Written by Colin M

8 Dec 2017

Best to read the other two stories first and you will understand Joan better. This happened not long after Joan first teased John and we fucked her. (See my post 7th Dec and then the 4th Dec). He had been back a couple of times since enjoying bareback fucks cos she was on the pill. As I said he knew all about her cos me and him used to talk a lot when we were out drinking. He knew she sometimes wanked with a cucumber or a german sausage but I didnt tell him I'd filmed her doing it cos she'd destroyed it when she thought Frank had borrowed it and even copied it. (read tale 4th Dec) . He hinted he'd love to watch her and when I told her I was amazed she said I could fuck her with one when she goes to sleep for us and as long as he doesnt try to film it with his phone. So before she changed her mind I said we'll tease him tomorrow when he comes round after we get back from our meal.

She said if she's gona do it she'd rather stay at home and drink. I said maybe he can come at 9 instead of after 10? . So on the Friday night I went round for him and told Joan we'd get back for 9pm. We went to our local Pub and as usual had a bit dirty talk. I liked hearing him say tings about her such as her tight fanny and how she keeps it completely bald. I told him she'd been out shopping today and I saw her put a german sausage in the fridge probably for the weekend. Straight away he said he'd love to see me fucking her with it so I said if we get the chance and she goes to sleep I'll do it.. We got back at 9pm, both horny as fuck anticipating what she'd be wearing. Even though she hadn't been out for a meal she was definitely dressed to tease us. She had her button fronted miniskirt on and her see through blouse she got at Anne Summers specially for our horny nights. She had her cardigan on so it wasnt obvious as we walked in. . He sat opposite and chatted while I went for coffees. She was already tipsy and shouted that she'd rather have another drink so I made her a large one. While in the kitchen I filled the dish with hot water and put the sausage in to warm it up, then took the drinks through. She drank up quickly as if she needed some extra courage for what she knew was going to happen. He nipped to the toilet so I said why are you hiding your tits so she took the cardigan off. He came back and as we talked and he blatantly stared at the view through her blouse. then she put her hands behind her head to give us a better view of her tiny quarter cup bra with her nipples visible and said 'I think I've drank too much Colin'.

I was so horny cos she'd dressed to cock tease us and was wearing a skirt that unbuttoned down the front . I started kissing her on the neck and opened her blouse and she let me open it and lift her tits out to start sucking them in front of him.

She acted pissed as if he wasnt there so I got my cock out and she took hold of it and started stroking it. When he saw that he got his cock out and stroked it behind a magazine. She told me later she peeped and it was so exciting seeing she'd made our cocks stand up hard.

I started unbuttoning her blouse and got her lying back on the unit, feet on the floor legs open so he could see she had her open fronted panties on. I had a feel of her fanny and she decided to close her eyes to pretend she'd went to sleep. He was sitting stroking his cock cos he knew she wouldnt wake up now. I got off her and went for the big sausage and when I got back he was sucking her tits. He watched as I slid the lovely warm sausage into her and started fucking her with it. I asked if he wanted a go so he took over from me. I sucked her tits while he was fucking her with the sausage. Ihad to tell him not to slow down cos he was fucking her really fast. I then had another go while he sucked her tits again. She told me later sh'd peeped once or twice. . We spent at least 15 mins fucking her with it and made her cum a couple of times.

The I pulled the sausage out and let him slip his cock into her. She told me later a cock is the best as she likes to feel the man in contact as they fuck. He was so excited after seeing her take the big sausage which must be 10 inches long and much thicker than a cock. He told me he he loved seeing her taking that big sausage yet her fanny was still nice and tight. She told me once more that he gets really excited sucking her tits and must think she has milk in them. I told her I said be gentle on her tits cos they get sore later. He had wanked off earlier so he lasted 5 or 10 mins up her before cumming in her. He was good cos she cums at the same time as him .

Then I got up her her to show off to him and he saw that she was thrusting back on my cock and started to quietly go mmm. As we fucked he was engrossed sucking her tits and watching me fuck her cos she opened her eyes . By the look on her face she was enjoying two men fussing over her. He fanny was soaked with her juices and his spunk and I soon felt I was starting to cum so I pulled out to save my spunk for later when we talk about it . Before he went home he wanted to have another look at her fanny and a lick of her. He gave her a good licking which she loved and probably tasting his own spunk from it. . Then he went off home, and before he got out the front door she woke up. She loved talking about it and asked if she is any good at teasing us. I said she's brilliant to encourage her She said she enjoys teasing as long as I'm ok watching her being fucked . Then she said she only eases cos I want her to do it. The best fucks in my life were after Joan had teased John cos she was like a nympho on the bed. If you want to hear what she was like as a naughty teen then ask and I'll post what she's told me so far. It involves her with her friend also a girl.