Written by jon

16 Nov 2009

This happened quite a few years ago, well to be honest in 1975, I had been married to Mandy for about 3 years and we were both looking for ways to sex up our love lives was getting predictable. Mandy was a raunchy blonde, that's what first attracted me to her as I've always been a sucker for the easy sluts – get straight down to the sex that's me! We did advertise for a couple to join us, with a 4some in mind, but it didn't work out with them, the bloke was OK for Mandy but his wife was a skinny bag I really couldn't get a hard on for.

Mandy came home from work after a late shift at Brighton Hospital and said that Diane, one of the nurses at the hospital, was getting married and we had been invited to the reception in London if we would like to go. How about it? She was marrying a Jamaican bloke called Reg and the wedding was to take place at the Registry Office just with family and after the ceremony at 2pm the reception was due to start at 4 o'c at an hotel in Streatham. As Reg’s father was a musician with his own 7 piece band who were laying on the music for the event it promised to be a good day out – little did Mandy & me think how good it was to end up being! She said It sounded as if it would be a really great reception. It sounded OK to me so I said to thank Diane and tell her we’d look forward to it.

We duly arrived at the venue at the appointed time and were met at the door by Diane and her new husband Reg. After a short chat and congratulations we gave them our wedding gift. The mixed marriage hadn't gone down too well with Diane's family & friends so consequently there weren't many white faces in the room, Diane's Mum & Dad, her sister & husband, a couple of other friends and ourselves were about all. There wasn't the same racial tolerence at that time. We were directed to a table which we were to share with a West Indian couple and I must say we got on with them very well right from the start.

Mike was a good looking bloke and his wife Marie was really nice and very black. She was a lovely looking girl in her early twenties with an extremely friendly smile, a nice figure and prominent pair of boobs. I noticed, when she and Mandy got up later to go the loo together - as most women seem to do, they can't seem to go on their own - that like many black women she was wide hipped and had a large and attractive bum. After a couple of drinks, and the music from the band really hotting up, things got really friendly between us. Mike took Mandy onto the floor for a dance and I danced with Marie. That's the way it went on with us partnering each other's wives most of the time. She was a very good dancer and we really did get on well together, as did Mandy & Mike. The newly weds were leaving the party for their honeymoon trip at 8pm and the party broke up then as we all bid them farewell; together with all the suggestions about what they should be doing that night!

Mandy & I had intended heading back home at the end of the reception as it was a long drive. I must admit I wasn't looking forward to it, especially after drinking, but Mike suggested we go on to a Club and carry on with the festivities and offered to put us up for the night in their flat if we liked. Marie said they had a put-u-up we could use with pleasure, so we agreed, and the 4 of us headed off to South London's Flamingo Club where they were members. It was quite a hot venue with W.I. and Jazz music; the drinks were reasonably priced and we carried on having a good evening. We had soon split back into two pairs, Mandy with Mike and me with Marie. The drinks flowed and the music seemed to get hotter. Marie got more and more attractive as we twisted and turned and co-ordinated with each other in the dances. In the slow numbers we danced close together and her tits pushed into my chest and I was getting quite a stiffy on. Then Marie whispered in my ear “I think we’re being slow – look at those two”, meaning Mike and Mandy. Sure enough they were wrapped around each other, cheek to cheek, their crutches grinding together and his hand squeezing her bum. I responded by pulling her in tightly to me and I knew she could feel that I had a big hard on as she said softly “ummmm..something has come up between us” and giggled. I turned my face to hers and kissed her softly on the mouth. As the music stopped she squeezed my hand and we went back to our table. This was at the time when Clubs had to close by 12 o.c. on a Saturday and as it was nearly midnight the music played the final dance which we both danced that with our own wives.

Mike had driven us all to the Club in his car as he said ours was safe where it was parked, so we all got in his to drive to their place for the night, Mandy and me together in the back. It wasn’t far to their flat and on the way there Marie turned to us and said “Mike and I were talking about it and wondered if you two would like to change partners for tonight? Know what I mean? Jon with me, and you Mandy with Mike? It doesn’t make any difference if you don’t want to, just a suggestion, but it could be fun. See what you think.” And she turned back to face the road.

