Written by Velv8

25 Jan 2017

New years ended quietly enough (the teacher and the pupil 10), but as my videos remind me Bunny wasn't nearly done yet.

Once in the door we headed straight upstairs to change before grabbing some food. I flopped back on the bed and watched her strip the dress over her head, revealing how totally naked she had been all night. She stood there twenty years old, smooth and soft wearing nothing but her hold-ups. Seeing the lust in my eyes, she put one foot on the bed exposing her soaking pussy, and told me to get the camera. . From where I lay, cock in hand, I was filming straight into her gaping cunt as she spread wide and fingered her young cock-loving pussy while I wanked. No sooner was I done than she leaned forward and sucked me dry, cleaning up every drop: I watched her wrap her tongue around my cock, lap up the spilled spunk, and licking the last drops of leaking cum from the tip, crawl up my body. Making sure to rub her tits on my already reviving cock, she kissed me full on the mouth. She tasting her own pussy on my lips, and me tasting my spunk in her mouth.

The next morning, after a full on fuck fest in bed , she had a special treat for me. Obviously remembering how much i had enjoyed watching her bend over in her dress, she arrived in the living room wearing a short cami-dress, and told me to get the camera again. On camera, it looked almost formal, except she was wearing no bra, so the cotton softness accentuated her tits, nipples already stiff in expectation. Turning away from me, she bent over legs wide, showing the camera her cum-dripping cunt. Then she started to finger herself, spreading her lips, fingering deep and letting the cum run down her fingers. Then fingering her ass, lubricating everything with my cum and bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm for me. As she finished, I grabbed her, slammed her to the floor and finished myself deep in her pulsing pussy.

Afterwards, she lay there happy, legs wide in the sunlight, casually fingering her cum filled cunt as I sucked on with her lovely pink young nipples

Now however, my beautiful nubile Love Bunny is away back to university, her first night is a friend's 21st Birthday party. Dressed in her usual thin leggings and low cut top, she takes the bus across the city, and manages to get some poor lad in trouble for looking at her boobs: some girlfriends just don't appreciate her assets. At the party, her mate tells her she needs to shag in his toilet. Its a new flat and since she shagged a bloke in the toilet in his last flat, he wants her to keep up the tradition. Of course she's totally up for that, shame I'm in another city at the moment...someone might be in luck.