Written by nhs fun

30 Jan 2009

I work in the NHS & where im based has a large training backround..

Me & my wife have been swinging now fo r4yrs but only really see the same men. unless on hols.lol. we would never swing with people we know.

this is what happened this week. we have 3 surgeons over from abroad. 2 of them not our type at all but the other mmmm. let me describe him, 50s broad but slim & very distinguished looking. with a nice ass & a large bulge. & he smell quite musty which i really like.

so he is here for only one more week & i overhear him talking to a staff member, she asks if he has been anywhere nice like york .etc no he says but he wanted to go to soho to meet a nice lady & he laughs. as he had been here for 3 wks & not met any. this sets my mind going as i no just the lady. My wife...

that night as i start to arouse her i tell her about this & boy does she get wet. as i fuck her i tell her more & test the water ...would you like to meet if i could sort it... she cums with a scream ..oooo god yes . so next day he tells me only 3 days left in the uk & its been all work & no play.

I know a lady yo could meet on ur own & with discretion.

really he says so its arranged he is to call at 8pm.

i hid ein the dining room with camcorder ste to record, & the baby monitor on.

dead on time he knocks. & mmm she looks so good dressed to impress on goes the dressing gown as she opens the door.

come in i hear, she said she went weak at the knees as she guessed he was well hung.?

this is what she told me as ive not seen the tape yet.

she sat down, he right next to her & pulls her straight on to his lap, there tonges are in each others mouths , as he pulls her gown open his hands are all over her big tits squeezing them hard as she grinds her clit into his growing cock. she cant wait & slides down to unzip him......wow hes so thick never had such a wide cock when we've swung together. ( i wish i was there as i listen ). she starts to suck his cock as she wanks him hard. hes now riving at her hair & grunting like a beast, with in seconds shes on his lap trying to get his cock into her soaking wet pussy. in it goes & she rides him in s daze of orgasms, they fuck hard changing positions & he takes her from behind. i hear her say i love doggy style & im dying to take a peak as i know he wont see me with her playing to the camcorder like we planned but im scarred . instead i wank my hard cock & quickly cum. but im so horny i just stay hard wanking some more. the noise is so horny. after a hr or so he goes but tells her he will come back before he goes home... we cant wait. as the door closed i was there licking like a dog on broth mmmm so good. we fucked for a while then fell asleep only to wake & fuck again even though she was very sore. i cant wait for his return & to watch the tape. i will post more soon