Written by Andy

19 Aug 2014

I'd been out for a ride on my touring motorbike on a warm Saturday evening, about 9 weeks ago, during the good weather. It was just getting dark, I was thirsty, needed a dump and decided to call in for a pint, at the pub on the other side of town, where my wife Lisa works part time to supplement her teachers pay. She wasn't working that evening, but there'd probably be someone there I knew. I want in through the back entrance straight into the bogs without seeing anyone. I was sat in a cubicle having a leisurely shit when the outer door open and two guys came in talking. I recognised their voices, Rob and Jason a couple of lads in their twenties. They continued their conversation at the urinal, unaware of my presence. “You coming dogging tonight” Rob asked. My ears instantly pricked up. “Dun know. Who's going?” Jason asked. Rob reeled of two or three other guys names. “What about tarts?” He wanted to know. “Dave's, Sue and Lisa is going again. She's getting dropped here after closing and going with them in their car” Rob told him. That got my attention.“Which Lisa?” Jason wanted to know. I gave a silent sigh, it must be a different one. “The one with the big tits who works behind the bar, usually Thursday and Friday nights. Half the regulars have shagged her, I've fucked her, she's real a dirty Slut. You should see what she does with the pool balls or a beer bottle. Her old man hasn't a clue what she gets up to” he replied.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Those were the nights she worked. I sat in silence as they finished, only barely registering where they were going to go dogging. I must have sat there for another 10 or 15 minutes, mind in turmoil wondering what to do. She was supposed to be out with friends and staying the night with them. The sensible and logical thing to have done would have been to either ring her or go into the bar, get my pint let myself be seen by Dave and Sue who would almost certainly warn her I was there. However there was a part of me which had often fantasised about seeing her being fucked. I actually tentatively suggested swinging a few years ago but she hadn't seemed interested. The more I thought about it my initial disbelief turned to excitement. I checked the time, about 45 minutes to closing. I put my helmet back on, in case anyone saw me, slipped out into the car park. I moved my motorbike behind two large recycling skips in the car park opposite. I kept my helmet on, leaving the helmet camera recording and sat looking between them, certain that in my black leathers I was virtually invisible.

It was dark by the time people began to leave. I moved into the gap between the skips to see more clearly. Through the window I could see Dave talking to Rob. About quarter past eleven a car pulled into the car park and stopped. The passenger door opened and Lisa swung her legs out. I wasn't actually sure it was her for a few seconds until I realised she was wearing a blonde wig, a sensible precaution given her profession. I saw what she was wearing, removing any last vestiges of doubt that they'd been talking about my wife. A very short, red leather miniskirt, patent red shoes with towering “fuck me” heels, a white net vest top, the sides of her braless tits visible through the loose arm openings. All items I'd bought, which she had worn to play in the house or bedroom, when we first married, and wasn't aware she still had. She climbed out and before closing the car door bent over to speak to the driver. The back of the skirt rose up, revealing the backs of her smooth shapely thighs and uncovering her bum, exposing her naked buttocks. If she was wearing anything under the skirt it could only have been a string and the elastic had disappeared between her cheeks. I heard her thank the female driver, then she turned, her tits barely covered, her large dark nipples visible through the net top.

Lisa is in her early thirties, has a voluptuous, fuller 40DD – 32 – 40, figure. 5' 7” tall, with curves in all the right places, nice legs, her tits are entirely natural and though large, are firm and round, tipped by big suckable nipples. I suppose some peoples idea of a typical barmaid. Standing under the lamp-post she looked more like a prostitute touting for business. She got her phone, from her bag, dialled a number, lifted it to her ear, in doing so one of her tits, slipped out from the side of the vest top, completely uncovered. She either didn't notice or didn't care, chatting on the phone, next to the road, with traffic passing, her breast exposed. For once I was thankful we live over twenty miles from where she teaches.

She ended the call, a couple of minutes later Sue and Dave came out with Rob and Jason. Sue is about 40, a not dissimilar figure to Lisa, was wearing a tight mini shirt dress, nowhere near as Lisa's but with several buttons unfastened revealing a lot of leg. Sue is loud and rude. As soon as she saw Lisa, she shouted “For fuck sake put your tits away you Slut” Lisa laughed but ignored her, instead cupping it giving it a squeeze, then pulling and bunching the material between her tits, exposing them both. Rob and Jason walked towards their car. Lisa, her naked tits jiggling, long nipples poking out erect, walked in my direction, between Sue and Dave. I kept still in the deep shadow, not daring to move, even to adjust my erection which was becoming uncomfortable trapped in my shorts all I had on under my leathers.

