Written by Tanya C

23 Dec 2008

I just wanted to write to tell you about whta happened with me and a party I was at recently. I am 28 female with what my boyfriend says a fabulous figure long black hair by my shoulders a size 8 and 34 d breasts.. and i love sex, unfortunately my boyfriend will do most things but wont share me...

I went to an lingerie party recently and my boyfriend wanted me to make sure i bought something really sexy for him, I am very flirty and an exhibistionist so I knew i was going to buy something really sexy for him and surprise him that night. I made sure I was wearing a tiny dress no underwear and My kneelength black boots but also wore my long black leather coat.

The party was a good, lots of wine and lots of sexy gear and toys. after trying on all the sexy stuff i decided to buy this leather corset and which had black seamed stockings but also bought a brand new ball gag and two pairs of black furry hand cuffs as i like to be domintaed in bed and can be very loud when i cum.when the evening came to an and i put my dress in my bag and put on the corset stockings no panties , so my shaven pussy was ready for access and no bra. Then slid on my knee lenth black boots and just my leather coat on. i phoned my taxi and then was heading home to surprise my partner.. Once the taxi arrived i jumped in and noticed how hot he was .. as we got chatting i could noticed he had moved the mirror to look at me but also to look between my legs which i was making sure he could see. Being the cock slut i am i decided to see what i could get away.with as he drove I slid my jacket off when we stpped at traffic lights I then handcuffed my hands behind my back. he immeditaly sped to an industrial estate before leaping into the back with me, in seconds i was on my kneesface down on the back seat with this guy fucking me so hard from behind, as he fucked me he kept slipping fingers into my ass. he grapped my hair and pulled me up telling me i was a dirtly slut who need fucked hard next thing my face was shoved into his cock and he came into my mouth.. I was loving it. I ate every last drop. he then jumped into the front and took me to my flat and gave me his card for any other taxi duties i required.. I went in and fucked my boyfrend all night thinking about what had just happened and what was going to happen any time i now needed a taxi