Written by Dave

3 Aug 2018

To set the scene, my wife and I live in a small cottage in a rural village in the northern home countries. Her best friend who she has known for over 40 years since they were both four came to stay for a couple of nights. The two bedrooms are next to each other and because our dog's sleep in the bedroom we have to leave our door open. We usually sleep naked and like a lot of folks with the current hot weather often we sleep on top of the covers.

On the first night of our guests stay we closed the door and made love, quietly we thought and then left the door ajar for the dogs.

To avoid any embarrassment we slept under the covers. In the morning my wife went downstairs to feed the dogs and make a cup of tea. Then I heard our guests bedroom door open, she went to the bathroom and then downstairs while I laid in bed reading a couple of stories on here.

Then the friend came into our bedroom with a cup of tea for me. She was wearing a short dressing gown and I could see her cleavage. I asked if she had slept well and she said yes, once we had finished having a fuck! She had heard us through the wall. I said "sorry" and she replied "don't be, I enjoyed it". Her dressing gown was gaping now and I could see the side of her left tit, very sexy! "Are you enjoying the view" she asked, "Definitely" was my swift reply, with that she pulled open the gown and pulled my head to a firm nipple , I sucked hard and then her hand went under the covers and found my hard cock. I was terrified my wife would come upstairs but my wife's friend pulled back the covers and gave me a quick blowjob.

No chance I would last, I told her I was about to cum and she sucked harder, it was all I could do to keep quiet as I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed, gave me a kiss and was gone.

Nothing more was said or done during the rest of her visit and although I wonder if my darling wife set me up I can never ask, so I have shared this true story with you. Thanks for reading.