Written by what a wife

2 Jan 2011

We had our fill New Year’s eve. The wife took on a bouncer in the car park behind a club in the middle of London this morning. He was twice her size and mine, it was a dare, and Donna got him to leave widow open a bit so I could hear. I stood there innocently having a fag and watching from a little way away, she was very vocal and he was a repeater, they shagged for half hour or so.

Think he may have gone longer if his break wasn't over.

Donna left her knickers in his car. Lol. Came back to me all hot and flustered and after sharing how we both felt about what had just happened and her cheeks cooling, to lose a little of there redness ,we went back in the club hand in hand, walking past the bouncer on the way. My wife stopped, he looked surprised to see her with another man and even more surprised when she kissed him on the cheek and said “thank you I really enjoyed that”. He looked at me for a reaction and I forced a smile to cover my nerves, “your welcome he said a bit awkwardly;” Donna went on “By the way this is my husband.” the pause seemed to last for a long time as our eyes met, he looked more confused than upset. Don’t worry he knows and isn't silly about it. He’s the one who encourages me. I see he said sort of raising his eyebrow at me.

I felt a little ashamed then thought fuck it each to their own. I spoke up

“Look! Just think of it as a husband who likes his wife to have a little of what she fancies, as a new years treat, every one enjoyed, no harm done”.

“And you?” he asked, “What was your kick out of it?” I swallowed hard and replied, “I followed you out and watched while smoking”. “That’s why I asked you to open a window Donna”, added “so he could hear us”

He looked hard at me, like a poker player giving nothing away for a moment, before his face softened into a smile, “well she's a great fuck your wife”, he winked at her and patted her on the bum as we passed she didn't like that much.

We had another drink and danced awhile and stayed till the clubs end.

When we were leaving the bouncer approached, he took my wife aside,

Pulled her knickers from his pocket discreetly and said you forgot these.

He then looked at me and said, “I’m finished in 15 mins if you want to watch us again”. “Depends if she wants you again” I replied looking at Donna.“ AH she will”, he said. Confident but not to the point of arrogance, as the play in his voice showed he wasn't quite sure. “What say you” I said to my wife.

“I don't mind” she said blushing a little. Do you want us to hang around? I asked, “If he doesn’t mind you being there to. I want you as well, and none of that patting me on the bum”. “So what say you?” I say to the bouncer, “you into a 3sum.”

“Yea! Sure give me 15 minutes”. He was back in 10.

I began to finger her in the back of his car on the way to his place. She was still wet and sticky; I rubbed her G spot hard, making her squirt on his leather seat, before taking her awkwardly from behind We got back to his and after a quick drink he wasted no time. “Come take a shower with me”, he said to her, then added, you can come watch us if you want. As they disrobed together, I was impressed at his lighthearted manor and sense of humor that kept her smiling and both of us at our ease.

I was also impressed with what must have been 18 stone of lean rippling muscle and his manhood standing proud between them was huge at least 9” and almost as thick as Donnas wrist.

She looked tiny beside him as she giggled playfully, they covered each other in foam before long he had picked her up and with her back resting against the wall impaled her on his huge shaft.

The way her body moved in response to him the way her head tilted, mouth open. The way her eyes rolled when she groaned.

Water spilled out through the shower door, which he had obviously left open for my sake. I stood fully dressed back against the wall in awe of this gentle giant pressing my wife.

As his passion increased her groans became screams he stopped and asked her if she was ok her face flushed with droplets bouncing of her naked beauty she groaned between panting don’t stop and then screamed again as he thrust forward making her squirt she told me afterwards.

She caught sight of me and beckoned me in I sheepishly asked him if I could join them. “She’s your wife, I’m her new year treat remember,” he said thrusting forward again, making Donna sort of groan and sigh at the same time. Her legs round his waist, her bum tiny in his hands pulling her hard down on him. This time she screams, beyond words she manages to drop her arm from his neck and beckon me once more.

I’m in the shower kissing her on the mouth as she groaned,

He mannered donna round and by bending his knees lowered her onto his enormous thighs tempting me with her bum now just the right height for me to enter. I slipped in easy and once to the hilt stayed there in ecstasy feeling the force of his girth pushing against her wall she began to squirt thrashing and screaming he let out a deep groan and I felt him throbbing through her wall the intensity of their muscle spasm orgasms sent me beyond the point of no return and I too was exploding and for a few moments that will be a life times memory we were all three as one in perfect synchronicity none of us seemed to know where one stopped and the other started one thing was for sure we were all experiencing the most intense orgasm of our life’s we all agreed this later.

We stayed a few more hours and had much more fun then came home. Donna and I fucked again while recounting the evening and slept in, woke Horney as hell and have been all day. And will be every time we remember encounter :}