Written by fellatrice

23 Feb 2010

i posted 10 but i think it got lost, so read the student 9 before this.

Time to go home said master? We picked up our things and M clipped the dog leads onto our collars. He lead us from the dungeon through the bar, we were both bollock naked, and attracted much interest. The lesbian cloackroom girl was eying the student with obviuos lust.

We shoved all our things into the bags and put our overcoats on, we were still naked underneath. M lead us by our dog leads to the taxi rank at the end of the street. The cabbie was ogling at the leads, we got in the back, - no fooling around till we get home ordered M. we soon got home and went into the living room. Coats off, ordered M, get naked - we took our coats off and stood naked before him. You have had 10 cums since 3 oclock he said to the girl, did you enjoy? O god yes she replied "fucking wonderful" Ok now we finish your first day as our slut in beauty , he said

Undress me he ordered - We got on each side of him and stripped him naked, when we pulled down his y fronts his cock snapped up causing some giggling - say hallo to my cock you two, show her how he said to me - i took his cock in my right hand and cupped his balls with my left - i ran my tongue three times round his nob, then took about half of his cock into my mouth, then i pushed it back out with my tongue ran my tongue three times round again and finished with a kiss. Now you i said to the student, do it exactly the same way - she didn't hesitate and follwed suit exactly. Ok said M , very nice now for the crowning glory of the day. He sat on the sofe with his legs open and his cock sticking right up, turn round, he told me, now lower your cunt onto my cock - help her to put it in he told the student which she did as his cock slid str8 up my wet hole. This was unusual for normally we don't do fucking . Now girl he said - you lick her clit while i fuck her at the same time . O god, heaven, being fucked and sucked at the same time. I soon came hard and as i bucked up , i heard M groan as he shot he load into me. His cock slipped back ouT . Lick my cock clean he told the girl. I crained over and watched her lick the last drops of spunk from off his cock, she was squeezing it to get the last bit out of his spunk pipe. Nice he said - now clean her cunt. The girl took a deep breath, then launched herself at my sodden spunk loaded cunt, she licked and licked and i even had another orgasm. finnalliy she finished. Ok said M - betime - some rest - tomorrow he told the student - you will swear the oath. O god. We lay in the bed one on each side of Master with a tit against his chest and a leg over his thigh so that our cunts were pressed against his legs - we fell asleep str8 off - what a fucking glorious day i thought as i drifted to sleep

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