Written by me

30 Oct 2012

As I was telling you over a couple of months I had got suspicious about my wife Kay her acting strangely when I was home and the phone calls had lead me to not telling her I was going on some courses and not off shore as she thought and I had came home and snicked into the house and court her given some bloke a blow job

I will pick up where I left off after the mayhem in the lounge I had gone into the kitchen quickly fallowed by Kay shill holding her dress together a smear of spunk on her face and some in her hair she looked a mess all hell let lose a right shouting mach I was a bit shocked she was on the offensive streaming what the fuck are you doing home as if I was in the wrong we both said a load of things to each other I not go into all that but you can image the sort of things I was the one that calmed down first she was in a rage with me

I ended up garbing both her wrists and hold them by her sides which meant her dress was open and both tits hung out it took time for her to get her breath back she was so worked up, in the mean time we had trapped the other guy in the house as his jacket and car keys where in the kitchen with us

By the time I let go of her she was a lot calmer I asked what was going on she then seem sheepish embarrassed almost we started to talk with out shouting at each other she became

upset crying and sobbing and she did say she was sorry and asked how I knew found out I told her it was only a guess a hunch I didn't really know she asked what I was doing home and I told her about course the company was putting me on

There was some thing very strange happen then I kissed her she kissed me back and I could tasted a strange musk salty taste in my mouth and I could smell the guys spunk that was really funny it didn't put me off Kay had relaxed now we where sitting at the table when we realized that feller was still in the house I said who is he was Kay said in a low vice he is Roger my boss it was them he appeared at the kitchen door he looked very sheepish I think he didn't know how I would reacted nor did I we both looked at him he was now dressed he said I had better go in a low voice it was me that said no I think we need to have a chat

The outcome of this it may seem strange but the three of us ended up round the kitchen table with me saying I need a drink how about you all we had in the house was vodka or scotch he had a scotch we had vodka all very large ones it was awkward but we did start talking I wanted to know how and when it started I was right it had been months before

Roger defended Kay saying nothing had happened till tonight they tried to tell me they been going out together on dates for weeks but that's all I turned to Kay saying you where going to have sex with him tonight at first she wouldn't say then admitted she was

So I soiled that no one said a thing I was to find out a lot more from Kay later

We had a couple more drinks as we talked at one point Kay went off to sort herself out in that time I chatted to Roger a little surreal maybe thinking about now I think he gave me some bullshit about how they first got together but over all he seemed a nice guy he was older than us I say in his late fifties maybe but in very good shape

It was me that suggested we when back to the lounge once there we chatted in quite a friendly manner more like old friends I had been for a pee I had realized I was feeling aroused before that but I has half a lob on I stood there pissing with the image of my wife in my head of her sucking off Roger and I was getting stiffer and had to stop peeing

I had left it some time before going back when I got to the lounge door they had moved to sit together he had a hand on her leg talking quietly as I went in to the room they both jumped he went to move away I will never know why or what made me say this I said no no don't mind me you look comfortable together Kay gave me a really funny look I walked cross the room picked there glasses up saying I will top them up and went out I stayed in the kitchen a time before going back when I got back Roger had his arm round her shoulder

I sure they had been kissing but parted when I came in I put the two drinks beside them smiled and said don't mind me and sat down they both stared at me looking at then I said don't worry I am happy it you carry on if you don't mind me being here Kay looked shocked but Roger took it as a green light he went to kiss her she pushed him away and looked round him at me I smiled and nodded she relaxed they where soon snogging in front Roger did glance my way once I nodded he took it as the go ahead he cupped one breast squeezed it I could see he had a very stiff nipple he was playing with a sure sigh Kay is aroused

This went on quite a time snogging petting getting more passionate by the second Kay's dress had ridden up exposing stocking tops her hand was in his crouch her fingers round some thing substantial and growing he had undone the front of her dress both nipples sticking out as hard as rock she was really randy now I knew that I think I was mesmerized by what was unfolding in front of me I also didn't realize how life changing it was going to be later

I watched as Rogers hand slipped up my wife's leg her legs parted as it reached the flesh above the stockings his fingers rubbed the crouch of her damp looking very small panties

it was obvious Kay had planed this to happen with out me knowing seeing what she was wearing told me that, Rogers pushed her gusset to one side as I watch his fingers moved over her slit first one then two fingers slipped inside my wife coursing her to gasp he fingered her quite hard it was plain now aroused she was by the wet sound it made she was almost panting I would say nearing a climax by the way she had lifted her hips

