Written by Tony

14 Jun 2010

I was lucky enough to find again (after 12 years apart) the woman that i knew was the love of my life. We had both moved on after splitting and now we both live with other partners - but desperately want to be together but circumstance is keeping us apart at the moment. As we both live at opposite ends of the country it's quite hard to see each other but every once in a while we do manage to and we have (we BOTH AGREE) the best sex we've ever had. We click in many areas but in the bedroom we are made for each other - we both know EXACTLY what the other wants and how to deliver it. What i tell you now is such a time and it involves one of her fantasies of being fucked and used like a whore.

We met while we were both working away from home - she still lives in that area and i still have friends there and arranged a cover story with my current missus that i was off to visit them for a few days. Once i'd arrived there she met me and we spent the next three days or so shacked up in a hotel together. On the Saturday afternoon of our stay she had been out to see a sick friend and the plan was to meet up back at the hotel for 6.30. I'd had a drink with my friends and was just out of the bath when she came in through the door. I was just chilling lying on the bed when she walked in and she took one look at me and told me just how gorgeous i looked, as she said it she started to remove her blouse, bra, jeans, boots and finally her knicks until she was as naked as me. As she had undressed she had been staring at me stroking my cock and it was really, really firm by now. She climbed onto the bed and lay on top of me and began to kiss me hard before stopping to whisper softly in my ear.

'I want your cock, fuck me baby',

I told her she could have it BUT she would HAVE to earn it & that i wasn't giving it to any old tart, i told her i was saving it for a woman who knew how to fuck and how to please her sexy man PROPERLY. She begged me for it so i reversed positions and put her on her back and i positioned myself so that i was straddling her boobs. I took my cock in my hand and started to wank it really close to her face and asked her again was she sure, to which she nodded. I ran the tip of my finger through a puddle of pre cum that had formed at my slit and pushed my finger toward her mouth, as she parted her lips to receive it i pulled it away and instead pushed it into my mouth and licked it clean - closing my eyes and rolling my tongue over it as i did.

'Please baby, let me taste your juice' she said 'we've been out apart all day and i need it'. I told her that i wasn't wasting my juice on her when i could save it for a woman who was a MUCH BETTER shag and a MUCH DIRTIER woman than her. At this point she said to me that she'd do anything for me if i'd just let her have a suck of my cock. The look of desire and want in her eyes i'd never seen on her before and with that i took my cock in my hand and rested it at her lips. I signalled with my finger for her to look me in the directly in the eye and as she did i pushed my cock hard into her mouth. She seemed a bit shocked as i forced myself into her and soon i began to fuck her mouth with long, deep and hard strokes. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat at times and as i held her head i told her that she was in fact the dirtiest whore i'd met in a long time but that there was STILL NO WAY i was gonna stick my cock inside her. As i said that i pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her that THAT was all she was getting and that my full sacs were being saved for a woman who KNEW how to please a man.

She then got up off her back and onto her knees and told me that i could use her ANYWAY i wanted to, she told me that she would do anything just as long as she felt my cock inside her. I told her to get on her hands and knees and push her arse in my direction, this she did and i took up a position to the side of her and told her that if it was a whores fucking she wanted then that was what she would get and as i said the last word my hand crashed against her arse cheeks, she only has a small slendour arse and so it must have stung, i gave her a few more spanks - varying the intensity each time so that she never knew what was coming next - whether or not the next was gonna really sting or be gentle. By the time i'd finished her arse cheeks were red and very sore looking, i rubbed the palm of my hand over them gently to soothe them and moved behind her and i began to rub the tip of my cock all over her raw cheeks, my dick was oozing pre cum by now and i wiped this over her arse before using the head of my stiff cock to smear it all in.

I then took position directly behind her and pulled her legs apart, quite rough and with no finesse. I pushed my finger up toward her hole and i just planned to touch her slit but she was SO WET that my finger was literally 'sucked in' and swallowed. She moaned as i entered her and i told her that as she'd been a good slut and took her punishment without too much whimpering she would get what she wanted but that i was only using her as a place to empty my balls. I took the head of my cock and rested it at the lips and i very slowly pushed JUST the head in. I left the head inside when she commented something about wanting my full length inside her & to feel me really deep. With that i pulled my cock out of her and once more spanked her hard across her sore cheeks. As she moaned in pain i pushed her down onto her front and told her to turn over and as she did i fell on top of her and told her IN NO uncertain terms that I would be the one to decide just how much of it she got - if any at all - and that she was purely there to act as my spunk bucket. i then took my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down the length of her slit, i could feel the juice from her pussy oozing over the head and i knew that she was really wanting my cock inside her and so i positioned myself and just pushed my full length fully into her, i think it must have hurt a little judging by the look on her face but i was now fully inside her, i looked her in the eyes and told her that she was indeed a dirty slut, that she had given herself to me and to do with as i pleased. I took hold of her ankles and held them wide apart so that i could get a better view and also watch my cock slide in and out of her tight, wet, shaved pussy. As i fucked her i told her that when i was ready to cum i would do so in a place of MY choosing and that she had no say whatsoever where that would be. All of this talk was getting her so turned on and she literally came within 2-3 minutes with quite a loud moan, i wasn't far behind her and i continued to fuck her hard and when i felt my balls lock i pulled my cock out of her sloppy, soaking hole, moved up her body and with my cock in hand i pushed it between her lips and into her mouth and i emptied my load there and then - there was even a little left over as i pulled out and this ended up landing on her chin and neck. I asked her to open her mouth and show me what i'd left inside, she did this and i could see a nice, white puddle formed on her tongue and i asked her did she REALLY want to prove to me just how much she wanted to be my whore by eating the lot. She nodded (indicating that she did) and as she did i wrapped my hand around her throat - allowing me to feel my spunk flowing down into her stomach as she swallowed. When her throat finished moving i asked her to open wide - to show me that she had done what i wanted - and i was not disappointed - her mouth was empty although her tongue had a shiny, 'coated' look to it.

After that i fell on top of her and told her that i loved her, she said that the experience had been fuckin amazing and that at one point she was convinced i WAS NOT gonna give her my cock and she thanked me for living out one of her fantasies.

We both showered again and then headed out for an indian meal and returned later on for what was to be one of (although i didn't know it at the time) THE MOST amazing, and sexual experience of MY time with her.