Written by Velv8

30 Nov 2016

So, I am a 58 year old teacher in an ever developing relationship with a 19 year old student with an interest in older guys. In part three, (The teacher and the pupil 3) I described how we discovered her exhibitionist streak, teasing my Friday group of mates and even exposing her tits to the pleasure of one. She enjoyed his /their reactions so much that we hatched a plan to let her enjoy even more.

The first thing she agreed to, was to let me share a couple o photos with the boys. So we had a great session taking all sorts of pictures of her spread wide and wet. I even filmed an eleven minute video of her masturbating while we talked about showing them. In the end we agreed to take the teasing slowly at first. So the two photos we chose were relatively tame: In the first she was naked except for the tshirt Richard had suggested she wear to bed; in the second she chose a classic pose, lying down looking straight into the camera with her cleavage exposed. She wanted to encourage them to ask for more, not just get everything right away. I have to admit I didn't have her strength, I just wanted to display her in full-on porn mode. But this was her tease, and she was extending my pleasure as well as theirs. God she is good.

We lay together with her stroking my cock, she really enjoys the feel of a throbbing cock and chatted about how excited she had been the night before and how wildly she was thrashing about. I jokingly said that I should maybe tie her down next time! Her reaction was instant, gripping my cock hard and demanding to be fucked. I rammed my cock deep into a very hot pussy holding her down and telling her she needed tied.

"God yes. I need to be tied down. I need that so much".

Her fucking was just as frantic as the night before, writhing, bucking loudly. So we decided to check the local shops and found basic bed restraints and, at her insistence, a blindfold. She said she'd never used a vibrator so we decided to buy one as well. It is pretty bloody exciting shopping a sex store with a young girl at your side. Fondling her pussy, as she wraps her fingers round the various imitation cocks, feeling them for size. At the checkout, we snogged deeply and headed home. To try things out.

I stretched her out on the bed and cuffed her wrists to the bed posts, pulling the straps tight enough to allow her very little struggle room. I loved the way stretching her arms out raised her gorgeous young tits into full exposure; I couldn't resist having a fondle, and for the first time realised how much fun this was going to be. Her nipples are really sensitive and she started writhing, pulling against the restraints and pushing her tits even higher. But her legs were still free to thrash as she wriggled spoiling the tension. So pulling her legs as wide as the bed allowed. I cuffed her ankles tight, spreading her out in a five o diamonds cruciform. She lay there, pussy spread and glistening, hips starting to lift in anticipation and feeling the straps tighten as she moved. Holy fuck that sight of her, so exposed and ready was playing havoc with the pulse in my cock. But it was too soon to fuck her: it was my turn to tease.

I crawled up the bed between her legs and licked the inside of her thighs, getting closer so she could feel my breath on her pussy. she spread her knees as far as the restraints would let her and raised her lovely tight and shaved cunt toward my mouth. I lightly touched her clit with my tongue. She bucked and moaned and pushed forward, her cunt was leaking so much juice it was running down her arse. Using one finger only, I stroked her lightly from back to front, making sure that no matter how hard she struggled to get my fingers inside her, she wasn't getting that, yet. Keeping one hand on her pussy, I moved up her body to her tits, and again she pulled against the cuffs pushing her tits toward me. One hand stroking her pussy and sucking her nipples, I knelt beside her. Her body was pulling hard on the restraints and she started to asking to be fucked. But I was just loving watching her hanging on the point of desperation.

Time to play my trump card. Still kneeling beside her, I used my fingers to open her pussy wide, and just before sliding two fingers inside, whispered "Imagine if someone walked in right now, tied, blindfolded, your cunt wide open...Imagine Richard staring at your soaking cunt, watching me finger you"

The dam burst, she had been going on about how sorry she was he'd missed the fun the previous night. Now she let it loose. "Christ yes, he'd want to fuck me so bad" She was riding my fingers and fantasising. "He could watch you fucking me. He'd be wanking so much looking at me, knowing he can't have me, cant even touch me..."

I kept working her pussy building up the speed the way she loves, "I could spread your pussy like this, let him come close, so you can feel his breath on you while he's wanking. You'd be able to hear him wanking, wanting to cum on you."

"He can cum on my tits while you're fingering me, so he can hear my pussy, drive him mad!"

She was pulling every direction, pumping her hips on my fingers, so in need. At last, I climbed between her legs and rammed inside her. The yell she let out! Pulling so tight on the restraints I was briefly concerned, but she just yelled, "fuck me, I need your cum so much". It didn't take either of us long, but god it was intense.

Afterwards I pulled out and knelt watching her final twitching subside, my cum leaking from her still spread pussy. Normally she would have rolled on her side for a cuddle; an added bonus I hadn't thought about.

I undid the restraints, and we were surprised how little they had marked her. Going home to parents with obvious restraint marks would have been a tad difficult lol.

Anyway, her reaction to fantasising about Richard seeing her restrained, meant we had something else to discuss. It might take a bit of patience and care, but she was keen. In reality, we still had to take care not to go too far, taking risks and creating gossip. She loved the idea of teasing the Friday club, but still being very careful. Three months into our relationship, and we had managed to play whatever games entered our heads, neither of us wanted to risk ruining it.

Next time playing Richard