Written by Me

1 Nov 2012

Well as we left it I had seen Roger out and the wireds thing I shock his hand and thanked him I locked the door and made my way back to go upstairs I stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to get my head round what had happened more to the point what I had let happen I had to admit to myself it had turned me on like nothing had ever done before I had a stupid feel of gilt that's mad after all my wife had planed to be unfaithful this evening behind my back she must of really thought about it for some time

I was on the landing not quite knowing what to expect what I would say what Kay would say when I got back to the bedroom I found Kay much as I left her still naked on the bed I think the shagging she had reserved had been quite exhausting for her I am sure she never experienced any thing like that before the way Roger performed surprised me

I stood by the bed looking down at my wife she looked up at me there was what seemed like a long awkward pause before either of us spoke then we both spoke together then it was you first no you say what you where going to say, Kay asked are you heart or upset my reply was no more socked surprised really the funny thing was we both seem quite calm about it I went on to say we do need to talk about this, moving on a bit I had undressed and was in bed with her we both lay there staring at the ceiling and I said so when did all this start (I will shorten this up) month ager started taken notice of Kay on a friendly basis to start with which lead on to going for a coffee then a drink after work all over weeks it stayed like that for ages she said he is very easy to talk to and charming she told him all about us what I did for work and so on and how it could be lonely when I am away and she swore nothing happened he didn't make a pass or any thing all the time, now I know Roger that the way he works he gets your trust I was to fall in the same trap

After hearing all this I said come on you planed all this evening thinking I was off shore by now Kay admitted I was right about this evening and yes she was going behind my back I said so it didn't go from being friends to wanting to shag him jest like that

No no she said it wasn't till about two months age he started coming on to her at first she have nothing to do with that but found she was very attracted to him by then they where going out when I was away two some three times a week for drinks and meals he even taken her dancing and all sorts that would of been when I first got a hint some thing was up

Yes she said I was really beating myself up wondering what I should do they had gone to kissing and petting by then he had started to push things on and she was letting him but they never when as far as sex it wasn't till the last time I was away she was getting so horny with what they where doing she know she have to give in and tonight was going to be the night but I spoiled it she said no not really in a way I glad you did catch us I don't know what I would of done if it had been behind your back

I said well there are a couple of questions we need to sort out you had sex with him and it was unprotected I have had the snip we never have to use any thing what are we going to do about that he cum inside you Kay hesitated then told me she had gone on the pill a few weeks ago that did shock me but I let it go the next question was where do things go from here she dropped the ball in my court in away by saying what do you want to happen if you ask me I leave my job and never see him again some how I found myself saying no we have to think about that she sat up and said you let me carry on seeing Roger

The way she said that I thought I said the wrong thing but she kissed and hugged me it was the first time we had touched each other it seemed as if we really had passion for each other some thing we lost over the years the sign she was rand was there her nipples where stiff my hand slipped down her body as it got near her crouch she parted her legs my finger touched her bush it was matted and sticky I felt her pussy lips they seemed puffy my finger slipped in her hell she was gaping they went into a mess of slime she was full of Roger's spunk she let out as little gasp but I think she was tender after hammering she taken her hand was round my cock it was harder than it been in years I rolled on top of her my cock went right up her when they say with out touching the side it was a bit like god she was stretched he had opened her up much but the feeling was like some thing I couldn't of never imaged before hot very wet and slimy I only pumped her a few times and I had to let go Kay seemed very pleased with me doing that

We lay together in each others arms I was curious about a few things and had to ask one being did she know he was hung like that at first she didn't want to say but after I told her we do do need to honest with each other about this she opened up she said yes and no

meaning she felt it in his trousers and it felt a lot bigger than mine but didn't really know how big it really was and when she did see it it frighten her a little and wonder if she could coop with one that size it was when she gave him a blow job she said at first she thought he be like me once I cum that's it and she wouldn't have to fuck him and yes it was the first time ever she had sucked any one off and had them cum in her mouth but it made her so horny she did want in and that is what made her so mad when I came in

The next thing was what was it like to have him she said if I tell you you won't be upset

She hesitated then went on I was so fucking horny by then but when he pushed the end in it scared me it was almost painful I glad he did it slowly I have never felt any thing like it, it was like I was being forced apart inside never felt so full stretched like that at first it was uncomfortable I think he must of got to my cervix it was like it wouldn't go any further hell he pushed I had a pain then my god I don't know what happened he started moving I had this huge climax I thought I was going to pass out after that I jest keep cumming I couldn't get a enough I didn't want him to stop I have never felt or had feeling like that before he is huge that what did it sorry darling it was his size that did it I am sure and when we do it sorry you never last that long and when he did cum I am sure I could feel it he was right in me his cock seemed to swell then twitch and jerk I have never experienced that before (I now know Kay is hooked on big cocks she need them)

By now it was very late Kay was really tired so was I we feel asleep holding each other in morning I phoned in saying I needed the day off Kay did the same she didn't want to face Roger in the office it was nice we not been that close loving with each other in years at about lunch time the phone rang I pick it up it was Roger it felt awkward at first but Roger being what he is soon got me round with in minutes we chatting like old friends I pasted the phone to Kay they talked I was getting one side but they seemed okay

I mouthed to Kay see if he like to come over this evening she looked at me a bit old fashion then asked him he said yes

After the call she asked why I said well we all need to talk don't we she thought then said okay she looked pleased then commented do you want a repeat of last night then I jest smiled we both laughed I said it be up to you, you did say you where sore and ached down there smiling and told me that's eased off so I took it she wanted some more cock

Roger was coming round at seven at six I said to Kay you better get changed she smiled and almost skipped upstairs with me behind her she stripped off and was in shower then she popped her head out of the en-suite and asked where my razes where I went and gave her one she want the foam then sprayed it on her pussy and asked me to shave her she sat on the bath as I did it well that got me horny I got a no later and told to take the covers off the bed which I did switched the main light off put the table lamps on she came out I looked saying fuck that's sexy she laughed saying I hope so

I watched as she dressed she picked a dressed I never seen it before it was backless a rap round and Christ it was short she had no bra on she picked a thong up I shock my head she said you are right it get in the way she finished off with hold ups and what looked like a new pear of heels my god that's mot my wife I thought I left her doing her makeup