Written by Peter

20 Jun 2009

I've been reading the stories on this site for quite a while, and after reading both Christine's and Fanny's, I asked my wife Sue if I could post our story on this site.

Sue and I first met 8 years ago under very sad and difficult times because both our partners were dying in the same Hospice and over a six month period we would comfort each other, during that time our partners became friends as well and when there know visitors around they would talk to each other. Then on 17th October 2002 my wife Jane died, myself and our 2 grown up boys were by her side. unbeknown to us just 10 minutes later Sue's husband John died.

Our 2 families kept in touch over next few weeks as we all came to terms with our loss. After about six months I ask Sue if she would have dinner with me, she accepted and I cooked a nice meal (that's my opinion). We had few drinks and I got her taxi home.

The following day she phoned me to say thank you and wanted to return the compliment which I accepted, but she would not be cooking. She knew I enjoyed walking, has my late wife and I were members of the local rambling club. So that Sunday in April Sue picked me up and we ended up at Youlgrave Derbyshire and set off on and circular walk around Lathkill Dale. Whilst we walking she got her late husband John's ashers out and emptied them around a seat and said this was our favourite place in all the world. I put my arm around to comfort her, and Sue looked at the ashes as they blow around and said now is the time to continue with rest of my life and started crying.

We continued walking and completed the 6.5 mile walk and went to pub for a meal which Sue paid, we talked and talked and cried and cried.

We got into the car to come home and as we approached Derby Sue pulled into Markeaton Park a large public area with something for ever one. She got out car and said we will have walk around here, Over the past few months there were times when we had had a laugh, but Sue was smiling and it was a real smile not forced her smile made me fell happy, and happier then for a about 3 years when wife first took ill.

We walked around the park and Sue then started run come on she said come on Pete, we were both in our late 40s we trying to run like kids, she ran into wooded area and hide behind a tree as I approached she jumped out laughing, she pushed me against the tree and said kiss me, which I did we kissed and it was the biggest kiss I had for years, we came together again but this time she put her hand on my cock though my trousers, it soon got rock hard, she looked around and then took my cock out and started to suck it, it was not long before I was chucking my load and she swallowed the lot, she said it's 2 years since tasted spunk it's great.

We got back to Sue's house and over a cup off coffee we talked about what had just done all the time Sue was smiling she was happy, I was not sure if was I really ready, Sue soon made the decision for me and took my hand and lead to her bedroom were made love. I woke up the following morning and rang in sick at work, Sue did the same and we made love again and again.

We got married a year later April 2004 with my two sons and Sue's son and daughters blessing and we think that Jane and John would approve. We go the Markeaton Park every April, sometimes I get lucky and get a blow job, but every time we go we go, it's always with a smile.

Sue and I go to Lathkill Dale at least once a year Sue to talk to John, and Sue comes with me and my sons to were Jane's ashes are scatted also in the Derbyshire Dales.

For Sue and I there was life after death.

Sorry there is know seedy end to the story and there is no follow up.