13 Jul 2015

I have also posted this on a certain 'Fetish' site.

I had been in Brisbane for about 4 weeks when I received a message on a swinging forum. I was invited to read @the_wolf's writings and that she had a particular scenario in which she needed a wolf.

We met and chatted over a coffee and discussed our limitations. I was slightly surprised at the heat of the scenario in which she wanted but nonetheless I was deemed a sane and more to the point a gentleman enough on my vanilla side to see it through.

The scenario was as follows...

I went into the bar of a popular city centre hotel on a Friday evening. You know the type, popular with the city crowd who were out to wind down after a hard week in the office. I was dressed in a dark blue three piece, crisp white shirt with open collar and carried a brown leather briefcase. I arrived at the bar shortly before 7pm and was told I needed to 'seek' out my prey.

From the end of the counter, I ordered a large irish whiskey and scouted around. I had spied a few business contacts who were just about to leave and remembered that the bar had another area, a little less busy, just around the corner. I strolled up to the taller of the two gentlemen and congratulated him on a recent deal he had pulled off. This however have me a better glance of the more secluded area.

Sure enough she was sat there at the bar sipping a rose coloured drink from a cocktail glass. Dressed in a white blouse and navy skirt which sat just high enough to reveal the slightest glimps of lace atop of her stockings. There were a few bar flies trying the case but none too successful. I bid my pleasantries to the two colleagues and purposefully strode over to face her, abruptly cutting off the latest chancer as he finished his latest tame line.' Excuse me Sir there are wolves out tonight' was all that needed to be said.

The mixed look of fear and desire came into her eyes as she knew mostly what was about to happen next.

She rose from her seat gracefully as I paid her tab. I took her by the arm, and we walked towards the disabled toilets. I faced her toward the wall and placed my briefcase on the sink and flipped the combination locks open. 'Bend' I instructed. There was no response, physically or verbally. 'I will only tell you once' I insisted. Still nothing.

I grasped herhair by the base of her neck. With a swipe of my foot between hers, I parted her legs and forced her head and body forward.

Placing my hands between her thighs, I could feel the moist patch through her knickers. Pulling them to the side I played with her crotch hearing her gasp and moan in anticipation and pleasure. I withdrew my hand and with a sharp tug from behind ripped her panties from under her and placed them in the briefcase. I removed the two remote control balls from the briefcase and pushed them inside her now dripping delight placing a kiss behind her ear as I forced the second one in. Next the conical glass pug was removed and lubed and placed between her parted cheeks.

Standing her back upright, I faced her towards me. There was a tear in her right eye but a flushed pleasurable look on her face. I removed and offered my handkerchief which was accepted. I made sure the we were both presentable then left the bathroom undetected and stilled out of the lobby towards the taxi rank. My right arm around her waist and my left on the remote control I posed the question. 'Are you going to disobey again?'. Silence again. I gave a long sharp press on the trigger of the remote. I felt her legs give slightly and caught her again. There was a look as if to say sorry and 'No sir' passed from her lips.

We took the long taxi ride towards the outskirts of the city occasionally triggering the pleasure balls which in turn triggered a whimper. Eventually we reached what once was a small farm. With the driver paid I took her up the dark lane way and up passed the house that I had rented. I opened the gate into the field and tied her hands behind her back and onto the gate. Kneeling down to remove her shoes I pressed her button once more. I removed her blouse and skirt to reveal her figure. I turned and laid my clothes over the gate then returned to her releasing her from the gate. Grabbing her mouth from behind, I moved my hand across her bare backside in four sharp swift motions. I could here the muffled scream vibrate through my palm. Returning to her face I growled. 'Now it's time to run....'

She sprinted across the field for the first 10 to 15 strides when I realised I could no longer contain myself. I darted after her and pounced from behind, rolling and struggling briefly until I managed to pin her down, face down with her arms behind her.

'Pleeease!' Was whimpered from her mouth, half begging and half longing.

I knelt above her backside, parting her legs and returning my fingers to her dripping crotch. Two, then Three, then Four, probing inside her while she squirmed on the floor knocking one of the balls out of her. Removing my hands, I flipped her onto her back and climbed between her legs, my beard rustling against her clot as my tongue entered her. I turned my body towards her and forced my cock into her mouth. Her simultaneously taking all of me in while I pounded her with my tongue. I could feel her legs trembling and myself getting closer so I removed my now throbbing cock from her mouth.

Returning her face down, I forced myself into her now quivering pussy. Lying down on top of her grasping her hair and growling into her ear. I felt her trembling around my cock as my final groans and pleasure release came inside her. We collapsed together in exhaustion and release. I caressed her and held her close as we lay in embrace in the field. The sun began to rise and I carried my maiden to the little cottage on the edge of the field.

The wolf had been released.