Written by Paul

4 Nov 2011

This is a true story and for me its a little scary what has happened, we are a normal sort of married couple or where we are any thing but that now, we had a family when we where quite young they are off our hands now I will not go into all that we been ticking along quite nicely for some years till I got diabetes and it affected my erection things in the bedroom got a bit awkward and embarrassing for me you could say but Heather my wife was very understanding our sex life has always been quite good I think till now Heather never been sex mad but really enjoyed what we did if she was in the mood she instigate sex if she not horny she not start it but wouldn't only really say no if I pushed it the one thing we where lucky with we always talked about things I will not go on about

As I said I had this problem and I had let her down a few nights on the trot she must of been getting frustrated by this we ended up laying there and I said in a joking way well we have to get some one in to do the job for me I was told not to be stupid any way over the next few week Heather sorter mentioned a few odd thing one I remember was we chatted about some friends and wife had an affair and Heather saying it didn't seem to heart them they got over it and Dave the husband wasn't that up set really, at the time I was not thinking about us but now looking back that was some sort of a hint also some thing else a day or so later she had said what a strong loving relashionship we have I don't remember how that came up there may of been lots of things but I wasn't thinking on the same lines as Heather

It was a month or so later we where in bed in the act and I lost my hard for the first time Heather was a bit up set I thought it was the build up of frustration I got off and we lay there in silence I was trying to say sorry but she turned away and went to sleep

This was the point life was about to change for both of us in the morning she was still not to happy that evening we talked and she made it plain some thing had to be done about this, things got a bit awkward she said I always been faithful to you I didn't quite realize what she on about till she said you wanted me to see some else I never did say quite that and what I said was we have to get some in to do this which is not the same and it was a joke but it seemed she not taken it as a joke the next week we rowed a bit over stupid things it was if she blamed me or tried to blame for suggesting she take a lover in the end some how I found myself admitting I wanted her to sleep with another man

Which I never did I admitted to myself I may of fantasied about it but I think most husbands have

Thing calmed down over the next few days and we got talking about the situation by then I had come out and admitted my fantasy it was a bit unreal but we found our self's talking about how to go about finding Heather a lover and keeping things discreet to this day I don't know how it got that far and she worked the blame onto me some how

So the first idea was we both go out not locally and see if we could fine some one after some pubs and then a club and by then she was a little tipsy a couple of blokes hit on her asked her to dance but when they got a bit fresh she bottled it and we went home the next idea was she went alone as she thought it was having me there that put her off I wasn't that keen but gave in well being with her and watching her get ready well that gave me a buzz but once she left I had all sorts of doubts she said she keep me up dated by phone about three hours later a call saying she been dancing with a dishy guy my hart sunk an hour later a taxi pulled up she was home looking a bit flushed I asked what happened she said things where going really well he got her to a darker part of the club they where having a right old snog he touched her up she rubbed his crouch and could feel he had a hard on he asked her to go and take her tights and knickers off and he fuck her in there well that socked her and put her off so she came home it was plane it got her excited she was randy in bed her pussy was so wet she made me go down on her she came in no time I think she had really made her mind up that night

The third option the one she didn't like when we talked about it saying its cold blooded was to look at dating sites I know Heather had never looked before in the end she said she jest look as she was curious that's all I found a couple and she looked but didn't seem that impressed but the next afternoon she was out when I got home so I look on the computer I could see where she been on the sites I never said a thing it was the Friday evening and Heather asked so how do people meet that use them sites I explained they join you can put an advert on which I would think is the best and safes way well by the Sunday we had an advert I even took some photos of Heather in unaware and one of them was on it you couldn't see her face so it was up and running by Monday we had loads of hits on the add by that evening and Heather has got quite excited by it so if your not gone to sleep by now and want to know what happened and how our live was changed I will tell you