Written by xxxmas

2 Jan 2018

a few days before xmas ,we were in bed and the wife asked what I wanted for xmas , and as she was playing with my cock I said I would love you to go to old jims flat, he lives across the hall way from us, and see how far the dirty old fat sod would go ,if indeed he would , she said you have to be joking he must be in his 70s ,he is 77 I said ,she said how do you know a man 40 years older than me can get hard , so I said you wont know unless you try . at that I am licking her pussy saying imagine it is jim doing this , then all of a sudden she is grabbing my head , pushing me harder on her pussy as she is having an orgasm.

Any how , we go to sleep and for the next week or so it is not mentioned again. xmas comes and goes ,then on new years eve we are out having a few drinks , but because it is a bit quiet we went home . then at about 11-50 , the wife got up and went to the bedroom , she came back wearing a very sexy very short dress and her very high heels she lifted the dress and said look no panties, I said lets go to bed but she said no I am going to wish jim a happy new year , I said you wouldn't dare , but she did . as she shut the door I went and listened , I heard her knock on his door , and heard her say happy new year when he answered , then the door shutting. I waited about 15 mins expecting her to come back but she never ,so I walked over to his door to listen, all I could hear was the tv on quite loud , I looked through the letterbox it looked all dark inside then there was a silent spot on the tv and I thought I heard sue moaning . I had to see so I tried the door and it opened , I crept over to the bedroom , the light was on and the door was slightly open so I peeked in and there was jim laid back naked with a hard on and sue was virtually sat on his face her dress up and the top down , she had her back to me rubbing her smooth pussy on his mouth , he had one hand on her tits and one on his cock , then she moved down his fat body still with her back to me she took his cock put it in her and they started having sex , she bent down and told him to suck her nipples , I was rock hard watching , I took my cock out and started wanking , but did not come , I decided to wait back in bed and finish off when she came home.

I waited for what felt like hours , I heard his door close and ours open , she came in naked got on the bed and said here quick , she crouched over my mouth and told me to lick her out , her pussy was full of his come and soon so was my mouth , that made her orgasm again , we had sex as she told me about it , how he had taken a Viagra ,it had started in the living room , when he saw up her dress , he had licked her out on the couch then gone to bed . we both came but I didn't tell her I had seen them . but I might see how far this goes , because no doubt he will want another go