ended up in staff parking. He insisted on helping me to park, and stood adjacent to the drivers side. Unfortunately he stayed to witness me get out of the car, like a gentleman holding the door for me. Despite my best efforts Gerald must have had a wonderful view up my dress as i climbed out of the car. He certainly had a smile on his face.

He showed me to the ticket office and then left me. I wandered about inside the Hall. I was aware that i was attracting attention, mainly i think down to the fact that i was wearing a dress, and everyone else was in country style kit. I was conscious of my dress being alittle short, and constantly felt the hem at the back to make sure i was covered properly. I hadnt accounted for being sat in the car which of course stretched my suspenders allowing my stockings to drop slightly. It became clear that the hem of my dress was only just covering the welt of my stockings. Stairs of which there were many in the hall became a bit of an assault course. I did notice several dissapproving looks from some other women, and approving looks from chaps, who were clearly amused by my predicament.

Anyway i was determined to enjoy myself and fully immersed myself in the history of the hall, While on the balcony of the main gallery. I was so enthralled that i forgot about my attire, and leaned forwards to get a better look. It was then that a voice behind me said. My wife used to wear stockings as well.

I turned, and was set to respond, when i saw it was gerald, again big smile on his face, he continued on telling me she had died several years ago. I felt i couldnt reprimand him, and soon he was accompanying me around the upper gallery.

We came to a stairwell , which was closed to the public, I asked about this and he told me it was the maids quarters, temporarily closed to the public, but said i could see it if i wished.

We went through Gerald unlocking and then re locking the door. The stairs were very steep, I was in front and acutely aware the Gerald would be looking straight up my dress, there was little that i could do so just carried on into the maids quarters.

It was a proper attic room, quite homely, all set out as it would have been in the 1920 era; Gerald continued with his converastion, as he pointed things out, he used his hand to turn turn me very gently, i realised that as he did this he was feeling me through the thin material of my dress, very quickly i think he would have the outline of my underwear.

I made a comment about the beds, querying the comfort, Gerald suggested that i try one out, beckoning to lay down, which despite knowing what was likely to happen i did.

All pretence of modesty was ignored, my dress riding up exposing the clips of my suspenders, Gerald standing at the end of the bed, appraised my underwear commenting on my knickers matching my lipstick. I carried on our conversation, talking about the maids uniforms, while Gerald came and sat at the bedside. Reaching out, his hands slid under my dress, his fingers gripping the legs of my knickers and gently he pulled them down until they were stretched out over my upper thighs, just below the hem of my dress. My dress he left just covering my now damp pussy, something he soon exploited as the fingers of his left hand found my lips and eased their way inside me.

Gerald was clearly very practised and soon had me squirming to his touch, it only seemed minutes before he had me climaxing, in fact he put a finger to his lips suggesting that i quieten down.

He continued gently stroking me arounf my mound and thighs, it was wonderful, and i didnt want him to stop. All to soon for me, Gerald said he had to go and check the hallsecurity before leaving, He showed me to the ladies washroom, where i tidyed myself up.

He was waiting by the main reception as i left, along with another female member of staff, who i am sure gave me a very knowing look as i left. He confirmed that I had enjoyed my experience and hoped i would come again,something which definately did bring a smile to the face of his receptionist