Written by Fellatrix

7 Jan 2010

Do you love me? i asked the student, yes mistress yes yes. When i fingered you off this afternoon, and kept slapping your bottom, you got all wet and horny and came very hard remember ? oh yes mistress, was it nice i asked her , yes mommy she sed forgetting the correct adress . wel now , i told her we're going to try something more, - i showed her the black short leather strap - O God, i shall slap your bum once with the strap, i told her, when you count ONE, i shall strap you again, when you say TWO strap again - if you can't stand it anymore you just stop counting and i'll stop - do you follow ? yes mistress; I kissed her on the mouth and sed "good lovely girl" Then master fastened the collar and the hand holes of the stocks and closed them shut. Quite an audience of voyeurs had gathered by now. Master got behing her naked arse which was sticking up high - he patted the cheeks of her arse and told her to open her legs more - she did so immediately and she was now showing her all to the audience. I saw master putting his hand in between her legs and rubbing her cunt. he nodded to me , i came round the back and strapped her arse - WHACK - silence - master fingerd her more - suddenly she said quite clearly and firmly ONE - master took his hand away - WHACK - the TWO came almost immediately as Master rubbed her some more - by the time she said FIVE - now she was shouting and writhing about - i could see juice running down the inside of her legs as Master fingered her fast and hard now - WHACK the sixth stroke, she never shouted SIX though she was to busy cumming like a rodeo steer -- aaagh aaagh her seventh cum of the day said Master loudly.

I let her out of the stocks and took her in my arms she was crying gently - i kissed her - did you enjoy that dear i asked - O God O God came her usual reply - thats the most brutal cum i've ever had. Slight applause from some of the voyeurs as the crowd broke up . I continued to hold her in my arms for some time till she stopped quivering.

OK now said Master for the Gransd Finale to your first day as our slut, he said. She stared vacantly at him, he said now for a gaenological examinaton.

We led her slowly over to the "Doctor's room" The table was there stirrups and all.

I helped her up onto the table and put her feet in the holders. master turned the handle and her legs started to part . Now once you are on that table flat on your back with your legs apart, its almost immpossible to sit up, never mind get off it. I know cos Master has had me on that table several times before.

We stood back a little and looked at her wet glistening cunt - it's only a small room and several people were pushing by the door to get a view -

Now said master - your pi├Ęce de resistance of the day - multiple ..

Ah well tell you all about the end of the Day next time ... kisses fellatrice