Written by Grownupfun

29 Jul 2007

With my wife’s approval, I thought I’d have my first stab at writing a story for SH. This is entirely true. If you don’t choose to believe me, but it still gets you off, what matter?

Let me start by describing S, my wife of 15 years. She is 39, 5’10” tall, a full figure, size 14, with her crowing glories, size 36DD breasts with lovely large nipples. We have a good sex life, but every few months, there is an injection of real spice that provides me with a wank fantasy for many weeks afterwards.

Every three to four months, S will go out for a night on the town with her good friend P. P has been a friend for years. He is a highly sexed individual, which we have both known all along and I guess it was just a matter of time before something happened between them. With my full knowledge, approval, and encouragement, several years ago, they had sex; initially in hotel rooms and then more latterly, at our house. On rare occasions I have joined in but I get the biggest thrill waiting for her to return to our bed after she has been with him. This has proven to be an unexpected and totally erotic thrill and since then, as and when S chooses, it happens.

The last time was probably one of the best. S and P had been out to a music festival for the day. The weather was crap and they both got coated in mud. S and I exchanged text messages throughout the day and as the beer took hold, the texts got hotter. One of the last I received, around 10:00 pm said that she was muddy and needed a shower when she got in. I sent her a text her back and said, ‘Alone or with male company?’ to which she replied, ‘Company would be nice but what if I’m still dirty when I get out?’

My cock was rock hard at the idea of her being a dirty girl. I went to bed with thoughts of fucking her when she got back and drifted off to sleep, cock in hand.

At about midnight, I awoke as the door to the house opened. Whenever they go out, P stays in the spare room opposite ours. I saw the lights come on and heard someone climb the stairs and enter the spare room. Moments later, I heard the shower start to run. Just then, a second person came upstairs, the lights went out and they both went into the spare room. The feeling of anticipation, as anyone who has been in this position before will know, is delicious. You feel jealous and at the same time, incredibly tense. My heart was pounding as I heard the shower door open and then the unmistakable sound of two people using the shower at the same time.

I crept out of bed, my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me and went on to the landing to see if I could hear what was going on. The sounds were muffled but they were clearly fucking in the shower. I stood there for a few minutes, pulling on my cock, listening to my gorgeous wife being fucked, hard, only a few feet away.

The shower went off and I reluctantly retreated back to my bed. I lay there, wondering if they had finished or if more was to come. A few moments later, the door to my bedroom opened and S entered wearing just a towel. She knew I’d be awake – I always am. She dropped the down, slid into bed and pushed my head down to her recently fucked fanny. ‘Lick me’ she told me. I ran my tongue over her wet lips and could taste and smell the spunk as it ran out of her body and onto the bed. This is probably the highlight of these evenings. Fresh male cum straight from my wife’s cunt! After a few moments licking, I pull myself up and enter her in one swift movement. My cock is very wide but it slips in without any resistance. There is nothing to describe the feeling of your’s wife cunt filled with another man’s cum.

She starts to tell me how he fucked her from behind in the shower, grabbing onto to her large breasts and he thrust deep inside her. She knew that this would push me over the edge and at that moment I added a second load of cum to her pussy; a second load in the space of 10 minutes.

She knows this is what I want. She for me and her – I’m not sure who gets the most of it but I love her nights out and can’t wait for the next one. Maybe I’ll write again?