Written by robert

4 Dec 2012

So let me fill you in? i posted on here 02/10 with the title caught the wife teasing the window cleaner. I have not caught her doing anything since that particular day but it is always clearly in my head of what happened, please read for background!

So a couple of months back i started saying to Paula of now 41 years of age,36D boobs and with an arse to which many women would be proud of to start teasing me while doing her everyday chores around our home, this consisted of vacuuming the stairs with a short skirt on and wearing minimal underwear to cleaning the the windows with a low cut top on and no bra while our neighbours were in their window or garden looking over.I even had her weeding the front garden with skimpy bikini bottoms on in the couple of weeks summer we had while i was watching her from the front bedroom window and observing all the pervy male neighbours moving around in their windows to get a better view. On nearly every occassion afterwards we fucked like teenagers and exaggerated what could of happened if anyone was brave enough to come over and talk/or eye her up. Her pussy was always wet when doing the jobs around the house, so i knew she was enjoying it.

So on this particular occassion on a friday after going down to our local pub and totally unplanned, we got talking to John who was one of our neighbours, asking how things were and making general chit chat, john said that his wife maureen had gone visiting their son in scarborough where they lived for the weekend and maureen would be returning monday and that he was having a quiet weekend at home and doing a couple of jobs he had wanted to do for a while but never got round to them. So after a few hours we decided to walk john home as he is 67 or 68 years of age and a little unsteady on his legs, so thought it would be best to make sure he got home safely.Just before we got to his house i asked if was doing the same tomorrow evening (going to the pub)and he said maybe, i said if he wanted we could get a takeaway and he could come to our house for tea/supper thinking he didnt have to cook anything, he just said if i am in the pub i will take you up on that offer? and we said our goodnights. As me and Paula went through our front door i glanced over to Johns and he must have gone straight upstairs and to his bedroom as his light had just come on. I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on and asked Paula if she wanted a drink she said she would have a glass of wine and off she went upstairs to get undressed.When she came downstairs she had a light blue bathrobe on which was mid thigh length and looked an absolute picture of sex on legs especially when she bent over to get the remote control for the tv which was on the lower shelf of the tv cabinet to which the bathrobe rode up and exposed all of her truly swollen pussy lips and she was clean shaven. My mind was working overtime thinking of all sorts of inuendos and my cock was aching to fuck her there and then, but i held back and went back into the kitchen to get her glass of wine.Paula started watching catch up tv and i decided to take my brew up to bed, we kissed and i put my hand to her pussy and she was soaking wet, my finger went straight in and then i pulled it out and said goodnight.Paula said "i hate it when you do that,getting me going and then going to bed" i just smiled and toddled off upstairs.

As i got into the bedroom i went to close the bedroom window and Johns light was still on and he was having a cigarette out of the bedroom window. He didnt see me and as i closed the window the blind were slightly ajar, i undressed and lay on my bed drinking my tea. I could still see John extinguishing a cigarette and then lighting another, after about 5 minutes i turned my light off and noticed John had put his cigarette out quickly and went out of the window and turned his bedroom light off and then returned to the window. He was staring straight into our living room and he had one hand on the window sill and the other hand was i can only presume on his cock? I decided to sneak downstairs hopefully not making any noise especially on the 3rd and 4th stair tread as they creak like hell, so i stretched over them and got to the hallway and looked sneakily into the living room. The scene was Paula had spilt her wine on the settee and carpet and was frantically trying to clean it with a dishcloth and hand towel but yes you have guessed it she was bent right over with her bathrobe slightly open so as she went fom cloth to cloth her tits were slightly on display but the best was when she was on all fours cleaning the carpet, her bathrobe had ridden right up so not only was her pussy on display but her arse was as well. The sight was fantastic and John must have been wanking himself silly, I still do not know wether this was set up or a genuine accident but after about 15 minutes watching her i went to bed to have a wank and this is what i decided to do the next day.

