Written by Robert

10 Sep 2017

Please read past posts for background. And thanks for all your last comments, Paula loved them!!

As i awoke to Paula stroking my cock and kissing me on my neck, I smiled at her as she then went towards my left nipple and licked it. She gripped the base of my shaft and squeezed as she then tenderly bit my nipple while watching my cock grow. Her hand gripped my cock tighter as she started to slowly pull my foreskin to expose the tip and as her head moved to meet it, her tongue licked the top of my cock before then taking it into her mouth while speeding up her strokes. At this point she had got on all fours and had offered me her pussy to be played with, as i touched her clit with my thumb Paula took me deeper into her mouth, my other hand had now after wetting my finger was massaging around her bumhole and as her strokes on my cock quickened i put my thumb inside her pussy and my forefinger into her arsehole and was pushing deep into her. Her mouth was taking as much cock as she could handle while saying to her " imagine it was John and Tommy inside you", her hand squeezed even tighter on my cock and i could feel her pussy clench as she came to orgasm which then ultimately had me cumming as well. As Paula was draining every little bit of semen out of me, she kept licking the tip of my cock as i carried on pushing my thumb into her pussy.

As we both lay their, I said to Paula "Don't forget we have invited John and Tommy round tonight for drinks!", " I know i'm looking forward to it, am i teasing again?" "Oh yes love! so you spend as much time as you want to get ready?"

The afternoon seemed to drag as I was so looking forward to the evening meet up with John and Tommy, thoughts were racing through my mind but did'nt know how to instigate things, I wanted Paula to tease the fuck out of both of them but i also wanted it not pre planned if you know what i mean, after all everyone knew what was going to happen.

5.30 came as i started putting some nibbles in the oven and getting plates and glasses set out on the dining table, Paula was taking a shower and as I headed off upstairs and passing the bathroom, the door was ajar and Paula was in the shower shaving her pussy, I watched for a couple of minutes as she rubbed her clit in between shaving strokes. As i went into the bedroom to get undressed I saw her underwear on the bed, Red bra, Red crotch less thong and hung up on the wardrobe was that Red short dress she wore the other week. As she came into the bedroom it was my turn to get showered and shaved (not the same razor lol ). I quickly returned to the bedroom and dressed and after putting some after shave on I gave Paula a kiss and left her drying her hair. As i went downstairs and checked on the food in the oven I pulled a can of beer out of the fridge and started drinking, a little early i thought but i was nervous, my adrenaline was racing with nervousness and excitement.

As Paula came downstairs and into the kitchen she looked fantastic, I commented on how sexy she looked and offered her a glass of wine, I asked her if she was ok and she just smiled and said " i'm in the mood for a good tease tonight, and to get these old boys horny as hell Rob"! and with that she lifted her dress up above her waist and touched her pussy lips which were already swollen with excitement, "touch me" she said "i'm so fucking horny, touch me", I reached to her clit and gave it a little rub of which Paula nearly collapsed in ecstasy. I gave her a lustful kiss and said "lets see how the night goes".

The doorbell went and Paula went to the door as i stood in the living room, John and Tommy entered the house and Paula gave them both a kiss and a hug and as Paula headed to the kitchen for drinks both John and Tommy could'nt take their off eyes off her arse. As they both came into the kitchen where Paula presented them with drinks the timer on the oven went off and Paula went to the drawer for the oven gloves and as we all watched in the kitchen, Paula opened the oven door and after letting the heat escape bent over to retrieve the food which gave everyone a perfect view of her figure hugging dress

covering her arse.

As Paula was putting the food onto serving trays i asked John and Tommy if they wanted sit at the dining table while Paula was sorting the nibbles out, As we went in and sat down, Paula followed and as she was coming in a spring roll fell off the tray and onto the floor ( I think she planned it) as she put the food onto the table she said giggling " I will get that in a second", as she turned away she exaggeratedly bent over which lifted her dress enough for the top of her thighs to be seen by all. As the evening progressed at every opportunity Paula would be more adventurous even to the point after the food had either been eaten or cleared that Paula complained a little about her feet aching and at that point Tommy offered her a foot massage. I was behind Tommy and John was at the side of Paula, while Tommy removed Paula's heels and started to squeeze and massage Paula's foot, manipulating her position so her knee bent and as he did this he pulled her foot to the side a little to catch a glimpse of her swollen lips poking out of her crotchless thong, this continued for a while until leaving her foot in that position before grabbing her other one and doing the same procedure as of before but this time he had, as i did have a full on view of Paula's pussy, her clit poking out of the top of her perfectly shaved swollen pussy lips .

