Written by Paul Carol

25 Feb 2010

Thanks for the positive comments. Here is a follow up from last time…

After my last encounter with my friend I yearned for more. I hadn’t seen her for about two weeks. I had just finished work and had taken a refreshing shower and was relaxing with a nice cold drink. The doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone. On opening the door there she was...my personal cock teaser!

Without a word she walked in, helped herself to a drink and sat down opposite me. I was surprised to see her. Before long though, the conversation had turned to sex! She commented on how good our last meeting had been and she wanted to explore more. She uncrossed and crossed her legs so that I could see she had no panties on, revealing her freshly shaved pussy. My cock had already started to fill up with blood, thickening its shaft in the process. My Tease could see this through my jeans. She began to cock tease me in the manner she had gotten used to. Slowly opening her legs, flashing her glistening pussy at me, fingering herself. Squeezing her ample tits at the same time.

My cock was aching to be released from it's strangle hold! I unbuttoned my jeans to let my thick sweaty cock stand fully to attention. At this sight my Tease opened her mouth, poking her cum covered fingers in, licking and sucking them! All the while I was playing with my long thick member, letting her see my foreskin being pulled back and forth over it’s bulbous bellend. Pre-cum was being ejaculated and was lubricating my cock nicely. She came over and without question had my shaft firmly in her grasp guiding her mouth down onto me. Tonguing my piss hole as she did so. I pushed a pair of fingers deep into her juicy pussy. She felt hot and wet! I lubed my fingers up nicely and eased one into her arsehole. She shuddered and gave out a little groan. With that I continued to play at her arsehole eventually getting two fingers up there. She was moaning with desire, her pussy dripping with hot cum liquid. My cock was still getting a good seeing to with her mouth.

I couldn't wait any longer! I wanted to sink my throbbing stiff weapon deep inside her inviting pussy! I pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned her on all fours so I could penetrate my whole length deep into her gaping pussy! She took it in one swift action, right up to the hilt. Squealing as I buried into her. I could feel the top of her womb with my helmet, banging in and out of her, pleasuring her in the process! She was shaking, cumming all over my thrusting cock. I kept fingering her arsehole at the same time, using freshly drained pussy juice as a lubricant. Juices were running from her cunt over my hairy sagging balls, dripping off them onto the carpet.

I took my cock out of her pussy and began to play with her starfish with my bell end. I was trying to ease the tip in but she pulled away saying that she had never been fucked in the arse and that it should be only for her old man. I didn't complain. I pushed my shining cum covered cock back into her hot cunt hole, lubing it up. I took it out and returned to her arse, teasing her again with my tip, pushing two fingers into her pussy at the same time. This went on for quite a while; dipping my cock deep inside her cunt and teasing her arsehole. I continued to play with her pussy and teasing more and more at her ring piece. The pussy juice and my pre-cum slowly lubing her arse so that each time I pressed my helmet it entered just that little bit further. She wasn't pulling away from me now!

I pushed my now sore cock one last time into her honey pot to lube up. When I pulled out she must have known what was (and what she wanted) to happen next! She had at least three fingers poking away at her cunt as I guided my stiff cock towards her starfish, gently easing my thick round helmet into her. It was so tight it was hurting my glands as her hole squeezed around me, forcing my foreskin right back over my glands. It was hurting like hell, but the feeling was worth it. Here I was sticking my thick bulbous cock into her tight little virginal arse. She was squealing and moaning all the while. I kept teasing her, removing my cock and re-entering her arse. Each time managing to get my shaft further into her. Deeper and deeper until eventually I had my thick 9 inch shaft completely buried in her arsehole. My pubes were nestling in the crack of her arse. She was shaking as I started to pump my manhood in and out. All the time she was wanking herself. My thrusts began to get faster as I was reaching my climax. My body began to shake as I felt my balls tighten and my cock fill up with my hot thick load of man fat. Her grip around my cock was so tight it felt as if my bellend was going to explode when my spunk shot out. I kept on pumping as I emptied my ball sack, each stroke letting more fluid escape from my aching cock. I could see my man fat leaking from her arse as I pumped. I grabbed her hand and she mopped some of it up and quickly sucked her fingers. Then she pulled my shaft out and took hold of my semi hard cock and began to lick and suck it, tasting my cum embedded with her own anal juices. This turned me on even more. My cock stiffened and I felt one last urge in me to empty the last of my seed into her mouth. She lapped this up eagerly. I couldn't believe how much my cock was hurting. My foreskin and bell end were red raw. My shaft was unbearable. I couldn't touch it! My Tease was lying on the carpet looking very flushed indeed! Her arse was red and inflamed from the pounding it had just had, man fat running out of her. Her cunt was dripping cum juices. I sat still for a while cooling off from out latest adventure, looking down at my flaccid cock. It was swollen and aching. My balls were well and truly drained.

That wasn't the last time I arse fucked my Tease. In fact she demanded more anal pleasure than pussy filling. I was happy with that decision. Her old man still hasn't taken his cherry up her arse to this day!