Written by 4751bj

22 Aug 2012

We had a very busy week one way and another as you do a phone call Tom and Sally would like to stay Saturday night

is that o.k. with you , Yes that great , They are really old friends from school days Jean used to m before we got together . Saturday soon came around they had travelled a long way getting to us late afternoon and Sally was worn out Jean had a dinner ready glass or two of wine all very relaxed we all sat down after relaxing chatting over old times then settled down to the olympic games . Sally was really weary sorry if you don't mind i would rather have an early night O.K. we all wished her good night an the evening gently passed by we were now on the third bottle of wine i was sitting on te floor leaning back onto the arm of the settee Jean was next to me Tom was by her side by then it was getting quite late and i was sort of nodding off as we all chatted .

Suddenly without a word Tom was kneeling on the floor in front of Jean the telly sounded load and every thing around me

seemed slow for a while i thought i was dreaming as out of the corner of my eye there was Tom's cock erect pointing at

Jean i lay there frozen as he moved forward i could not move or seem to be able to make a sound , There was a gasp

from Jean followed by a groan from Tom as they became one . I just lay there my heart was in my mouth and could not

find words or even make a sound through what seemed eternity suddenly Jean moaned Tom's hips thumped hard next

head as he spent himself inside Jean .

I was still totally silent unable to speak just glued to ignoring what had taken place having difficulty to swallow as Tom

withdrew himself from Jean his spent cock just hanging there he tidied himself up and sat back next to Jean .Our silence

broken by Jean every one for coffee still not a word was spoken it was like it never happened I turned the T.V. off as

Jean came in with the coffee are you O.K. there Mike yes fine we finished our coffees and Tom said he was off to bed .

I looked at Jean she smiled what the hell was that i don't know it just happened you never tried to stop us you just lay

there To my surprise my cock was so hard i was near to busting the silence continued to the bedroom we were so roused

i was so eager to enjoy Jeans pussy full of Toms spunk as i eased Jeans knickers off i could feel Tom's spunk in them

the feeling as i entered her was fantastic Jean screamed out as she cum i was soon filling her pussy again .

Not a word was said the next morning we all enjoyed the day it was like it never happened .

Jean and i know it did we have not mentioned for that day to this but our love life is very hectic

Thank you Tom