It was me that stopped it in its tracks by saying okay you two they both looked at very surprised I then said it be be better upstairs they didn't say a word Kay looked at me I jest nodded to her with that they stood up and walked past me to go upstairs I fallowed

Once we got to our bedroom it was obvious to me she had really thought about this the two bedside lights where on the duvet had been folded and put to one side leaving jest the pillows they where standing by the bed Kay's dress was slipped off her shoulders and dropped to the floor she kicked it away I had never seen her look that sexy in jest black

holdup stockings with marching G-string Roger was standing behind her as he kissed her neck her breasts heaved with two really stiff nipples I don't think I had seen them that stiff before as he kissed her neck he eased her g-string down she turned to face him as she did I got a gimps of her crouch her clitoris looked very prominent she tugged at his trousers pulling them down with his pants it was then his dick sprung into sight it must of been fully erect looking huge I would guess some thing like nine inches long but Christ it had got a girth on it,it was bloody wide the foreskin was rolled back he had a big mushroom head on the end it was so pumped up it looked quite purple there was large dark veins running over the shaft and under it hung a ball sack that looked like it came off a bull he had a pear of nuts on him danging there in a wrinkly sack

It was Kay that pushed Roger onto our bed as he landed his cock waved and bounced in the air she got rid of his trousers she grabbed his cock forcing her mouth over the end he grunted as this happened it was jest to fat to get to much in her mouth when you think when she had done that to me nearly all go's in with out any trouble

The sucking went on for a time but he wasn't going to let her make him cum he pulled her off it and rolled her on her back moved her up the bed I was then holding my breath he was between her legs she had them wide open at first I thought he was going to go down on her but no he was to close for that he pointed that cock at her she was looking down

He shuffled a little and it touched her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down her slit parting the lips her clit hood was more like a bulge with like a little penis pocking out

He found his mark her opening Kay let out a gasp as he forced the bell end in the look the expression on her face was a look of shock and pain maybe, he heaved and she took a few inches there as a loud gasp then she cried out OH MY GOD ROGER CHRIST her mouth open and nothing came out she gripped the sheets he gave a thrust KAY cried out it forced her legs apart she lifted then and they bent at the knees with her feet on the bed she lay them wide open for him so she had no intention of trying to stop him she had accommodated about half now I was wondering if she cold take it all of it,it was still sinking in her very slowly Roger paused as it he had bottomed out it looked like he pressed down with his hips Kay had her hands on his shoulders as if she was trying to stop him now then she almost screamed there was huge intake of breath then a gasp a little cry and he seemed past what ever was stopping him he grunted and he was right tight on her thighs making her a tee shape some how that thing had all gone inside my wife god know where it could go but it had he jest lay there on top of her

They didn't move till he lifted himself his dick moved back my wife moaned I started to think Roger knew exactly what he was doing and he relished it no way was this his first time with a woman like my wife how right I was to be prove later by now about half his dick had come out I wonder if he had done any damage I heard Kay say god Roger you are big with that he slammed into her the room echoed with her cry if she didn't take it all last time she did this time he landed on her pelvic bone in one thrust that was the stat of a fuck I had never seen the like of before he hammered my wife I have never her make so much noise it may of been pain at first but god it was soon pleasure he only slowed to pick her legs up then did he go she was beside herself being fucked like that she climaxed twice like that, he slowed and dropped her legs I was shocked to see her then start to buck under him hell it was if she couldn't get a enough her pussy must of been really stretched by now she had a huge climax under him he never missed a beat she then seemed to spasm and twitch she jerked like mad it was a mutable climax I spotted his ball sack was not hanging any more he then grunted really loudly he was ball deep in her his body seem to twitch and heave he then jerked a number of time as he emptied his ball deep inside my wife it then hit me she was having unprotected sex I had the snip years ago

When he rolled off her she lay there legs open panting as I looked slowly a little white appear in her gaping pussy it lay open looking red and sore lips puffy and rolled back her hole was really open his spunk started run out of her he must of cum a gallon in her

I think both of them where spent Roger had cum twice that night and the first load I had seem Kay swallow was some load and god this last lot he put inside her I never know how much sperm he had let go in there it took a little while for Roger to recover I think he h=may had her again if I hadn't of said how late it was they had a snog and said there good by's Roger got dressed and I went with him to the front door to see him out I found myself shaken his hand and thanking him god know why he jest fucked my wife upstairs Kay lay where I left her looking knackered and guilt she was worried how I felt was I upset anger with her there is more to flow but that's for later