16 Jan 2017

This follows on from my last post in July 2016 - Help for an amateur. ..

I should have posted this a couple of months ago when it happened but to be honest I forgot. However I did write it in my phone ready to upload so here it is...

Well things are progressing. Slowly based on some of the stories I have read on here but still it's progress.

Over the last week I have managed to obsess over involving another girl. As my girls best friend has previously joined us my focus has been on pushing this angle. My girl is ok with this but mentions of trying to find someone else has previously fallen on deaf ears. I think she is comfortable with her best friend and doesn't see her as any sort of threat.

Anyway this week we have had a few good sessions in the bedroom and I have talked about what we could have been doing if there was another girl there with us. This drives my girl crazy and always results in multiple intense orgasms for us both.

Last night with the kids all tucked up in bed we were enjoying a drink and watching a film when my girls best friend text asking about our day (we had been shopping for an antique desk). They then entered in to a text conversation about the day and I sort of zoned out watching the film and fantasising about the two of them.

My day dreams must have had an effect as my girl suddenly notices my semi hard cock pushing against my jeans. She unzips me and pulls out my cock slowly wanking me as she continues her text conversation.

This continues for a few minutes until I am fully hard and thankfully I suddenly have her full attention. However she passes me her phone and tells me to reply to the incoming messages as her friend is bored and alone. It turned out her boyfriend had too much to drink and went to bed early.

We live too far apart for her to pop round plus if her boyfriend or kids woke up they would miss her and she would have some explaining to do, so I didn't bother to suggest it.

As the first text arrived I thought I had better explain my girl had given me her phone to respond as she was busy and when the second text arrived asking what she was doing I couldn't help myself. 'Sucking my cock' I replied. I sent the message and then regretted it. Too much too soon?

I got a smiley face response. But nothing else, I waited. I switched my attention back to my girl who was still fully clothed and on her knees in front of me. I held her hair as I pushed in to her mouth, slowly as first and a little harder. I told her that I had text her friend telling her what my girl was doing. My girl stopped what she was doing just long enough to ask 'what did she say?'

I didn't know what to say as this could kill the mood and our regular go to fantasy. However I was saved by a text alert. I opened the message and it said 'very nice. I was promised some cock tonight but (he) has gone to bed.'

A few more texts were exchanged as I described the scene. I shed my clothes and my girl stripped to her underwear (nothing special just a matching black set). Her friend was clearly getting turned on as her replies quickened and she was asking for specifics like 'are you pushing your hard cock in to her small mouth? Is (she) gagging?'

I relayed all this to my girl who said it felt like her friend was there and that my girl was performing for us both.

I then turned the tables and asked her friend what she was doing. The reply was slow to come but detailed 'I am sat in the lounge, lights off. I have pushed my knickers down to my knees and taken off my bra. My vest top is pushed up round my neck. I am rubbing myself thinking about you both'.

I read her response to my girl who closed her eyes and purred.

I kept going asking for more detail. She replied saying she had two fingers in her pussy and was using her other hand to play with her breasts. Although I didn't think it was possible my cock seemed to grow harder in my girls mouth.

I asked if she had cum yet. She responded saying she had got close but had not cum yet.

I then had an idea. 'FaceTime?' I asked. I didn't tell my girl this and quickly got a response saying she doesn't have an apple phone. I was gutted. But she then text 'Skype?'

My girl has this on her phone but I had to ask her to stop what she was doing and set up the call. It lost its element of surprise but she really liked the idea.

The call was made and answered immediately but we couldn't see anything as she was in darkness. A bit of fumbling about sorted out enough light but this process had sort of killed the mood. Her friend had put her clothes straight and I was now only semi erect.

I was thinking that this was going to be a flop (pardon the pun) when my girl took hold of my cock and starting stroking me back to hardness. All her friend could see was our faces but the look on my face must have told her what was happening. She smiled and asked if we were going to continue? I turned the camera round so she could see my cock being stroked back to life.

There was movement her side and I guessed she was playing with her pussy again. I asked to see and she moved the camera down. She had her hand inside her knickers rubbing slowly.

I showed my girl and she licked her lips before lowering her head to my cock.

Her friend was now treated to the sight of my girl sucking and wanking my cock. The smile on her face increased as did her hand movement.

I asked her friend to take her top off but she just lifted it up saying was easier to cover up if needed.

I watched her large breasts rise and fall. Her nipples hard and dark. Her face beginning to show the signs of pleasure.

I pulled my girls breasts out of her bra but left it on. I started to roll and pull at her already hard nipples making her moan on my cock.

I then moved my hands down to her knickers and pulled them to one side. She was really wet and two fingers slid into her easily. She pushed back against my hand and I started to finger fuck her quickly. She stopped sucking me and concentrated on her first orgasm. I could hear her friends breathing quicken and she orgasmed slightly after my girl.

I took the opportunity to stand up and position my girl on her knees on the sofa I removed her knickers and put the phone facing her against a cushion. I stood behind her and rubbed my cock in her juices. I then pushed my cock into her. Before I could get a rhythm going her friend asked us to move the camera as she couldn't see anything other than a slide profile of my girls ass. I moved it further back and stood behind my girl making sure we were now both in shot. I then entered her again and fucked her hard for several minutes before I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I was going to pull out and try a porn star finish but to be honest I was too carried away and shot my cum deep inside her. My girl quickly started rubbing her clit and orgasmed again. We almost forgot about the camera as we collapsed on the sofa but when I looked across her friend was biting her bottom lip and the movements told me she was really giving her pussy some action. However we couldn't see much more than her face so asked her to position the camera lower giving us a full look at her in action. She lay across her sofa and put the phone against the other end giving us a view of her whole body. She then proceeded to finger fuck herself to an explosive orgasm. She lay there for a good few minutes before she moved and spoke to us.

This point was a little awkward if I am honest. No one really knew what to say.

My girl took the lead asking her friend if she had liked what she saw. Her friend responded by saying it was the horniest she had been in a long time and that her orgasm was amazing. We told her she looked great and we really wished she was with us so we could have both tasted her pussy and helped her orgasm again.

We finished our call there, the girls agreeing to talk in the morning.

In bed my girl agreed she loved having her friend watch us and had she been with us she would have loved to taste her pussy. I asked whether she would like to see me fuck her friend. She smiled and said she didn't know. Whilst the idea turns her on but fears the reality might provoke a different reaction.