So Saturday morning came and i never mentioned anything to Paula apart from we were having a takeaway when we come home from the pub that evening of which she said "yes no problem" she mentioned she had spilt her drink last night after nodding off on the settee but she said she had cleaned it all up of which i witnessed in full detail and still had a twinge thinking about it. We both had breakfast and toddled off into town to do some shopping.we returned about 2.30pm and Paula did a bit of washing and before we knew it we were getting showered and ready to go out. We left the house about 6.30pm and walked down to the local for a few beers and upon arrival John was not there so we chtted to each other and i was suggesting to Paula about maybe just having a few drinks and getting off home for a good fuck and then ordering a takeaway of which she did not mind and we soon drunk up and started walking back home. As we were walking back we bumped into John and he said that he didnt realise what time it was but was only going to have a few at the pub and call it a night,i said well if you want some tea come to our house in about an hour because that is when we would be ordering food and you would be more than welcome to join us, he said "thank you" and stated if he wasnt there for 9pm he would not be bothering. Myself and Paula said see you then and walked the small distance home.

When we got home Paula said "are we fucking now " i said" we cant in case John turns up "

she sighed a little and said " he wont turn up, cmon im horny", i just replied " go and get your bathrobe on then" and Paula went upstairs and got undressed/dressed, i dont know why i did what i did next but i put all 3 remote controls on the bottom shelf and the main tv remote what switches the tv on/off i pushed it off the shelf into the rear alcove of the tv cabinet. As Paula came back downstairs i had poured her a glass of wine and i had a bottle of beer and as requested she had her bathrobe on and nothing on underneath, she came over to me and gave me a lustful kiss and i put my hand onto her right breast and tweeked her nipple which became erect almost immediately my other hand went for her pussy of which she was gagging for it, one finger then two eased into her moist swollen pussy as she rubbed my crotch are and soon found me hard. "DING DONG" The doorbell went,Paula made herself decent and i did the same. I went to the door and their was John "does the invite still stand" he said, i opened the door wider and let John in and shouted to Paula "Johns here darling for his tea" she just smiled at John when they he came into view and asked if he wanted a drink, he explained that the pub went quiet and that he wasnt in the best mood to socialise with strangers and decided to take us up on our invite. Perfect i thought Paula was so sexed up it was now i could get a big kick out of something i had already seen but always craved for more?

As i asked John to take a seat he was facing the tv and i gave him his drink and went back into the kitchen and was teasing Paula with little touches here and their and the look on her face was a picture of total passion but totally unaware to her my fantasy was coming true. after a couple of minutes i asked John if he was ok and said would you like some music or tv on or both as we have some music channels on the set top box he said either that he didnt mind, at that point i gave hime him achinese menu to have a look at and i went back into the kitchen with Paula, as i started browsing through the mnu i asked Paula to put the tv on for John and as she went into the living room i positioned myself to the right of the door where i could see the tv but also could see John from side on.

As paula went over she saw 2 remotes on the bottom and bent over slightly to which her bathrobe rode up a little and at that point Johns eyes went from the menu to Paulas legs and then she crouched but as she did this she realised that the remotes were out of reach so had no option but to get on all fours, at this point John had turned to see where i was and obviously could not see me but i could see everything. As Paula stretched a bit further Johns eyes nearly popped out of his head her bathrobe rode even further up and was revealing her swollen pussy lips and they were glistening with her excitement of what we had been doing earlier, at this point she retrieved 2 remotes and was looking for the 3rd and BINGO she saw it and stretched so far to reach it her robe came to the top of her back and this exposed everything and i mean everything, her pussy her full bottom with a beautiful arsehole on full display and even to the point where she had to slightly part her legs to get the 3rd remote. I was instantly hard and John rubbed his crotch with sheer delight and Paula was only there for a couple of minutes but the sight was fantastic, watching her exposing everything and watching Johns face as it all happened in front of him was brilliant.

John didnt stay for supper he suddenly made an excuse to go and i got to fuck Paula senseless in his absence. I dont know what i can come up with next but to share my wife i couldnt but to expose her secretly gets me horny as hell.

i will try to let you know if anything else happens but it took over 2 years to et this far hopefully it wont be that long next time.