Written by Anonymous

8 Oct 2019

Going back to the mid eighties, I married at 21 and even if I say so I am not the most good looking guy but I never had any problems pulling. My wife had a lot of female work mates who we used to socialize with often or not I would walk them home especially during the winter months, my wife always thought it was kind of me, but little did she know two of her mates Nikki and Ruth were more than grateful in more ways than one.

Quite often we would stop off on the way and fuck anywhere that took our fancy. Nikki in particular loved sucking cock before and after fucking her she loved the taste of our mixed juices.

Ruth was also a very keen girl and often stayed over sleeping on the sofa especially at weekends. I used to play Sunday football so was up early more often or not we had been drinking the night before so the wife would stay in bed. She was a heavy sleeper which was even better as most Sundays I would go downstairs and fuck Ruth on the sofa, she loved being woken by me pushing my cock down her throat, which got her very wet very quickly so a couple of minutes of sucking and she was ready. She loved being taken doggy deep and hard which of course being the gentleman I am I always obliged. I must of fuck both of them both over 50 times each until they both got boyfriends then only on the rare occasions I would be allowed to fuck them, neither knew I was fucking the other and as luck had it the wife never found out either.

I did allow one of my mates to fuck my wife she never questioned why I let her and most of the time I was present so we shared her. I know he did visit when I was at work and fuck her as he would tell me normally before.