Written by bert

18 Jul 2008

I\'m not a good story teller but at least this is true .

By chance after genuinly walking my dog I was introduced to doging then became a voyer.

I often wonder about some of the people that I have seen perform, how they are doing and where they are now.

I remember a visit to a Northern beach ,,, in particular a large van that was parked up at the extreem end of the sandunes.

A good looking skinny blond girl, and her partner was the driver, he wore a very large home made Cap, his first name began with M.

After obsurving activity round the open back doors of their van , I got closer .

A couple of men were stood between the doors, I passed and walked round the van a few times, then got closer.... standing behind the men I could see that the couple had a video and monitor inside the front of the van.

They were looking at videos of BDSM ... nothing vicious just mild smacking and the cane, occasionaly the face of a young lady would peer around a curtain in the cab of the van,, after a while I relised that the person on the video... was the same girl in the front of the van.

All this was going on in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon.

Dotted around the sand dune area bird watchers with their sun flickuring binoculers.

Gradualy edging forward closer and closer.

A group of guys had gathered around the open van doors, watching the videos.

Anyway after about 20 minutes the young lady came out from behind the curtain and sat in the back of the van... she then proceeded to attatch her own legs and one wrist to chains fastened onto the van wall ribbing,

Wearing no underclothes, just a little tartan skirt and a white blouse.

I don\'t know what was going on but the the womans partner talked to each man at the drivers open window, before two at a time they got in the back of the van.

I did not get in the van, being more than happy just to view, even though the view was somewhat restricted I got glimpses of various bums rising and thrusting between open legs.

The exitment was intence being that it was daylight and a very a busy time on the beach, more so that the van was shaking gentle from side to side... men entered through the open back van doors and one by one they emerged through the passanger side door, then disapeared into the sand dunes.

When youngsters or couples driving their cars came near, the van doors were closed, and men filtered into the dunes, split up and chatted, the show was strickly adult.

I was told by other dogers that the blond girl did well out of her game.. even entertaining amatuer photographers and business men in their lunch time breaks at various venues of outdoor bondage and gentle CP.