Written by Rob

13 Aug 2018

As I have said Kate and I saw each other for 20months.

We had many encounters that I can not remember all the details and how some of the sessions arised.

We had sex in the pub on numerous occasions. In the office in the laundry room and even in the restaurant on one of the tables.

One evening Kate and I fell asleep after an enjoyable evening at my place. Waking up at 3am Kate quickly dressed and drove home.

Not wanting to wake her husband or kids she parked down the road on a corner. Good plan except for later that morning a car came round the corner hitting her car and writing it off. But its not all bad as she and her husband was actually trading it in for a Mazda RX8 it ended up they got more from the insurance than they were getting px.

Kate turned up on the day they got it at work gun metal grey full leather spec. Of course Kate looked stunning in it.

The next day she came to meet me for one of our sessions. She picked me up as arranged but i asked if we could stop off before going to mine at a local beauty spot, which we did. This is where we christened her and her husbands car. Knowing her husband will be sat where i had shagged his wife was a massive turn on.

As I also said or relationship was fiery at points no more so than when one Sunday morning as I was getting the pub ready for a busy day. Kate normally only worked Monday to Friday but I had roped her in to work 11 to 6 which was great as the tips were good on Sundays and she would make loads.

Kate turned up and approached me Linda the head waitress was not far behind her. As Kate reach me she shouted you bastard and slapped me hard around the face. She stormed off. Linda who was one of Kates mate got to me shortly after and just said you silly boy dont shag the customers.

Yes Kate found out I was also shagging one of the locals.

Lesley was another married woman in a loveless marriage.

Not as stunning as Kate but she was still attractive.

I cant remember how we got together. Lesley had only ever had sex with one other and that was her husband, although now they never had a sex life Lesley was sure he was playing away from home but had no proof.

One day Lesley came round to mine for a coffee one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex. She knew I was seeing Kate.

But didnt mind.

On some occasions Lesley would be leaving out of the back door just as Kate would be arriving at the front door. Somehow they never met although it was close sometimes. Lesley was fun and once she got over the guilt of cheating she was really open and fun. Then there was Rachel another customer who was separated and local to the staff house. At one point I was juggling all 3. Until Kate found out I was doing Rachel and caught me coming home she called me and said she was on her way round I rushed home to find her outside my door. She knew where I had been and went mental at me.

Dispite this we made up after a week or so.

More to follow