Written by Velv8

1 Mar 2017

With my young Love Bunny at Uni (see The Teacher and the Pupil 1- 11), we have to satisfy our needs as best we can. So, amongst other things she indulges me in little fantasies for our reunion. As well as planning new things to enjoy. This account is mostly fact because they have happened, with a little bit of Bunny's latest fascination (appropriately) near the end

Imagine me sitting on a bar stool next to you, I'm wearing a dress. As cross my legs I see your eyes follow the rising hem. I take hold of your hand and slide it up my leg, past the top of my hold ups.

The cold of your hand from the pint glass is wonderful on my naked inner thigh.. I spread my legs further to let your fingers feel my parting lips. You stroke my pussy, feeling how soaking wet I am, the tips of your fingers just finding my clit. I turn more fully toward you and position myself so that you can have fuller access, legs wide. You slip your finger into my pussy, and you can hear that sound, the soaking wetness. As I grip the sides of my bar-stool and lean slightly back, I notice a man at the opposite side of the room is watching, I pull my skirt up slightly further, teasing him.

You're fingering me in a bar full of strangers. You notice my eye-line and glance over, seeing the guy lean forward you shift slightly so as not to obscure his view. He can see clearly now, and you know I'm enjoying it as you feel my pussy react. I grip the stool again, heels pushed into the crossbar and knees wide. You use that, finger me deeper and faster until I cum in the bar, surrounded by men. You can see me trying to control my orgasm but the stool shudders, and moans of pleasure escape my lips as my body trembles.

You remove your fingers and let me sit there legs wide for our audience to enjoy as I slowly recover. Pulling my skirt down, I reach for my bottle of lager, you grin widely as I put the bottle to my lips. I know exactly what you need and taste the bottle carefully as you lick you fingers. We are interrupted by the barman saying that the 'old guy' in the corner would like to buy me a drink. You giggle at that, he can't be more than a year older than you. I accept a vodka and coke, raising my glass to him with a wink. My pussy twitching again, knowing what he would like to do.

But now it is your cock that is hungry, so we head back to our hotel, stopping once on the way in a doorway so I can feel your hardness in my hand. You can't wait now and I need to feel your cock properly. So we slip down a side-street and you kneel me down behind a hotel bin. I take out your cock and you grab my hair as I start to take the tip into my mouth, controlling the movement with my hair you slowly push my mouth down the full length of your cock, withdrawing again so I can lick and suck the tip, I can feel your balls tighten and you start to thrust, I tickle your balls just enough and suck you deep. The first pulse is a big one and I have to pull back slightly to swallow, as your grip relaxes on my hair I start the rhythm that drives you mad, I love the noises you make, grunting and moaning like an animal as you thrust deep and hold my head. You cum properly now and I suck and lick every drop. And finally kissing the tip gently, get to my feet. You lean there against the sticky hotel wall, looking totally at ease, relaxed in the release at last. We kiss deeply, you tasting your cum in my innocent young mouth.

"You are my slut, and you look like a schoolgirl" You grin.

"Well, I pretty much am." I reply and kiss you again as your fingers find my soaking pussy again.

Back at the hotel, while you undress, I bend over windowsill in our room letting you enjoy the view you love, but now you need to fuck me fast. You instruct me to lie on the floor and spread my cunt so you can fuck me until you cum. I do exactly as you say and you ram your full weight into my gaping desperate pussy; holding my wrists above my head. I love that feeling, my pussy forced wide open your cock slamming so deep inside me, riding me hard and fast, and cumming violently, noisily with no control, just animal lust.

We lie down and rest for a bit, but soon we are kissing again and you are fondling my tits, sucking my nipples gently as I gently finger my stretched and dripping pussy. I stand up, bend over and rub your cum over my ass. You lift up my dress and join me, both of us stroking and lubricating my cum-covered ass. You are gently stroking and inserting your fingers. You are getting hard again and desperately want in there. I know what you want and let you rub your cock against my ass, gently pushing at the tightness, I relax as best I can and, braced on my elbows, gently push back so that you know it is ok. You take what you want, and push into my ass only just entering as the tightness stretches to take you in. The combination of the build up and that tightness around your cock makes you to cum almost instantly, but even more loudly than before.

We both collapse. Your cum has filled every entrance now. And we have crossed another boundary. As we lie together, sated, we watch the lights in the office block opposite and wonder how many cleaners and late night workers enjoyed the show.