They were about 15 yards from me. “Did you remember to shave your pussy this time?” Dave asked, grabbing Lisa's skirt, lifting the front revealing she was naked underneath. She giggled as he copped a feel of her pussy, commenting that it felt nice and smooth. “I bet your Andy likes your cunt shaved” he said. She laughed and told him that unless there was a BMW motorbike parked between her legs I probably wouldn't notice. I had noticed, liked it, and was sure I'd said so. He laughed and said something about when I fucked her. She said that hardly ever happened. I was thinking, lying bitch we fuck once or twice a week and you cum, while she continued talking. “When we do fuck I never cum and have to fake it. There'll be no need to tonight if as many turn up and fuck me as last time” “Don't worry on that count. I've texted about 15 guys and invited some others, they're bound to bring more. There'll be plenty for both of you” he assured her. She giggled as they got in Dave's car and Sue reminded her that thirteen guys had fucked her last time, laughingly calling her a Slut for wanting even more.

They drove off, Rob and Jason followed. I started my bike, rode to the entrance following at a distance. I knew roughly where they were headed and didn't close up until about 30 minutes later when they turned off the main road. It was a winding country road, woods on both sides, and they were out of my sight much of the time. I came around a corner, onto a long straight and there was no sign of them. I should have been able to see them. I stopped and turned around looking for a turning. I would likely have missed it if another car hadn't turned onto the track about 200 yards in front of me. I sped up, followed them along the track, slowed as they went around a bend and I could see light glowing through the trees.

I parked my bike off the track behind some trees, pushed my visor up and crept the rest of the way to the edge of a clearing. There were two or three parked cars. In the nearest there was a woman of about fifty, wearing nothing but a basque and stockings. She was bent over, hands on the back seat, sucking a blokes cock, her big saggy tits swinging as a guy fucked her from behind, being watched by about half a dozen men. I looked beyond them, trying to spot Dave's car. I could see shadows and shapes, people looking into a couple of cars with the inside lights on. Their was a Transit van obscuring my view, I could see lights beyond it and moved to the back of it. There were the another seven or eight cars, two with their headlights on. Illuminated by the beams were about twenty guys and Lisa and Sue.

Sue was crouching, dress undone, tits exposed, legs open with her panties around one ankle, fingering herself, being watched by about half the guys as she sucked two cocks. Of more interest to me was Lisa. She was naked except for her shoes, the vest was nowhere to be seen, her skirt was on the bonnet of Dave's car which she was sitting on. A loose semi circle of men were watching her suggestively suck a penis shaped vibrator, there bodies hiding what else she was doing. I needed to be closer, moved around the back of the Transit. It was hot, in the helmet, but I wanted to keep recording so kept it on. I approached from behind the cars with the lights on, standing next to them, behind the headlights. I was certain the bright lights would dazzle anyone who looked towards me and even better give plenty of light to video my wife being fucked.

I was as close as I could get, less than 10 yards, watching my wife perform sex acts on herself in front of a group of strangers. She'd stopped sucking the vibrator, turned it on and was using it on her nipples. Her legs were spread wide, her cunt wet and open. She started to stroke between her legs, pulling back her clitoral hood, uncovering her large distended clitoris. She pinched it between her finger and thumb and lewdly began to wank it like a mini prick. I could see how aroused she was, her nipples erect, a flush spreading over her belly, turning her tits pink. She slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt and began to masturbate, again using the vibrator on her nipples.

I glanced at the guys watching her, most had their cocks out wanking. I can't say I blame them, my cock was hard too. I was hot in the leathers, unzipped them. I was only wearing shorts underneath, I pushed them down, got my cock out and began to wank, the seed of an plan forming. I didn't think she was far from cumming, she ran the vibrator down her body and held it firmly against her clit. I heard her gasp and call the guys closer, telling two to suck her nipples. She pulled her fingers from her pussy, handed the vibrator to another guy, telling him to fuck her with it. She lay back, hands above her head, holding the edge of the bonnet as between them the three guys brought her to orgasm.

Nicely warmed and juiced up, she sat back up and asked who wanted to fuck her first. The guy who used the vibrator on her was in prime position, already hard and between her legs. He bent down, grabbed her ankles, dragged her down the bonnet and virtually straight on to his cock. His arse was in the way, but I had no doubt he'd penetrated her, was fucking her and from the noises she was making she was enjoying it. He fucked her for several minutes before his bum cheeks clenched and he came inside her. He moved away, spunk dripped from her hole onto the bonnet. Another guy stepped between her legs, she sat up, took hold of his cock and guided it into her cunt. She hung onto his neck, her legs scissored around him as he fucked her hard until he too came.

