Written by sexylegs00

26 Nov 2011

When i got married i used to go and watch the matches when my husband used to help run the football team who were all good looking and about a year older than i was and one of the team also happened to be our best man at our wedding. At one particular match i was just about 19 at the time i had been watching the match and the team came out for the 2nd half of the match and within about a minute of kick off, one of the players in our team Phil was the victim of a bad tackle and was left with a nasty gash in his leg and as i was acting as trainer. I ran onto the pitch with my bucket and sponge and helped support him as we walked off the pitch and back to the changing rooms,i had a key to the changing rooms to let us in and locked up behind us taking Phil into the teams room.

I told Phil to get stripped off and get in the shower to clean himself up so i could dress his leg for him, i watched as he undressed to see his physique and his strong muscular thighs, i then had to help him get in the shower under one of the shower heads. Phil stood against the wall turned the shower on but with him being in pain he couldnt manage to move to wash, so he asked me if i could help wash him, the only way for me to do this was to strip off and get in the shower with him as i would have got soaked trying to wash him otherwise.

So i went over to a bench and took my coat,top,boots,jeans off stood there in mt bra and g-string and thought what the heck and took my bra and g-string off as well, i went over to Phil and using his soap and shampoo began to wash his hair and then i began to wash his back and then his chest and stomach as i did this he reached out to rub my nipples and hold my 34E boobs. I told him i was just meant to be washing him and laughed as i washed his arms and hands for him, i then squatted down behind him to wash the back of his legs and bum i couldnt resist giving Phils firm bum a quick squeeze. I then came around to his front and as i washed his feet and legs i thought i would tease him and opened my legs as i squatted in front of him so he could see my smooth pussy as i washed his muscular thighs i was getting horny and i could see Phil was as his cock was getting harder by the second.

Phils cock was soon erect and i put some soap on my hands and began to rub his cock in my soapy hands, i washed it off and then licked the head of it for him before slipping my lips over it to give it a suck taking him deep into my mouth, i stopped to help him to come over with me to the low bench in the middle of the changing room. I helped Phil to lay back on the bench with his feet either side of the bench, i stood over Phil and told him to hold his cock upright, i then slowly lowered myself down until i could feel the head of Phils cock parting my wet pussy lips and kept going until Phils cock was buried upto the hilt inside me.

I rested my hands on Phils chest and began to ride his hard cock as he played with my nipples and rubbed my boobs i had my first cum, then i bent forward and kissed his face as he grabbed my bum. I lifted my body and Phil sucked my nipples as i rode his hard cock then i leant back and putting my arms on the bench behind me Phil rubbed my clit as he watched my pussy slip up and down on his cock. We were both close to cumming and as i slipped up and down on his cock a couple more times and had another cum i could feel Phils cock throb and pump his cum inside me.

We lay there kissing, i thought the air smelled of sex as i got off Phil and dressed and dried my hair as Phil dressed with my help, i had bandaged his leg and left the changing room just as the final whistle went and the lads came off the pitch. Phil was getting a lift home with one of the other lads and on the way home my husband told me that Phil said to thank you for helping him in the changing room and dressing his leg i just couldnt resist a smile!