Written by Carolsearching

20 Mar 2012

I related how we got started on our threesomes, and mentioned our holidays, so it’s only fair to relate how things then went further.

We’ve always selected hotels where there are lots of young people and we’ve noticed that although there are some young couples there are a lot of groups of guys but fewer groups of girls. It was on the first trip abroad after our initiation into threesomes that things got out of hand one night. We’d got through a couple of bottles of wine at our evening meal, and when we went down to the bar we were both loosened up. We stayed at the bar and chatted with two or three couples who eventually drifted away and we were left standing next to a group of young guys who were holidaying together, and we joined in with their chat. Dave went to the loo and one of the guys came onto me in the nicest way but I had the feeling that he hadn’t noticed my wedding and engagement rings. When Dave came back, instead of coming up to me he joined the group of guys. I’d had a lot to drink when the guy I was talking to suggested that I go up to his room with him. I told him that I was with someone (again not mentioning that I was married), but suggested that he and some of his friends come up to have a drink with Dave and me. I remember thinking there was safety in number. I was even more reassured that one of the guys was with his girlfriend. The bar was due to close so the guys stocked up with booze and we all traipsed up to our room. Although our room was relatively large, it was crowded with Dave and me together with five guys one of whom was with his girlfriend who’d also come up. The girl and her boyfriend, my Dave sat in the chairs with me and the other four on the bed. I’d had a lot to drink but at the time I didn’t think I was all that drunk. When the guy next to me moved his hand up the inside of my thigh up my skirt I pushed it away, but he didn’t take it seriously doing it again. The third time I said to him “I’m married and my husband’s there looking at us”. The guy replied “He doesn’t seem to mind” and looking across the room I saw Dave staring at me with a grin on his face.

When the hand moved up my thigh again I didn’t remove it. He moved my briefs aside and was soon massaging my clitoris and moving his finger inside me. The guy on the other side pulled my straps of my shoulders, pulled the top of my dress down and started playing with a nipple. I looked across at Dave who was grinning still and he gave a little nod to me. I looked across at the guy with the girlfriend and saw that they were also looking fixedly at me and the guy had his hand up the girl’s skirt. Looking about, everyone was watching me and I found that it made me breathless. The guy who’d had his finger inside me pulled his trousers off, knelt between my legs spreading them then pushing my panties aside, pulled me up so that my thighs were on his legs and entered me. Soon, too soon and just as I was getting totally aroused he ejaculated inside me and pulled out, leaving me feeling frustrated. The guy who’d been playing with my breasts moved over to take over from the guy who’d just left me. When he hurt me inside I had to restrain him, pleading “gently, please be gentle” and he did, fucking me in slow strokes moving inside until I pressed his chest when he stroked out again. I knew it was coming but the intensity of the orgasm I had surprised me, but he pulled out then finger-fucked me working my g-spot until I came again, then he pushed inside me again fucking me until he too came inside my vagina. It was probably the booze I’d had but after that I don’t remember anything too clearly. Dave told me afterwards that all the guys fucked me including the guy with the girlfriend, and some had fucked me more than once. “How many times?” I asked. “A lot” he replied, “I wasn’t keeping count”. Dave told me later that after the last guy had finished and left, I just lay on the bed spread-eagled with my legs trembling for several minutes. “Why didn’t you stop them?” I asked the following day. “I asked you” he said, “several times but you always said no, or shook you head. You obviously knew what you were doing so I didn’t want to interfere”. “Well I didn’t know what I was doing. Or I don’t think I did” I said.

I woke the following morning, had a shower then went back to bed, sleeping until noon. After lunch we went down to the pool and I dozed fitfully. I was awoken by the girl who’d been in our room with her boyfriend who asked “Can I sit with you?” “Help yourself” I replied. After a long silence she asked “Can I ask you something, something personal?” “You can always ask” I said. She seemed to take some time, hesitating, before asking “What is it like?” “What is what like?” I replied already guessing where this was going. Dave was laying the other side of me with his eyes close but I knew he was listening. “You know” the girl said, “having sex with more than one man. Pete’s been asking me to let him bring one of his friends home to have sex with me”. “Don’t do it” I said. “Why not, you do?” she responded. “Look Emma, Dave and me have been married for more than two years, and been living together for three. We love each other, and we both enjoy what we do, at least in moderation, last night was an exception. You two are just a couple with no commitment, so it’s different for you”. Emma was quiet for a long time, but I had the feeling that there was more to come, and there was. “I’d like to try it, just the once, but not with one of his friends”. “I can understand that” I said, “but I’m not sure what you want me to say”. Again Emma was silent for some minutes, and I thought that the conversation had ended. “Would you let Dave fuck me with Pete” she blurted out, and then went on “Pete’s the only guy I’ve been with, but t he wants me to do this”. I glanced at Dave to see him propped up on one elbow all attention. “I’ll do it” he said. I sat up to look at Emma, “How old are you Emma?” I asked. “Eighteen” she replied. “You don’t look it” I commented. She was one of those girls who looked only fourteen. “I’ll show you my passport” she said, looking a little indignant. “I just don’t want his mates to know” she said. I turned to Dave and asked “Are you serious about fucking this infant?” “But I’m eighteen” protested Emma. Dave gave a grin and said “It would be my pleasure, and you can watch so there’s nothing different about t this”. I realised that he was right in that respect, but I didn’t feel too comfortable about it. I was silent for a while, aware that both Dave and Emma were watching me. “OK” I said, “but I want to see your passport first”. “Thanks” she said, I’ll tell Pete and trotted off. Five minutes later she came back thrusting her passport at me. I glanced at it and looked up at her, then at Pete who was now standing behind her and l said “You’re both sure about this, absolutely sure?” They both nodded. Pete said “It’ll have to be during the day because I don’t want my mates to find out”. “I should think not. After last night they might think that Emma is fair game” I assured him. “When?” I asked them. Tomorrow afternoon OK?” asked Pete. And it was so arranged. Two o’clock in our room, which would give everyone to have a shower first.

