Written by neverseenthatb4

19 Feb 2009

What am I doing? what is going on? That my life sop perfect in every way is now turnning my stomach at the twisted passion and jealousy that now engulfs and twists every minute in my stomach. It is the central part of nervous system, The stomach!

Busness mens ulcers, stress related acid thats why it happens in the stomach...yeah Stress, emotion all play their part. Why was it when I was a teenager I would have wanted to kill a fellow teen trying to get off with my then girlfriend. Why now do i want to see him strip, hold down, humiliate and use my wife?? I use these words not lightly...they are the true desires of a man of my age 38 that wants to see this and feel this writhing jealosuy. Induce the pain and suffering, the bitter sweet pain of seeing his wife fulfilled in what? A way he couldnt...No, Its not that! What then?.. Its just power to allow and feel the wanting of her. It revives the passion of the chase, it revitalises the lust you used to see in her. It makes you feel vulnerable that she might be taken from you.....Just like when youwere a teen.

You know its a natural phenomenon that when a man gets to feel jealous his sperm making and release is magnifyed. Its True! The male organs in a primeval way produce more of the good stuff and ejaculate it if they are trying to prevent their woman from going elsewhere. Hey it was on Sexetera so it must be right!

I have felt this pain and its the nearest things to taking drugs a man can get. Its so good I am suprised its not illegal.

MY Wife is Voluptuous. She`s a size 14 yeah yeah not some skinny runt. When a bloke gets on her he knows theres a woman under. The movements, the roll of the flesh, the weight all helps convey that my wife when riding a stranger is fucking riding a stranger. every bit of flesh is rolling and writhing. her form moulds around his pelvis and engulfs his form. Better still she has the most enormous natural 38 G cup Tits. They are magnificent in the nipple, like the same size as the top of a tea cup.

This is part one of a story, part two tomorrow night. needless to say I will tell you how during my days as a tennis pro and running the clubhouse and bar my wife went a little bit too far on the night we got engaged. It was aprivate do, had the license for premisises as the resident tennis pro from the council. We had been engaged 9 years and this was the night for family and so forth. It was all going well speeches and toasts. Lisa, the wife looked great. She was done up to the nines. Eyeliner on, exentuated the eyes. Very sultry looking. We had long been pretending mates of mine were fucking her in bed whilst I shagged her from a spoon position. Whispering dirty talk in her ear as we went on this imaginitive journey. Till she came that is.

As night drew to an end for the party some of the Rugby team boys, some of them dual members of the tennis club, walked back down from the town centre to the tennis club for a hopefull stop on. Lisa and I were always going to be last to leave as we were planning on shagging and rubbing cake all over her tits for me to eat.

the lads cam about 12 midnight as we were still dressed but snogging they caught us in the throws. They couldnt keep quiet and let us know they were there by the open window. Woooaahhhh!! waaaheyyy!!! You dirty sods! they exclaimed or worse.

Piss off Tony and you john I know you are there I can smell you!

Wifey chirps up out of her mild embarrassment \" What did you see?\"

\"Enough to last me till I get home love, he`s a lucky boy!\" said Tony. \"Well Its not midnight yet! said Lisa. \"What you doing?\" I said \"I wanna get you home\"

\"No rush I`ve got an idea!\" she exclaimed with mischief in her eyes.

Lisa went to the Lou. \"Tony come on in , How many are you?\". \"Three\" he said \"But the rest are coming down in five mark just texted em to come see your missus ha ha Shame shes got her blouse back down they`ll be expecting a show the way Mark described Lisa!\"

This got my dick stirring, My juices flowing and my mind wandering in a devastatingly naughty way. Lisa came out of the Loo and I knew she had been getting randy in there, she had sorted her hair and loosend some buttons on her blouse. I said to her \"D`you fancy being horny in front of these drunks, they`ll never remember us having a good grope!\" \"yeah why not their rat arsed anyway look at em, two are asleep for christs sake!\" Lisa and I started to snog and get heavy at the bar. I knew I had to make this go further so she could get caught mid flow when the others turned up. If not ther`d be too many and she would dry up in confidence if nowhere else. She started to grind, the one boy who was awake cheered her on. Before I knew it I ahd released her big right hand tit. She thought it was just Tony, who had seen her topless anyway on Hols! But he nudged the other two and whilst she had her eyes closed kissing me I got the other out and started massaging these big water melons and saucer like nipples round and round. Really giving them the grope they needed. When she opened her eyes she gasped at the sight of the three lads staring at her. \"Go on girl show us your stunning body \" Dont feel shy, were so pissed and we need this to happen!\" \"do your Husband proud he shows us your nudey pics anyway.\" \"What\" she yelled \"Oscar you said they were private you bastard\" She said to me whilst hitting me. \"sorry darl you look too good\". A minute passed and then she said those imortal words \"oh well if you`ve seen everything!\" she looked at me \"serves you right Phil\" She started to unbutton her blouse and dance to the music just a little. \"go on girl thast it\"I backed off a little to give her the stage. As I did I could see up the hill and and there was a multitude of pissed rugby boys coming down towards us . 100 yards away maybe. For some reason I thought she might stop so I walked over and in one movement took my scarf off the jacket laying over the chair. I walked up behind her and said relax , this will heighten your senses. I wrapped it round her eyes, blindfolded. \"carry on\" I whispered. Then walked over to the door and unlocked it.

What happened next has changed our lives forever part 2 tomorrow. If you liked this please encourage me to tell you more than I should. Maybe even a pics from the night in question will be posted. Till tomorrow then, swingers.