Written by Fellatrix

12 Jan 2010

So there she was , flat on her back on the table naked with her legs apart. Several voyeurs were trying to squeeze in the room to watch. Me first said Master, you go and talk dirty to her, play with her tits and when she cums squeeze her nipples very hard.

I went to the top of the table and told her she looked fantastic with her cunt wide open. O God ..;

Meanwhike, i saw M getting a butt plug out of my bag, he wet it with his spit and then .. The student suddenly stiffened and squealed as he started to push it up her arse.

eeee' - relax relax i told her let it go in, don't fight it. Then holding the butt plug in place M started to lick her off. I was distracted by a young couple who squeezed in to watch, the girl was standing in front of the boy and her blouse was wide open, he was squeezing her very large tits whilst they watched and the girl had her hand up her skirt obviously fingering herself. I smiled at her and she grimaced back.

The Student was now beginning to wimper and rock her arse about , it took a little while longer to make her cum, but cum she did, and at the precise moment i gripped her nipples between finger and thumb ansd sueezed real hard. She shrieked as she shuddered. Cum number 8 annouced Master to the watchers and it still isn't midnight. Now you - he sed to me , now you give her another one. I took M's place and started on her cunt just as he had leftoff, i cud hear M talking real filthy to her about her jucy lovely cunt. It took me quite some tine to get her to cum, again, i had the butt plug in her bum, and i push the handle of my small whip into her cunt then alternated between rubbing and sucking her clitty. Eventually, came the now familiar jerkings folled by a ninth orgasm of the day. that's 9 sed M, he looked at his watch and sed still time for one more b4 midnight.

The young couple were now well away, the girls skirt was now pulled up showing her cunt aand her boyfriend was now fingering her ) Master spoke to the boy, who was startled - is she bisex he asked the boy. Yes sometimes came the answer Good sed M, send her over here and she can make our slut cum for the 10th time. The girl was giggling with her b/f but eventually he managed to shove her over and told her to suck her cunt as he blutly put it. The girl started and soon she was lapping away like an expert. I was a bit jealous, but then i obey Master in all things.The girl made her cum again and when we got her off the table she was, weak at the knees and cud hardly stand for several minutes, but yountg cunt recovers quickly and she brightened up when her place on the table was taken by the young woman who had just sucked har off - it was she now with her legs wide apart showing all herr gubbins. Perhaps your ladies can give her one each asked the boy to Master. M agreed str8 away and so first me, and then the student took turns in sucking the girl off to very loud orgasms.

When the girl eventually got offf the table, he'r guy had his cock out and he pushed her on her knees and stuck his cock in her mouth. He was very turned on and shot his load very quick. The girl was obviousy well trained and opened her mouth showing everyone the spunk, until he gave the sign for her to swallow.

Om said M - now we go home , to the Student he said when we get there iot will be your turn to suck Mistress and me before we go to sleep.

Thus ended the Student's first day as our slut.

this started at the end of October 2008, the student still lives with us and sevices M's cock and my cunt on demand. We also give her some treatment also, but not 10 times in one day though. We take her to the dungeon once a month and in June we took her on holidy with us .....