Written by Lunch_Lizzard

6 Feb 2014

This is how I ended up regularly servicing several women over a number of years. This is a true story although as it was getting on for 30 years ago some of the details may be as a result of my imagination but the core facts are true

I am one of the lucky generations who was able to move into my own place in my early 20’s I purchased a one bed room flat and although the mortgage was steep I still had enough money at the end of the month for a few luxuries.

I worked in an office attached to a huge factory the office alone had several hundred people in it and I guess well over half were women.

There was always gossip going on about who was sleeping with whom or so and so was shagging his secretary etc. I’m sure it went on but no one ever propositioned me until a chance meeting in of all places the supermarket.

One of the downsides of being “independent” is having to do your own shopping which for a twenty year old guy is a real chore specially one a Saturday after a serious session Friday night. Anyway there I was standing in the breakfast cereal aisle for no apparent reason when I heard a familiar voice.

“Hello Simon. You don’t look like a muesli man to me”

I looked round to see Annie a woman who I knew vaguely from work.

“I’m not “I laughed “I hate shopping and I just end up wandering up and down the aisles grabbing stuff almost at random”

She laughed and for the first time I noticed what a nice body she had. I guess that dressed in “out of work clothes” she was happier flashing cleavage and legs. She must have been in her early forties but I could feel the old chap downstairs stirring.

She asked me if I would like to walk with her so she could make sure I didn’t put too many ‘wrong’ items in my trolley. I was happy to go along with this not least because it gave me a chance to ogle her in her tight summer dress.

As we got to the check out I offered to push her stuff to her car but she said “no car I’m on the bus” so being a true gent I offered to give her a lift home.

Half an hour later I’m sitting in her kitchen drinking tea swapping gossip and trying not to be too obvious about looking at Annie’s cleavage.

The main problem was that my cock was so hard by now I was fidgeting trying to get it somewhere less painful and to reduce the bulge in the front of my trousers.

Suddenly Annie’s fixed me with a look “Well I can tell by the way you’re wriggling in the chair and where your eyes keep going that one of the rumours about you is wrong”

I felt myself blushing as I spluttered "what’s that?”

She laughed and said “you’re not gay” it was my turn to laugh and apologise “sorry but I can’t help but look at your cleavage”.

“It’s ok it’s nice to know I can still pull a guy half my age” she replied.

For what seemed like an age there was silence then I thought about what she had said.

“What are the other rumours then?”

Now it was her turn to pause

“Well um.” “Rumour ” “that you are hung like a horse” “and” “um” Long pause this time “you have a metal ring through the end of your cock”

When I stopped laughing I thought in for a penny

“Ok here’s the truth” “No I’m not gay I’m bi” “my cock is 6” long and 6” round (just under 2” thick) and I do have a Prince Albert”

“Is that the ring” she asked hesitantly

“Well technically it’s a hole pierced behind the head the penis but at the moment I have a stainless steel ring that goes through the hole and comes out the eye of my penis”

This time there was a long pause before she spoke again (thought I was going to be asked to leave)

“Can I see” she asked almost under her breath.

I undid my trousers and slid them and my pants over my very stiff cock and let them fall to the floor. I pull the skin back so she couldget a good look at the 9mm stainless steel ring.

“Bloody hell hurt?”

“What having it done or when I’m “using” my cock?

“Mostly I’m interested in what it’s like being fucked by someone with one” she replied

Not being one to miss an open goal and now she appeared to be as horny as me I simply replied “now’s your chance to find out”.

She headed into the lounge pulling her knickers down as she went

Leaving my trousers on the kitchen floor I walked with my cock swinging in front of me.

She knelt on the sofa with her hands on the back “Slide it in slowly”

Her pussy was wet with excitement as I started to rub her “Please just fuck me I’ve been dripping since the supermarket.” Adding you’ll be the first since the useless husband of mine left”

I pushed the head of my cock between her lips and slid in in one slow and very satisfying movement”

“OH! Jesus” she moaned “I can feel that ring.” So could I

I can’t remember how long I fucked her for but I do remember her shouting “Harder” “Faster” “Fuck me you bastard” etc. at regular intervals

Suddenly she started to grunt and gasp “BLOODY HELL I’M CUMING” her cunt mussels tightened which pushed me over the edge and I felt the spunk rising.

“Do you want me to pull out?” I gasped

“Not fucking likely” she screamed “it’s ok I’m on the pill” “just don’t stop you bastard”

With that I gave up any attempt to hold back and thrust my spurting cock as far up her as I could and pumped out my seed.

We flopped onto the sofa to catch our breath strangely I felt slightly awkward but Annie broke the ice “ Well as far as I’m concerned that has blown all that shit about you being gay out of the water.” “And I don’t know whether it was that fat cock of yours or that bloody marvellous ring but whatever it was you had me cuming like an express train”

“How quickly before your hard again? “

“There’s no need for that” I said poking my tongue out “I have other talents”

Annie stood up slipped her dress over her shoulders moments later the lace bra followed it to the floor “Would you be more comfortable upstairs of down here” she asked. I was too busy, drinking in the view of her magnificent tits, her large brown nipples and her moist pubes to give a proper answer. Think I just pushed her back on the sofa and plunged my face into waiting cunt.

I ended up staying the night and most of Sunday the first of many weekends servicing Annie

Then one afternoon Annie said “Simon I have a friend who would like to see your ring and.....”

But that’s another story