Written by Fellatrix

14 Dec 2009

the student came back into the bedroom - i gave her some black hold up stockings to put on the same as ME. They fitted real good, the tops coming just up to the level of her black muff. I looked thru' my collection of miniskirts and chose a real short one, dark colour with five bottons down the front, God she sed thats short without any knicks - yes, lovely. Undo the bottom button i sed - now walk towards me - mmm - undo another button - now walk towards me again - now i cud see her muff showing with each stride . Beautiful sight , i told her, go and show daddy and ask if he likes it.

She went to M and showed him her miniskirt, as i had done he made her walk towards him - undo another button he sed, she did so , wow sensational - go back to mommy. she came back to the bedroom , the pussy on her cunt was now well visible. I gave her one of my see thru blouses, it was slightly too small for her tits, but that made them more obvious.

Now, you will wear one of my old collars i told har, later we'll get a new one for you. I took an old collar and a nameplate which i had used many years ago - she read the name on the dogtag - HOTCUNT - wow she sed - well thats what you are isn't it ? giggles - i guess so. Shoes were a bit difficult, but eventually i found a pair of black high heels that fitted nicely.

Yes - i, sed now you really look like mommy's slut?. what are you is asked - mommy's slut she replied - good girl.

In the meantime, i had also dressed in a short skirt, and tight blouse, and had my dogtag on with my current given name - Fellatrice-- property of Mikael.

I fastened a dog lead to her collar and we went to see master. We are ready Daddy , do we please you. Absolutely georgeous. Knowing that we would have a few drinks, a taxi had been ordered . The student and me got in the back and Master in the front . i could see the driver trying to get an eyeful in his driving mirror.

M gave the name of the resturant and away we went.

On entering the resturant, the waiter came over and took our coats - he knows us well - when he took the students coat he eyes stuck out like dog's balls, he didnt know what to look at. We got a table at the back of the resturant - you sit in the middle he sed to the student God she sed anyone that comes this way will see my pussy mommy. Your cunt she was quickly corrected - yes she sed hehehe - my cunt daddy. If they do then they will see something beautiful.

to be cotinued immediately i have time.

ps shes standing by my side now naked, reading over my shoulder, i can smell her horny cunt.