She hopped off the car after he'd had her, asking if anyone wanted a blow job. She crouched down, legs apart, in front of a couple of young guys who looked about 18 years old. She started to suck them both off. She sucked one for about 30 seconds before switching to the other, going back and fore between them. A third guy knelt next to her, put his hand between her legs from behind and began finger fucking her. She gave an appreciative moan and began sucking the two young guys cocks harder and faster, holding and massaging their balls. They did surprisingly well considering what she was doing, both cumming in her mouth after only two or three minutes of oral. They seemed happy, listening to them afterwards it was the first time either had had their cocks sucked.

She stood up, licking spunk from her lips, hands on her hips, arrogantly flaunting her naked body in front of them. “Come on. I haven't come all this way just to be fucked twice” she challenged. “There are plenty of condoms and lube in my bag if anyone fancies Anal” she told them. She told me I was a pervert when I suggested trying Anal Sex about 3years ago. Another part of my plan clicked into place. There were three takers who she handed condoms to, telling them they could arse fuck her last, once she'd been fucked by all the others who wanted her pussy.

The number of men and at least one women watching ebbed and flowed. I suppose some of the guys had already fucked one of the other women or Sue and were spent or perhaps just preferred to watch. She was insatiable, looking around, offering herself to anyone who wanted to fuck her. Virtually the only interruption was when she announced she needed to urinate. Even that wasn't private. She squatted, leaning back, one hand on the ground and pissed on front of everybody, arching a stream of golden piss, from her piss hole, gleefully spraying it from side to side.

Another eight guys fucked her afterwards, including Rob, Jason and a couple of guys I recognised from the pub. As she'd earlier boasted she would, she had climaxed several times. She sucked off two more men before a new arrival stepped forward and asked if he could fuck her. The surprise would have been if she'd said no. Her eyes filled with lust when she saw the size of his cock. She got him to lie on the grass and mounted him, facing everybody. She leant back, he held and fondled her tits, whilst she rode him. I got my first clear view of her with a cock in her cunt, being fucked and almost came when they did.

It was a warm evening and she was covered in a sheen of perspiration from her sexual exertions, which made her look even hornier. Her eyes searched the crowd and spotted one of the 18 year olds she'd sucked earlier, was hard. He fucked her doggy, whilst she gave a guy of about sixty a blow job. Second time round the young lad held back much longer, and succeeded in making her cum, before he too deposited his spunk to the mixture in her personal sperm bank. Whilst she was in mid orgasm the old guy grunted he was cumming, pulled out of her mouth, wanking his large cock fast and ejaculated spectacularly on her face. She stood up, his spunk in her hair, running down her face, dripping from her chin onto her heaving tits. She seemed to sense that those who wanted to fuck her, had and looked around for the guys with the condoms.

She stood in front of, I suppose, twenty five people, spunk on her body, more running down her legs. Leaning back against the front of the car, she parted her legs, reached down and took hold of her labia. Unabashedly she pulled her pussy open, wantonly displaying inside of her her cum drenched cunt. Spunk poured from her hole, forming a string stretching from her cunt, swinging between her legs until it almost touched the ground, until it snapped and splashed on the grass. She stuck her fingers in, coated them in spunk, smearing more cum on her body. She scooped more spunk from her cunt, wiped the cum running down her face onto her fingers and massaged it onto her tits, lasciviously licking them clean when she finished.

She reached for her bag and took out a tube of anal lube and held it up to show everyone. Shamelessly she bent over, spread her legs, reached between them, inserted the tip of the tube into her anus and squirted lube up her arse. She put a dab of lube on two fingers, spread it around her bum hole, then slowly eased both fingers into her back passage. She turned and twisted them in, up to her knuckles, using them to stretch her anus open. It was obvious these were acts she'd performed many times before. I wondered how many times she'd been out dogging, recalling the number of times she'd supposedly been staying with friends. How many men had fucked her publicly and elsewhere and how many cocks had she'd taken in her arse? From the performance so far I guessed that it must me a lot, making a mental note to ask her later.

