Written by Steve

19 Jun 2007

My wife and I have a very good relationship, I have worked in Asia as an expat since 1992 and my wife works in the hotel hospitality business so we consequently make too much money to give it up.

We both turned fifty recently and when I was home over Christmas had a great time and one night got down to chatting about how we manage our "urges" being so far apart.

She admitted that once or twice she has been seduced by a guy or two, I asked her to elaborate so she told me the full story, apparently she meets a load of men day to day and as she has always had a good figure she gets plenty of attention.

Last fall she was in Bali at the Sheraton and late one evening she was having a last drink at the bar, she had noticed the hotel security guy had been looking at her slyly all night, he wandered over and started with some small talk, she noticed he was well built and a decent looker,he bought her a glass of wine and the talk got around to the accomodation, she said that her company placed businessman in hotels around the world but she had not seen the suites at the Sheraton, he said that one was free and would she like to view it? she said yes and so he went to get the key, he lead her down the staircase to the room, she had had a couple of drinks by now so was a little tippsy so he put his hand around her waist and took hold of her hand, when they got to the room it was in total darkness, he steered her inside and by now she said he was giving her a good feeling all over, she was enjoying it and it wasn't long before he was kissing her, his hands were going evrywhere and he pulled her to the chaise long where he had her dress off and down to her shoes and stockings,in moments his dick was in her mouth before he mounted her,she was the best fuck she has ever had.She said he gave her slow stokes until he pulled out and shot his semen all over the back of her stocking tops.