Written by MikeyBoyUK

14 Apr 2010

I've been married over 30 years and through all that time our sex life has been great. My wife never showed any signs of straying or wanting to do so. Like most guys I have had the odd fling, and like most guys would have liked to see her in action with someone else, but she never took any of my hints.

Last week, I was home alone as she had gone to the hairdresser. Whilst doing some odd jobs I ripped a finger nail half way down and hell did it hurt. I kept catching the bloody thing so went to look for some nail scissors which I expected to find in the wife's bedroom draw where she keeps all her beauty bits and pieces. Rummaging to find them, I spotted an envelope tucked away underneath all the other stuff, but it wasn't until after I sorted out my finger nail that I suddenly became a little inquisitive as to what it was and why it was there. I picked it up and straight away recognised the feel - it had photographs inside.

I took them out and immediately saw the first picture was of her. It was recent, and she was dressed in a basque and stockings, posing to the camera. Hell she looked good! I wondered straight away where the photo had been taken and who had the camera in his / her hand! I slid the top photo to the back of the pile revealing the next one. Another similar picture but with a much more deliberate sexier pose. I felt a litle twitch in my groin as I gazed at the photo. 'I am a lucky bastard' was going through my mind. A few more photos later and the real shock hit me. In the picture with her was a rather athletic looking young chap, dressed only in designer briefs and with the outline of what looked to be a potentially dangerous weapon hidden inside. Over the next few shots he was out of his pants, he was hard, he was massive, and she was handling him so beautifully. Then the photo of her looking at the camera with his engorged helmet firmly in her mouth. I suddenly realised how hard I was standing there browsing through these incredibly horny photos of my wife! Almost too quickly I reached the final photo. In it she was kneeling with his cock in her mouth and an absolute river of spunk flowing over her bottom lip and down her chin. I almost came in my pants.

Returning the photos quickly to the envelope and then to her draw, my mind started racing. Who was the guy in the photo? Who took the photos? Has she done this before or since? Has she fucked with this or any other guy.

I don't know any of the answers, but, I do know that next time she goes out alone, I'll be back to her draw with cock in hand for a bloody good wank whilst I let my mind loose on the issue!