Written by Mark

14 Aug 2014

I dropped my wife off outside the pub and drove round the corner to the car park there was spaces but a car was going at the back of the car par so I waited for them to leave

I parked where they had been it was pretty dark on that end but one street light high up gave light over a wall that came into the car I looked behind me into the back that was fine all I need to do was take the front head rests off and it would light the back up

Our people career had dark windows at the back I had aven taken some seats out, so its was ready I got out the wall gave a shadow with light coming over the top so it was fine

By he time I got in the pub Sue the wife had been in there twenty minuets or so, the place was full they had music on, I looked round to find her and there was a woman with short skirt by the bar already chatting to two blokes that's Sue

What I needed to do was get as close as possible, the blokes wouldn't have a clew she was my wife, it took a bit of doing but I manged to get next to them, She was getting there best chat up lines, one of them said so what is a good looking woman do out by herself where is her husband, she said how do you know if I am married, he said the ring, she laughed and said that don't mean any thing

Sue started flirting with them after that so I knew she fancied one or maybe both of them

I would say they would be no more than early twenties at most and Sue is thirty six

I was trying to figure out which one it would be at first I thought it be the one she let him have a feel of her bum, but later the other did the same, I still had one important thing to do tell Sue where the car was parked, she been looking at me a few times as this was going on, the next time she looked I mouthed loo,a little while later I heard her say I need the lo, so off I go, then she came along we didn't have long I asked is it on she said I think so, I said parked in far corner on the left and walked away

I went back by the lads in time to hear one say I bet that is a goer they had a debate which one should try there hand, no joke maybe she do both of us, he didn't know how true that maybe, my wife came back it was soon obvious which one it was going to be the taller one, with in a few minuets he had a grope of a tit with out going into all what was said it finished with Sue telling him her car is outside

I went outside and had a fag, I had not been there long and they come out walked by me Sue never looked at me, I fallowed with then ahead the lights flashed on the car, they got in the back, I made my way down by the wall in the dark till I was in front of our car

It couldn't be better the light is high above putting me in shadow but its lights most of the inside of the car,there they are having a snog, he soon find out she had no bra or knickers, I like doing this we have not done it for a long time we usually meet blokes off the net and I am right beside then in our bedroom, this is exciting in a different way I can see Sue is going down on him I wonder if his well hung, it not like the net where she picks a stud that you know has a big cock, here you take a chance, the boy is keen his between her legs,his away I can see him moving my wife's getting what she wants I think I should say needs

Jesus that lad is going I reach out put my hand on the car its shaking, she likes a good hard shag but also likes it to last and this lad will not be going long like that, I think I am right going by the way his jerking his spunking her now, I wait its not long the light comes on the door open and he gets out,I watch him go across the car park and I open the door

There is my wife legs open with some tissues wiping the lad spunk off her pussy, I asked what was he like she bloody quick he almost cum in my mouth, I asked was he s big one then she said no not at all, I said what now you going to try the other one or find a new one or we can go home, she said I try the the other one, lets hope he want to after his mate if not I go for that dark guy in there may as well make the most of it after come hear I go back in the pub both the lads are no wear to be seen

In comes Sue she looks round and then at me I shrugged, I keep my eye on her she got over to the dark looking guy, his chatting to some teenage girl about nineteen I guess he be about thirty, so I wondered how Sue would go about this

Well it didn't take long she was soon talking to him, now I would say he would be a different kettle of fish, it looked like once they had spoken he had the idea what she was after, a length of black cock, with in half an hour its looked like she would be getting it

As before I went outside and waited sure enough out they came passing me to the car they got in, I went back to my place to watch

They where kissing by the time I got there, this one was in no rush,he got Sue's top off then the skirt,he wanted her naked she looked very white,there was lots of moving about in there, then I made out he was getting a blow job,it was going on a lot longer than last time, as I said I tool the seats out there is only the back seats so lots of room for shagging, I was about to see it used, my wife ended you almost between the front seats holding on to them on her knees he was behind her,the light was on her face, I guess he went into her her mouth opened then she gritted teeth almost then I am sure she squeaked

She got his black meat, he started to fuck her hard then slow then hard, his good and it went on and on, the car rocked as he fucked he keep going a bloody long time and when he did cum he must of taken it out he pulled her round and sat back in the seat it was obvious what he mad her do she was sucking his cock cleaning it for him

After they dressed they still sat in there for some time talking before he got out, he shocked me by standing there and saying your wife's in there thanks, and walked off

I then opened the door to find my wife still half dressed, I said he knew I was out there she smiled saying yes I told him, she said its your turn now, I did have a hard on

As I got it out and moved closer she said no you know what you do first as she opened her legs, I went down on a vert and well used cunt she was full he given her one of the biggest loads I think I had known, I got most of it but it was all over my face

I then slipped my cock into a really stretched and very loose pussy I said how big was he Sue jest said huge with my cock going in and out even more spunk came down I soon added some more to his

When it was over Sue said that was most likely the longest and fastest cock she had and my wife had a few big ones in her time, I asked if she wanted to go home she said yes

On the way home I said you got lucky in the end its a pity you didn't get his phone number she laughed and said don't worry I have that is what we where talking about he wants to know if I do a threesome with his girlfriend I told him I would but it have to be at ours so you could watch and I told him you where outside watching now so I will give him a call later and we can have them over oh he asked if you where a cuckold husband I asked what she told him she laughed and said what do you think