She would pretend her feet was ticklish so she could move her leg to expose her pussy more, her lips parting as she did this and all the time looking at me and Tommy.

She then made an excuse to get the table cleared and to wash up and then to get some more drinks.

As I asked John and Tommy if they wanted to go into the living room, I went to Paula who was just finishing cleaning down the worktops and knowing John could see us, kissed Paula and put my hand up her dress from behind to feel her pussy which was getting really wet, as i reached under her she pushed back to meet my fingers and while looking at the side of Paula I could see John watching us. "you teasing bastard Rob" Paula said as I removed my hand and corrected her dress, "Patience darling " as i grinned at her, and off i went into the living room,

John and Tommy were sat on the sofa together and as I put some music on I sat on the other sofa where Paula joined me.

As we were chatting Paula had her head on my shoulder and was in a curled up position next to me which looking at John and Tommy's eyes she had her pussy on view to them. I couldn't help but notice while conversing Paula putting her hand onto her hip as if to give them an even better view and this started getting me horny. The conversation soon went onto sex and or lack of it in Tommy's case, he was saying how he watches dirty videos to get himself off as their is no women in his life since his wife died 4 years ago, he also went on to say what turns him on while watching them, " I love to watch women masturbate" he said " especially with a sex toy" ? " fucking hell I thought, he doesn't hold back? but Paula was encouraging him asking what it was that turned him on? "do you want the woman on her back or on her front doing it" Paula said to Tommy, " I don't mind it gets me hard either way!" Then John says I prefer it when their on all fours so I can imagine patting their bottom?

Paula at this point is talking about sex toys and how different ones can do different things and with that she pulls her leg a little further to her chest and Tommy and John stare at her pussy again, "fuck it" Paula says as she flipped onto her back and with her index finger touches her clit, "like this Tommy" as she starts to massage her clit very slowly, "err YES" says Tommy as Paula continues to play, "I like it when they slide a finger up and down their slit as well "? so Paula did exactly that! " I like it when blokes have hard cocks in their hands"? Paula said and with that Tommy was the first to release his now hardening cock, then John followed suit, mine was stiffening quickly just on what Paula was saying as i didn't have the best view while she played.

As Paula was staring at John and Tommy slowly wanking their cocks she put her hand onto my crotch and started rubbing my cock and then said to me "get it out Rob? don' be shy?", well i didn't need to be asked twice so i undid my pants and pulled my cock out. As i did this Paula said "this is for you now John" as she flipped onto her front and got on all fours and carried on masturbating, "is that good for you John? what about you Tommy! are you wanking those hard cocks for me"?

I took off my pants which straight after so did Tommy and John and as i sat back down Paula gripped my cock and started wanking me about a centimetre from her lips, John and Tommy were stood behind Paula watching her masturbate while they were wanking their now fully erect cocks in the direction of Paula's pussy.

It was John who approached Paula first by pulling Paula's dress fully over her bum and then pulling her thong down to below her knees and while still wanking started spanking Paula's bottom very gently, Tommy came over to Paula and got on his knees and while Paula was sliding her finger up and down her slit Tommy started to lick her finger until the point that Paula concentrated on her clit while Tommy licked on her pussy.

John then went to Paula's pussy lips and parted them while Tommy stuck his tongue into my wife's wet hole and at that point Paula took my cock into her mouth. With every spank and lick Paula groaned and took me deeper into her mouth,

I by now had reached over to Paula,s bum hole and started doing circular motions with my finger, Tommy stood back up and nudged his cock in the direction of Paula's pussy and with a little help from Paula positioned it so Tommy pushed in and deep, John had now come around the front to have a helping hand off Paula and while getting fucked by Tommy she was wanking John and cock sucking me.

Tommy was on the verge of cumming when he pulled out of Paula and said "not yet I want this too last " so i took upon myself to climb under Paula and start fucking her and as Tommy came over to Paula's mouth, John then came to Paula's arse, I spread Paula's arse cheeks and John rubbed his cock against her arsehole and gently pushed , "slowly" Paula said to John and he obeyed her wish as he gradually entered her arse, Paula wanked Tommy all over her face and lips as John emptied his load into Paula's arse, I myself came into Paula's pussy and could feel most of Johns cum run down my bollocks as i was doing this.

Paula fucking loved it, this happened a few weeks back and it is just constantly on both our minds, we fuck while talking about it!

We cant wait for our next adventure and as always I will keep you informed!!!!!!!