Written by Gazboro

9 Oct 2015

Some of you may have read a few other of my 'submissions' ...here is the latest , T and I decided to try others, when I say we I mean she while I watched, it was early February this year and she met this guy at work and told me all about him and we decided she could offer herself to him.... She had been out on a works function and called to say she was bringing this lad home and could I pick them up in about an hour, I agreed and set off getting to the venue about 10 mins before i was due to arrive. I saw them both walk out laughing and he looked a decent sort of lad late 20s normal looking. I flashed the lights and they walked over, both getting into the back of the car. In my mirror i could see her rubbing his thigh and him responding the same... Well we got home with T complaining her dress was too tight and her feet were killing her and immediately went upstairs to the loo ... I poured drinks and as I handed a drink to the guy he said "are you ok with this?" I realised she had already told him what would happen and I nodded and said yes I enjoy watching her... at that T came back down and was wearing a short 'silky' dressing gown and her hard nipples were trying their hardest to push through the fabric.. we talked for a bit and I think I put the lad on the spot a bit by saying "why don't you have a feel instead of just looking at her tits ?" He glanced between us both before slipping his hand inside the thin covering. He leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away saying she only kissed me, I felt my jeans start to tighten as her hand slipped to the fly on his trousers. With little effort her had was inside and starting to massage him, he grunted ... She moved from the chair to the floor in front of him leaving her left breast exposed and she swiftly moved her head to his cock and started greedily sucking at him.

After a minute or so she turned to me sticking her tongue out to show me the thin coating of pre-cum he had produced and she started shuffling backwards from him to the middle of the room sitting backwards she unfastened the now loose dressing gown and slipped it from her shoulders, all she had on was a pair of white see through pants that in all honesty hid nothing as she lay back and opened her legs, without a hesitation his fingers pushed the fabric to one side and furrowed deep into her ... as usual in these situations T said after a while "please, Fuck me" this was my instruction to stop him and gently pull her wet knickers from her body .... her legs spread wide and her lips wide open and glistening as he nudged me out of the way pushing his large end inside her as he gently moved in and out of her ... She looked over to me as his rhythm increased again I knew she was starting to cum so I leaned in to kiss her her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth synchronised with her lover as she came on his thick cock ... holding my face and looking directly into my eyes she said "thanks for letting me have another big cock instead of your tiny one" ....

A few minutes later and after her next orgasm he finished deep inside her, pulling out and letting her clean his long cock in her mouth... he dressed and left as I helped my partner to bed , a similar scenario played out over the spring and summer and here we are today, the only difference is I am now cleaning her up after he finishes inside her, a true cuck you might say .... She is naked and rolling onto her back after a gentle doggy session legs still spread wide with his cum trickling from her hole before I lick her clean I watch as she greedily sucks ever bit of cum from his cock and she starts to make him hard again...my cock throbbing as I run my hand over her swollen belly and and stretched tits now with huge round nipples as they get ready to produce milk for their child... Hopefully it won't be too long before we can get a babysitter for the night and all 3 of us can get back to where we left off