Written by Bard

8 Aug 2017

After the Good Playtime, Di did visit Pete's home after their meeting and he invited her in. She said she could not stop as she was picking me up very soon, she said she would be there on the Sunday and just wanted to make sure it was alright with him, giving him a kiss as she went back to the door, making the excuse she just wanted a kiss from him. He had suggested she should be wearing her underwear again as it turned him on. He grabbed a handful of her breast and said 'Stay if you like', but Di got back to her car and set off.

Once home I asked what chance I might have of getting a peek of their meeting and she said his back garden was pretty unkempt and there were some untrimmed shrubs where I might be able to gain a vantage point into the kitchen or through lounge. She said the front garden hedge was overgrown too so there was a chance that she could enjoy his intentions downstairs if she tried.

We discussed the possibilities of her dropping me off at the end of his road and I would try to find somewhere useful for a good view while she calls him to say she is close, so distracting him, then she drives round the block then pulls into his drive. It worked perfectly. I walked slowly towards his house in the gathering dusk, deserted street, his drive empty. I put my mobile to my ear when I could see a shape in the hallway through the glass front door, he was obviously talking to Di, so i slipped quietly down the concrete drive and into the back garden which was as Di said, a bit overgrown. I found a big laurel bush which was about ten feet high but ideal as I stepped silently behind it. I was safely out of sight and I rang Di to say where I was just as she turned onto the drive. I saw her answer it and told her where I was and just got a giggle back and the phone going dead. At that I heard the front door open and Pete's voice saying he was delighted to see her (I bet he was).

The door closed and they appeared in the front room, my heart jumped into my mouth and my blood pressure shot through the roof, mouth dry, limbs aching with tension. They kissed long and deep, his hands smoothing over the black and red dress she wore, it had a split up the side which, with a bit of clever sewing, had been extended to higher on the thigh exposing stocking top and suspender strap which Pete found and explored the still hidden joys of my wife. He had a bottle of wine ready on the table and two glasses which he poured and handed her one which seemed a bit more full than his but I may have been mistaken. He sat her down, I was pleased to see he was not wearing a cravat which I partly expected from a theatrical type. Then he turned his back and, facing me, slipped out his cock then turned back to face Di. His cock was already quite hard and a decent length without being oversized. I could see her face and she was smiling broadly, no doubt that she enjoyed the unexpected sight so soon after entering his house.

He said something and Di dipped her head and took him into her mouth, gently stroking his shaft as she sucked him and with the other hand drew his trousers down past his knees, then cupped his balls. I could clearly see her stockings were well on show for Pete and he was saying something I could not hear but must have been something about how good she was. He removed his shirt as she got him fully hard. I was so overjoyed to see her sucking another man for my pleasure and hers. He eventually must have decided he wanted her body next as he withdrew his cock and said something which made Di stand up and turn round offering the long zip on her dress for him. He slid it down, her white bra strap coming into my view and her dress puddled to the floor and she stepped out of it. I gulped as I saw her beautiful body in its least covered and most alluring. A new lacy white suspender belt and white sexy panties with a lacy panel just showing the thin strip of pubic hair behind the intricate lace.

Pete said something and produced his mobile from a pocket in his trousers and must have asked her to pose for her, which she willingly did. He took several pictures with them progressing from laying back and posing open legged, a few in different positions before he must have asked her to slip off her bra. Then several with her breasts on show and Pete having a feel of her nipples which I assumed had now got very stiff as they always did, but I was too far off to get a definite sight of them, but I knew she was well turned on. His request to see her sexy panties off was accepted and her nude body was there for his taking. I was now in seventh heaven as my deepest, and until very recently, most secret desire was being played out just a few yards away. Pete took several more pictures and Di posed open legged and holding her pussy lips wide open ready for cock or tongue, whichever he chose.

He put down the camera and they exchanged a laugh, a kiss and then their hands played with each other's bodies. His fingers penetrated her cunt and she sighed deeply which I did hear. Pete had his back to me and Di was, I am certain doing her best to let me see her being fucked by this very keen man, who it must be admitted, was very good at fucking. She laid back and opened her legs inviting him in and said something. Pete went down on her and began to lick in small rapid flicks. Di's eyes were shut and she was writhing wickedly as he found her clit and made her come spontaneously. This teasing of her wet cunt went on for ages. I even looked at my watch and realised they had been in his house for over an hour. I looked at the wine glasses, untouched for most of that hour, but the scene of sex was infinitely better than watching a couple sipping wine.

It was now fully dark and I decided to chance getting a bit closer, leaving my hiding place, Pete with his back to me and fully engaged in licking my lovely wife's cunt. Di was in heaven I was now almost against the window and stayed to one side in case his position changed or he suddenly decided to take her naked into the garden, but that was very unlikely. I could hear a bit more and Di was saying how nice his tongue was and encouraged him to continue. I could hear a faint slicking sound and realised just how juiced up she was, obviously loving the situation, maybe trying for an Oscar from me. I was going to give her something stiff but not golden when we got home.

I loved all this despite the feeling of damp around as the grass under my feet gathered dew. I saw Pete move over her and he offered his cock to her very wet looking cunt. Di now saw my face and began to look panicked but then realised it was me and smiled, then got up and bent over the end of the sofa she had been lying on, leaving a huge wet patch on the sofa cushion. She offered her cunt to Pete and I heard her say 'Fuck me now, I really want it'

He stood behind her, I could see perfectly as his cock slipped deep into her wet gash. The rhythm started and he energetically plunged in her and made her gasp and grunt with pleasure. This was so much better than watching porn on tv, no synthetic moans and groans, this was real and it was my dream. OK I was a bit damp and a tad cold, but I was impervious at the time, transfixed by the incredible sexiness of watching my wife being fucked willingly with my full consent. Days like this do not come round too regularly, maybe just as well because the intensity might fade, but watching his bum thrusting against her filled pussy was my heaven. He was very happy to be fucking her too as I heard him say how gorgeous she was and that he wanted to do this again and again. Di said between gasps that she loved it and to keep going.

My entertainment ended a few minutes later when I heard him grunt and shove deep as he could then slowing down, he sort of shivered and partly collapsed against her bare arse. When his cock withered a bit, it slipped out and a string of come stretched between his shaft and her filled pussy. He collapsed on the soggy sofa cushion and Di laid open legged dripping cum from her gash. What a night.

We met later after I caught the bus home and she walked in with a wicked grin on her face. I said she was fantsstic and filled her again with my seed this time.