After they left I asked Dave “You’re looking forward to this aren’t you?”. “Just giving a service” he replied with a grin. “Be kind with her” I said, and Dave nodded. I’d remembered from the previous night that Dave had a much bigger cock than Pete had.

The following day, after lunch and a shower there was a knock on the door and Pete and Emma walked in, both looking nervous. “You’re both sure about this?” I asked and they replied “Yes” in unison. “What do I do” asked Emma. “Pete can undress you and I’ll undress Dave. Both had only T-shirts, shorts and underwear on, so they were quickly naked. Emma had her hands covering her pubic hair, looking apprehensive. Dave took her by the hand and laid her on the bed, then gently stroked her body as she lay there with her eyes shut. If I hadn’t seen her passport I would have sworn that she was only a child. She was small and slim and looked so very vulnerable. Dave pulled her legs apart and moving her hands away which had been covering her vagina then went down with his head between her thighs and began to tongue and suck her clitoris. It wasn’t long before I saw Emma’s lips separate and could see her stomach twitching as Dave worked on her, and she gave out little cries. Dave then shifted position so he was kneeling at her side and started finger-fucking her, working her g-spot. Soon she was moaning and her body beginning to convulse. Dave kept on going until Emma had a jerking orgasm giving a loud cry as she came. Dave stroked her body until her breathing went back to normal, then went down on her again, licking and sucking her clitoris, pushing his tongue occasionally into her vagina until she started gripping the sheet with her hands making small noises. Dave then pulled off her, and holding her thighs pulled her round until her buttocks rested on the edge of the bed, and pulled her legs wide apart fully exposing her. I whispered to Pete “Go stand and watch now, and hold her hand”. Dave stood against the side of the bed and gently rubbed his cock against her vulva, moving it up and down until her breathing changed with small mewing sounds coming from her throat, and I saw her hands grasping the sheet. Dave reached down and grasped her wrists and gently pushed his penis against the entrance of her vagina. I could see the initial resistance I saw Emma’s eyes open wide and she gave a cry as Dave pushed inside her. When he was half-way in he stopped moving in, reached down and again began rubbing her clitoris until Emma relaxed after the initial insertion into her body. Dave then started stroking in and out, initially by only an inch or two but as Emma’s little sounds began again slowly, very slowly began to increase the length of his stroke until a little wince on Emma’s face signalled that he had gone as far in as he could without causing discomfort. Then Dave gradually increased his stroke rate until Emma’s cries and stomach contractions signalled that she was approaching another orgasm. Dave reached down to work on Emma’s clitoris as she had her second orgasm with Dave pushing in as far as he could with Emma giving a loud cry, and she involuntarily tried to pull herself back off Dave’s penis but he grasped her thighs and held her on him. When her convulsions eased, Dave pulled himself out of Emma and said to Emma who was now wide-eyed and watching him, “I’m not done yet, I haven’t had a climax but would you like to fuck Pete first?” She looked at Pete and said very quietly “Yes please”. Dave moved away and Emma wriggled back on the bed. Pete got on top of her and she opened her legs to take him inside as he kissed her. Then I noticed that Emma had turned her head to one side with her eyes locked on Dave’s while Pete thrust in and out of her until he came with a loud cry. Dave and I exchanged glances.

After Pete move off Emma, Dave said to Emma “I’ve already fucked you, would you like to fuck me now?” She nodded. Dave got on the bed, lying on his back and said to Emma “You squat over me, take my cock and put it inside of you”. She had to reposition herself once or twice before she was able to get herself into the right position and using her tiny hand guided Dave’s cock inside her. “Is that alright?” she asked Dave as she lowered herself onto him, and began moving up and down. “It feels bloody good” Dave said. As she moved herself up and down, feeling it inside her, Dave reached forward and worked on her clitoris again and soon, I could see, she was taking more and more of Dave’s cock inside her. Emma climaxed with a loud cry, and made to pull herself off Dave, who said “Don’t stop yet, I haven’t come yet” raising his hips to make sure he stayed inside her. Surprisingly Emma then took control, bumping herself up and down on Dave’s penis crying “Fuck me, go on fuck me” repeatedly. As Dave began to push himself up and down in time with Emma I could see him approaching orgasm, which came accompanied by a loud cry. Emma stayed there with Dave’s cock slowly shrinking inside her as she stared into Dave’s eyes. She then gave a long shuddering sigh and pulled herself up and away, and as she got off the bed I could see the sperm running down her thighs, so I reached to the bedroom table to give her some tissues.

They both dressed and before leaving they both thanked us, then at the door, Emma tripped back to Dave pulling his head down to hers and gave him a long kiss, and I was aware with a little inexplicable twinge of jealousy that Emma gave Dave some deep tonguing before she pulled away and skipped to the door turning as she left to say “Thank you, both of you”.

“You seem to have made an impression” I said to Dave after they had left. “All part of the service” he replied. For the next few days, I couldn’t get rid of the memory of the tiny Emma impaled on Dave’s cock. I was, for the first time, beginning to understand why Dave enjoyed watching me with other men’s cocks inside me.