“Well,” I said to Mandy “What d’you think? Would you like to?”

“Yeah, OK with me, would you like Marie for tonight?”


“Okay then” she said eagerly “Let’s do it!”

I leaned forward and said to the couple in the front “That’s fine with us, we’d both like to.”

“Yeah, great, ok,” they both said.

Theirs was just a one-bed 1st floor flat comprising lounge/diner, small kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Mike poured us an extra drink while Marie bustled around getting bed linen and setting up the put-u-up which she and I were to share; Mike & Mandy using the bedroom. We finished our drinks, took it in turns to use the bathroom and Mike and Mandy went into their bedroom, and we all made jokes about 'having a good night' and 'Don't keep us awake squeaking the bed springs' that sort of thing. He didn’t bother closing the door as this was so obviously an open arrangement.

Marie used the bathroom next and I waited with a growing sense of excitement. It was the first time I had been with a black girl and our ‘preliminaries’ at the Club had been very promising. As she came out I went into the loo for a pee and washed my cock. It was only manners.

The light was switched off and the room illuminated just by a street lamp shining through the uncurtained window. She was sitting up on the bed waiting when I came out, very nice tip-tilted tits exposed over the bed clothes and she watched me as I undressed, finally standing before her bollock naked and good and stiff. I moved over to the bed and got in beside her. “Wow, that’s a big one” she said as her hand went to my cock “I didn’t expect that – and I know just what to do to it!” with that she pulled down the top sheet and proceeded to give a good cock suck. I got on top of her and had a long breast fuck rubbing her hardened prominent nipples around my dick and pushing them each into the slit in my dickhead as I pulled it open, the precum lubricating them, before I kissed my way down her belly to give her a cunnilingus. She enjoyed my expertise at concentrating my tongue on her clitoris and thrusting it into her inner cunt lips, saying "Ummmmmm….hon…..you've certainly done that before….Mandy must be a lucky girl…."

She certainly was an ideal sex partner and anything went; when she turned over and thrust her bum up in the air I was able to follow a 'doggie' with a long slow anal penetration which was obviously what she wanted …. it must have been getting on for dawn before we finally went off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Despite the daylight through the curtainless window it was about 10 o’c before we roused. Marie got up and put her head round the bedroom door. “You two alright – wanna cuppa tea? I hear your bedsprings rattling most of the night so you must of enjoyed yourselves!” I heard Mike reply something and Mandy giggling.

By the time we had all visited the bathroom, dressed had a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee it was getting on for late morning so we decided to go to their local pub for a drink and something to eat. The Airplane was an all W.I. pub and as Mandy & I entered, the only whites there, the hum of conversation died away; Mike gave a thumbs up to the barman who nodded back and the conversations started up again. The pub was pretty crowded it being a Sunday lunchtime. The air was thick with the smoke of cigarettes and ganja. All the tables were taken so we had our drinks at the bar. Mandy sat up on a bar stool and certainly drew the attention of the men in the room! I must say she looked stunning with her blonde hair and the short boob tube dress she had worn the previous evening. It was almost ¾ ways up her thighs and its black lurex material showed off her shapely white legs in stilettos to perfection; her uplift bra accentuated the shape of her tits and she looked so fresh you wouldn’t have thought she’d been shagging most of the previous night. I guessed that if you were sitting in the right place you’d get a good up-skirt view and I saw one man shift his position and lean back in his seat, obviously to get a better view. I grinned to myself and said quietly to Mandy "Don't look away or anything but just shift yourself slightly to your right and open your knees a bit!"

"OK, but why?" " There's a guy who'd like to see a bit more of you so why disappoint him – he'll probably go and toss himself off afterwards thinking about you!" She giggled and did what I said. I took a surreptitious look at him and his eyes were riveted on Mandy's crutch. He could probably see the outline of her labia against the thin material of her G string.

