Written by Xopher

19 Jul 2010

We hadn’t seen each other for a few months and the weather was getting better so we arranged some time off work for a Tuesday as usual. Tuesdays seemed to suit us both as we both had to travel nearly 80 miles to meet and we both had good excuses if we got back home late. Mine was that I’d worked late before going to the gym.

We arrived within 10 minutes of each other at the motorway services, she arrived at 09:45 wearing a summery cotton knee length dress with a small flower print. On top of the dress she wore a short but warm jacket. It was still only late Spring and could get breezy and cold when you were out of the sun and I intended to get out of the sun as soon as possible !!

We visited the loos at the services and then decided to take my car for the short drive to the local woods. Her car could be left for two hours which gave us plenty of time to get back and into the nearest hotel which was booked for 12:00 as usual. It was well worth the extra £10 for an early check-in. We arrived at the car park in the woods where there was a full film crew. This could be awkward, having a film crew around the woods could make things impossible. She changed into a pair of walking shoes and we put her bag into the boot of the car along with my two rucksacks that I’d prepared earlier that day, before wandering off. I marked the position of the car on my Smartphone as we’d got completely lost in these woods a year earlier. Technology s uses.

We strolled down the woods past a point where we’d witnessed a couple having sex in a car last year, there was a film props van parked there now. Things weren’t looking good for a quick outdoor fondle but we pressed on ahead admiring the wildlife and listening to the birdsong. He lives near a city and doesn’t get to witness sights and sounds like this as often as I do. Eventually the track narrowed and the only people we came across were the occasional dog walkers and cyclists. This was when she unzipped her jacket and bold as brass announced that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I looked around to make sure we weren’t being followed and that no-one was ahead and reached over to take out her left breast, I stopped in the middle of the track and started sucking on her nipple before reaching up under her dress and sliding a finger into her wet pussy. She was as horny as hell and so was I. I would have fucked her there and then but she insisted that we walked ahead. We walked to a split in the track and took a narrower mountain bike trail that was overgrown and full of manmade obstacles for the mountain bikers.

At the end of the trail was a dry stone wall with a gate surrounding a field. We stopped and picked our way about 20 feet into the undergrowth where we started kissing and getting frisky. I took off her jacket and mine and took her breasts out of her dress as I nibbled her neck and worked my way down to her nipples. My cock was rock hard as she took it out of my trousers and went down on me. There was always a danger that a cyclist would ride by or some off the beaten trail walkers, this made it all the more erotic. She’s always wanted to be watched as she has sex. We sucked and masturbated each other into a frenzy but she refused to allow me to penetrate her with my cock, saying that I had to save myself for later. I took a series of photos of us on my phone and resisted the urge to turn her around and fuck her against the tree. I knew that it would spoil what I had planned for later.

We eventually dressed and picked our way back through the undergrowth and back onto the main trail where we surprised a pair of dog-walkers who gave us a knowing smile as they walked on ahead of us.

We reached the car and decided to drive back to the services to pick up her car before she exceeded her two hour limit. It was too early to go to the Hotel so we drove to a nearby pub where we parked up and went in for a coffee and a soft drink. We sat in a secluded corner where we discussed our fantasies and retold stories of our exploits with each other and with other partners that we’d had in our lives. As a dare I removed her breasts from her dress again and took more photos, she refused t allow me to finger her or take her into the toilets. I was so horny that I would have fucked her in the pub and risked getting caught.

At 12:15 we finished our drinks and walked to the cars and took out our bags. She had her holdall, which I knew would contain her camera and a small selection of sex toys. She had no idea what was in my two bags, I usually only took one.

We booked into the room with our usual guilty looks as the receptionist asked us if we wanted to book breakfast. She must have known that we would be long gone before the sun went down. The room was the usual that you’d expect for a Motorway hotel, it had a bed, a settee and a shower. That’s all that mattered. We set about our business of undressing each other as we lovingly kissed and aroused each other.

Now it was my turn to bring out my surprises. She had fantasised many times about being tied up and also loved having ice rubbed into her nipples and clit. I told her to close her eyes as I opened my rucksack and took out a thick black woollen scarf and tied it around her head and over her eyes. I then took out the length of rope that I had bought a few weeks earlier. I’d been researching bondage on the Internet and quickly tied her loosely with her hands at her sides. The ropes criss-crossed her torso accentuating her hips and breasts. I gently parted her legs and placed an old towel from my bag onto the floor between her legs. Then I took the pack of frozen ice lollies from the coolbag I’d bought that morning and proceeded to masturbate her with them. The heat of her pussy quickly melted them one by one as the sticky, fruity juices ran down her inner thighs. I would occasionally lick her freezing clit to taste the mixture. I then took a bag of ice cubes from my rucksack. A bit of overkill as there was about two litres of the things in there and I only needed about six to get her nipples hard and her pussy clean, wet and ready for the next stage.

The cucumber was quite large as I gently pushed it into her pussy. She stood there bound and blind as I had my wicked way with her. In retrospect, the cucumber wasn’t such a good idea. The ice had made her lubrication disappear and so I gently lowered her to her knees and opened her eager mouth. She knew what was next as I put my cock into her mouth and pumped it slowly into her as I took more pictures. She wanted to grab it but was still tied up. I really needed to penetrate her now and untied her, as the chances of getting her onto the bed without making her fall were impossible. I undid the blindfold as she breathed a sigh of ecstasy. She said that she had never felt so horny in her life as she did being blind and helpless.

The rest of the afternoon was spent indulging in our usual story telling, fantasies, masturbating, fucking, screwing and making love. At 16:30 we showered, dressed and left the hotel to drive back to our respective homes and our non existent sex lives. Until next time…. But that’s another story.