Written by YorkieBar121

9 Feb 2017

In my last story the widow next door I said about the first time I pleasured her. A few days later I had got home from work and noticed her in her bathroom. A few minutes after her light had gone out I got a call asking if I could pop round to help her with something. I knocked on her door and she shouted me to come in. As I closed the front door and opened the living room door she was sat on the sofa sideways with her legs crossed along the sofa wearing her dressing gown. As I walked over and kissed her I asked what I could help her with. She opened her gown and said I need this seeing to. She opened her legs to show me her newly shaven pussy. It looked gorgeous. I went straight down on her. Licking and sucking her clit. It wasn't long before she came and soaked my face. Her body shaking again violently as the orgasm intensified. I had all on to keep my tongue inside her as she moved uncontrollably. Grabbing my head and pulling my hair. Every small touch made her body shake and I could feel her clit pulsating on my tongue. I stripped off and we got in 69 position with me on top. She was so horny taking my full length I started to slowly fuck her mouth. Speeding up my rhythm she sucked like a pro. I came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot. We sat together after on the sofa and she said that she had been missing out on so much as she had married young and only had her husband and they had never experimented with sex they had just done the missionary position most of the time and not really done oral. She loved what I had shown her and wants more. She rubbed my cock hard again and said that I'd shown her stuff that she had never done or thought about before but she was loving it all. It was the first time she had her arse fingered the first time I fucked her. She had never tasted spunk let alone had someone cum in her mouth. With my hard cock I said there's a lot more to show her and she said she wants to try so I got her on her knees on the sofa and rimmed her arse then spat on my cock and slowly pressed it against her arse. It was really tight but it slid in. I slowly and gently slid in and out of her while fingering her still wet clit. I fucked her arse slowly for awhile then slid out and slid it into her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. It wasn't long before she was moaning with pleasure. I slapped her arse telling her she is a bad girl and rubbed her arsehole with my thumb. We fucked for ages until I came again. Filling her pussy which was already dripping with her juices as she had cum a few times. I slid out and while she was still on all fours buried my face in her arse and pussy. Lapping up the juices. She cleaned my cock up and we kissed before I got dressed and left. She said she is gonna buy some sexy underwear and stockings and she wants me again soon. I said all she needs to do is call and I'll be round.