4 Mar 2019

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Once again I posted this story years ago under another user name. As before the action happened about 35 years ago so some of the details are for the narrative and of course the names etc. have been changed. However, the content is substantially true

One afternoon Annie said “Simon I have a friend who would like to see your ring and. well you know feel it too”

Annie was referring to the 9mm ring I was currently wearing in my PA piercing.

We were lying in bed after an afternoon of fucking and licking and I was idly fondling Annie’s left tit. “What you are happy to share your time with me?” I asked

“Oh yes why not I reckon it could be quite a turn on having my own private live sex show”

“What about your friend how does she feel about performing for you”.

“She’ll love it. Her husband isn’t interested in what she wants “I’ll give her a call “

With that, she was grabbing the phone by the bed and was dialing before I could ask her what it was the friend’s husband wouldn’t do.

Fortunately for my well-used cock, it turned out that Liz was busy that weekend so a date was set for the following Friday.

So Friday found me sitting on Annie’s sofa like some teenager thinking that tonight’s the night she may “go all the way”

Ann had refused to tell me what Liz wanted me to do my guess was she wanted me to use my tongue. It amazes me how many men duck shy of going down on women still I guess I would have missed out on a lot of fun if it was not for them.

The bell rang and a few seconds later Liz and Annie entered the room.

Liz was younger than I expected I guess she was in her mid-thirties not skinny but nowhere near as curvy as Annie.

I’m not shy but I had never been in the position where I knew that I had been brought together with a strange woman with the sole aim of some kind of sex act.

Annie said “Why don’t you two get to know each other while I make a cup of tea. Oh and Simon get your kit off I like you much better that way”

Good old Annie she knew just how to break the ice.

As Liz sat down I thought ‘Well I may as well make the most out of an impromptu striptease’ Turning my back I started peeling off my shirt then my trousers. This was turning me on big time and my cock was trying to punch a hole through my pants as I turned slowly back to face Liz.

A smile spread across her face as her eyes focused on my groin. “Mmm nice and ready I see. So let’s see this famous ring”

I eased my pants down and my cock sprang out “I thought Annie was exaggerating when he described it.” “Can you take it out?”

I unscrewed the ball at the end of the ring and removed it and placed it in her open hand.

“It’s heavy and a lot thicker than I expected. “Where do you get them from?”

“I make them I replied. “

[Thirty five years ago when this story takes place body piercing was an underground activity hardly anyone had heard of a Prince Albert piercing and very few people had got anything other than ear piercings.]

“Is it safe?” she asked

“I make them out of surgical steel. So I’m confident that it’s ok”

Suddenly I was conscious of the fact that I was standing naked with my prick just inches from her face.

I think she must have had the same thought “Well you’ve shown me yours I think I should show you mine.”

She started shedding her clothes until she was down to her bra and knickers.

They were a beautiful light peach colour and lacy. She unclipped her bra and let it slip off her shoulders to reveal her tits they were small but the nipples were very long and erect. “If you ever fancy getting the teats pierced I know just the man” I remarked

Finally she slid her knickers down and stood before me naked she was completely shaved and I could see her pink inner lips just poking out between the gorgeous smooth outer ones.

At that moment Annie returned “I see you're getting to know each other”

I looked over and had to suppress a laugh as she had come in stark naked carrying tray loaded with a teapot cups and digestive biscuits.

“Let’s have a nice cuppa before we get going.” As she put down the tray I noticed a tub of Vaseline and suddenly it dawned on me what Liz was going to ask me to do.

“So Liz what is it your husband won’t do?” I thought I may as well get the ball rolling

She hesitated then blurted out “Will you fuck me up the arse please”

Although I’m bi my experience had not gone passed sucking and a bit of mutual masturbation at this point. But I had always wondered what it would be like to bugger someone and now I was going to get my chance.

“He’s got a very fat cock are you sure you’ll get it up there Liz,” Annie asked.

Liz reached over to her handbag and pulled out a truncheon “I use this when hubbies not around”

I was impressed and Annie was speechless.

Liz leaned over and picked up the tub of Vaseline. Annie and I watched with bated breath as she greased her ”toy” making her fingers into an “o” and sliding them up and down the wooden “beast” as I later learned she called it.

She passed the beast to Annie and said “Hold this upright on the coffee table please”

Then she bent over in front of me “Grease me up please” I dipped two fingers in the tub and scooped out a big blob.

Gently I started rubbing my fingers round her brown rose then once I had lubed the outside I slide my fingers in.

Liz pulled away and proceeded to squat over the wooden phallus that Annie had grasped at the base. With Annie’s help she positioned herself above the beast and then slowly lowered herself down until she was sitting on the table.

She maintained eye contact with me all the way down and I could see the pleasure she was getting for her toy and being watched at the same time.

Annie was the first to speak “I can’t believe how your arsehole stretched around that thing” “How does it feel?”

“It fills me up but I want something living, something that throbs and shoots” gushed Liz.

“Well, here it is,” I said waving my cock.

Liz stood up and bent over hand on knees “Fuck me then”

I too stood and as I moved behind her Annie obligingly rubbed Vaseline over the head and shaft of my cock.

Annie hung on to my cock and positioned it so the head was just touching the target I took a deep breath and gently eased forward.

Her tight ring yielded and I felt my helmet slide in. This was so different to fucking a cunt I was amazed. I could see my cock stretching her now because Annie was pulling Liz’s bum cheeks apart.

Liz was moaning “This is so good”

I doubt I lasted more than a couple of minutes that first time because all too soon I lost control and shot my load into her. Annie guessed what was happening when she saw my balls tighten. Liz gasped and said, “I can feel you spurting you lovely man”.

I slowly pulled out leaving a trail of spunk in the eye of her hole.

All three of us sat speechless relaxing and enjoying that “first time feeling” until Annie piped up. “OH bollocks! “The tea’s gone cold