It took her several minutes to prepare, but at last she seem satisfied and ready to be arse fucked. A guy with an average sized cock rolled the condom onto his shaft as he got behind her. She bent over, rested the top of her body on the front of the car, reaching behind spreading her buttocks, holding them apart, revealing her tight puckered hole again. The guy pressed his cock to her tight hole and started to push. I could hear her muttering instructions, telling him to use his fingers to help prise her anus open. I couldn't see what happened but it worked, she gave a low, animal like groan, as he slowly slid his cock up her arse until his pubis was touching her bum. “It's in. Fuck me” she sighed breathlessly.

He fucked her arse, slowly at first, poured more lube onto her arse and his cock, then fucked her harder, drilling his cock in and out like a piston. He came, pulled out, rolled the condom off his cock, triumphantly holding up the shit flecked, spunk filled sheath. He got a cheer before everyones attention turned back to Lisa who the second guy was arse fucking, and Sue who had moved next to her and was masturbating.

I needed to be ready. I hadn't needed to wank to keep hard, I pulled the zip right down the front of my leathers, loosened top, started to stroke my cock. The guy fucking her finished, the third moved into place and slid his cock into her gaping anus. Helmet on or off. On I decided. The guy was fucking her faster, grunting he was going to cum, she had an arm underneath, obviously frigging her clit. I moved from behind the headlights. Sue who was wiping her pussy with a wad of tissues, looked in my direction but didn't react. By the time the guy was thrusting into Lisa's arse and cumming I was behind him, stroking my cock ready to fuck her. She climaxed just as he pulled out and I moved in.

“You'll need a condom if you're going to arse fuck her” Sue called out. I ignored her, spread Lisa cheeks roughly, pressed my rampant cock against her gaping, slippery arse hole and rammed it in hard. “Lisa. He's not wearing a condom” Sue told her urgently she didn't seem bothered. I removed my hands from her bum, pulled the helmet from my head. The look of horror on Sue's face was a picture as it dawned on her who I was. “I don't think a husband needs one to arse fuck his Slut of a wife” I replied, handing her the helmet. Lisa's head shot around, looking over her shoulder, eyes wide open in surprise. “Oh Fuck” she gasped. I let her panic for several seconds, before smiling at her. “I've been wanting to do this for ages” I told her, beginning to move my cock in and out. She smiled back uncertainly, a look of relief on her face. “I'm sorry” she whispered. “I'm not” I replied, fucking her arse faster. She wriggled her arm back under her, fingers finding her clit. She kept her head turned, eyes on mine, pushing her bum back, taking my cock deep in her arse. I felt her shudder, and gasp, as she came. I held back as long as I could before ejaculating into her dirt box.

I pulled out, watched my spunk dribble from her arse as it closed before letting her get up. I told her it was time we left. She grabbed her skirt off the bonnet. I took it off her and took my Helmet from Sue. I could hear some of the guys wondering what had happened, others who'd overheard, saying what a “Lucky fucker” I was. I had to agree.

She hooked her arm through mine, teetering on the heels as I walked her to where I'd left my bike. I unlocked her helmet and gave it to her, dropped her skirt into one of the side boxes. She grinned at me and asked if I intended to take her home on the bike naked. I pretended to look around “I'll have to you don't seem to have any clothes” I grinned back. She pulled her wig off, and pushed it inside my leathers, put her helmet on and climbed on the bike, with her arms around me, inside my leathers. It had to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting rides. Going through the lanes, riding through the practically deserted town at about two in the morning, with Lisa on the back of the bike completely naked, playing with my cock, turned us both on. I fucked her in the garage, bent over the bike before we went inside the house.

After we'd showered we had a long chat. I won't bore you with all the details other than to tell you she told me she'd been dogging at least a dozen times in the previous eighteen months and had probably been fucked by about a hundred men. After the first time she enjoyed it so much she found it was addictive and didn't want to stop. Apart from the very first time she had worn one of several different coloured wigs, borrowed off Sue to disguise her appearance. It was partly my fault because she felt, ignored and neglected because I spent so much time with my bike and going out with my mates. We've been fucking like newly weds since and to my relief she admitted that it had only been banter when she said I didn't make her orgasm.

My discovery is the best thing that's ever happened. I've stayed behind late at the pub and seen her performing her “party tricks” with pool balls on the pool table and bottle and can insertions. I've taken her, or maybe that should be, she's taken me, dogging four times since and I can see her point about it being addictive. The only thing that's being neglected now is my motorbike, not Lisa. Though we did use the bike last time we went dogging. Imagine the sight of her sitting astride the bike, wearing a miniskirt and no panties, if you can.

The video footage was a bit disappointing because of the number of times people moved in front of me but I did get a few good clips of her being fucked.