Written by Josh

12 Jan 2016

We had dinner and a show with friends, and then my wife and I went to a club. She had lots of fun and drunk a fair bit. While in the club she took off her panties and I fingered her. She was really hot and wanted to blow me right there in the booth.

Our friends thought it was amazing. They had never seen her like this. I have but only when she gets into the drink.

We left and she gave the doorman her panties and squeezed his cock. She told him it was a good size and she would like to try it sometime.

Then in the taxi home, she lifted her dress and played with her clit. The driver looked back using his mirror and watched. It’s a wonder we didn’t have an accident as she put on quite a show.

We got home and he pulled right into the driveway and she invited him in.

He didn’t have to be asked twice.

She pulled her dress was off once we were in the front door and got rid of her bra. She was then totally naked. I took hold of her and dropped my jeans and I bent her over and fucked her over the coffee table. He just watched.

When I finished with her I told the driver that he could fuck her too if he had a condom. He didn’t have any and I knew we didn’t as I haven’t used any for years. He asked if he could just play with her. I told him to go for it. He just played with her nipples and fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She liked what he did but was getting tired. He then licked her pussy for a while before he wanked his decent sized cock and then came on her tits.

He was a bit embarrassed but I told him everything was fine. She had passed out by now.

He then left and wouldn’t take any money for the fare.

Next morning she woke with a bit of a headache but not too bad.

She thinks the taxi driver fucked her. I haven’t told her he didn’t.

She has always flirted with guys but never anything like this.

I also told her that the driver would probably be around for another go. She asked what she should do. I just said, same as last time.

We have never seen him again but I am fairly certain she may let herself go now she knows I not upset or jealous.

I have also bought some condoms and have them ready if the need arises.