Written by zerodog

18 Aug 2011

We have recently returned from holidays in the sun.

Whilst we were away and having some bedroom fun, I asked the wife what her current fantasy was.

(My wife is Black, 6ft tall, size 12, 36b tits, 35 inch legs with a shaved pussy and shoulder length hair).

This is what she said. "We are on the beach, I come out of the water, (She is wearing a bikini), and my nipples are hard as the water was quite cold. I notice this man watching me walk back up the beach, I know what he is looking at.

That night we are in a bar, and he is in there, he sees me and acknowledges me. I stop to say hello on my way back from the toilet, to say hello to him. We start chatting and he buys us both a drink. After a few more drinks he invites us back to his hotel room for another drink, we accept and make the short walk to his hotel. I am wearing a short white skirt, with a thin summer top, bra and thong, (matching).

We enter his room which is a nice size, he poors us all a drink, and then we get close, you sit down on the chair in the corner, he then gets close to me kisses me then we start to snog. He removes my top and bra, he then can see my nipples are aroused and hard again, (They are a good 1/4 inch when hard), he starts to lick and suck them, I remove his shirt, and stroke his chest. He then takes my skirt off and pushes me onto the bed, pulls my thong off and he goes straight down on me licking my clit and fingering me at the same time. After a couple of minutes he stands up, I then sit up, undo his shorts and pull them down to release his lovely 9" cock. I suck his cock which he loves, and I can feel slowly start to fuck my mouth. I look over and see that you have got your cock out and wanking slowly, he then pushes me back on the bed, turns to you and says, "You are going to enjoy watching this", he then positions his cock at my pussy, and pushes slowly in untill he is completely inside, nice and slow to start, and builds up a nice speed, he tells me to get on my hands and knees, no waiting this time, my pussy is so wet it just slides straight in. After a few moments his hand starts stroking my pussy, feeling how wet I am, I then feel his finger stroking my arse hole, and then his finger is in, and he is saying, "You like that do you", I can just say "Oh yes", I look at you again, and it is obvious by the look on your face that you are enjoying watching me get fucked.

He fingerd my arse for a good couple of minutes before he tells me that he is going to fuck my arse, feel him slip out of my pussy, he fingers me to get some juices, rubs it around my arse hole, he then graps my hair with one hand, and then slowly pushes his cock into my arse, I havnt had cock in my arse for a long time, but it was lovely, he builds up a nice rythm, it dosnt hurt, he must have fucked me like that for a few minutes before he tells e he is coming, he pushes me over, onto my back, makes me sit up and shoots all over my face, this to much for you and you come aswell. He then kisses me, and tells me how much he enjoyed it, and would like to met again, and maybe with one of his mates to join in. We get cleaned up, exchange numbers and say goodbye.

I couldnt stand anymore and came all over her lovely tits.