A couple of young guys came and spoke quietly to Marie & Mike, obviously about Mandy, as they looked at her and at me as conversed. Then went away apparently satisfied.

Mike went over and spoke to a couple of guys; money changed hands and they left the room as Mike came back and offered us a spliff each “It’s good stuff.” He said.

We each took one and lit up and went and sat at a table as one had become vacant. We smoked the weed and ordered some food and another round of drinks, so we were well oiled when the 2 o’c closing time was called and we set off back to the flat. Mandy and Marie dropped back at one point and began whispering and giggling: when we asked what they were up to, they just replied “Nothing….”

Back at the flat the two girls went into the bedroom together telling us they’d got a surprise for us. Mike got a porn video ready to play on the machine but before he could get it started so the girls came out of the bedroom – naked apart from lacy top stockings! Mandy wore a pair of long black stockings almost up to her crutch and Marie had on a pair of lacy tops in white!

They stood side by side in front of us and what a lovely duo they made with their contrasting skin tones and stocking colours. “Come on guys – get ‘em off!!” they said, both together.

Needless to say Mike and I needed no urging and were stripped off in no time flat, just chucking our clothes on the floor! Mzndy & Marie then both turned, bent forward with hands on knees, legs apart, and presented us with a rear presentation of their bums and pussies! Wow! Did Mike and I get stuck in? You bet! We took it in turns to do standing a fuck on each others wives and then one on our own! Mike fetched a tube of gel and squirted a good lot on my fingers and on his own, and we changed wives again and he proceeded to grease up Mandy’s anus and finger fuck her; and I did the same to Marie. Then we rubbed and pushed our nobs on their now well lubed arsoles and gave the girls a real good arse bang, which went down well with the two of them from the appreciative noises they were making. I heard Mike grunt as he let go his cum and holding Mandy’s hips he thrust hard with his balls slapping against the cheeks of her arse. As Marie reached into her pussy and rubbed up her clit I rammed my cock up her wet pussy and fucked until we both cum together and fucked ourselves to a standstill. Mandy said she had cum too, so it was a very satisfying end to the afternoon and our stay in London.

Time to head back home so I went off to get the car from where we had left it the previous day while Mandy got herself cleaned up and ready for the drive back.

Mike & Marie came down to see us off on our journey and as we were saying our goodbyes and thanks for a wonderful weekend Marie asked if Mandy would be interested in a Bukkake session the following weekend? Apparently the two guys who had spoken to her in the pub had enquired if she would be available as they really fancied Mandy and could set one up without any problem. Marie was surprised to learn that we didn’t know what a Bukkake was, and explained how one woman took on a whole lot of men in a wank & suck party to get covered in cum. It was really fast moving and there could be dozens of cocks of all shapes, sizes and ages, and it was really good fun for everyone. There was no fucking unless the woman particularly wanted it. Marie said she had done one and had got through 30 men in 35 minutes She said to talk it over between and give her a call when we got back. My role was to be a passive spectator unless I wanted to join in of course. I looked at Mandy: “How’s that sound to you? Like to give it a try? I’d really like to see it…..”

“If its OK with you, I’ll do it.”

“Great,” Marie said “Colin can get it all set up for next Sat if you guys can come up then?”

“Yeah, got nothing on for next weekend” I said,.

“I’ll bell you and let you know all the arrangements.” said Marie.

The car moved off and waved them goodbye.

Two days later Marie rang through and said the Bukkake was fixed up for after a football match in the pavilion at the sports ground. the game finished about 4.45, so if we came up earlier we could meet Mike &Marie in The Airplane, have a drink and they would take us to the ground.

It was an all black football league and there would be all the players, reserves, officials and so on, so there would easily be 40 guys for Mandy to take on so and if she worked really fast she might break Marie’s record. Mandy & I were really excited about it, talking about what it might be like for her and couldn’t wait for the Saturday to come.