Written by Rob

7 Aug 2019

This tail goes back a quite away I need to give some background, it was the early part of our marriage Sue my wife got involved with someone else, I will keep this brief, I found out there was a upset, to cut this short I came to terms with it not only that in the end I agreed she could carry on seeing him the truth being it excited me

The affair run its course and ended, before that we had got into me having sloppy seconds and other benefits ie like being told what he did with her and here it happened and so on as she gave me a slow wank with a bit of oral it blow my mind as well as my dick

We drifted into what could be call strange situation when my wife was getting screwed by someone else and I was encouraging it for what I got out of it did that make me kinky,when it was over I don't know how Sue felt but I was sorry it was over I miss our fun

It was quite a wait before the next one came along this proved to be even more exciting fot me I knew every thing what was going on right from the beginning her getting chatted up then he came onto her, she even asked what I thought and the most mind blowing thing of all was she was talking about going all the way with him,I told her she should

The next time she met him he screwed her she came home with that look on her face I knew it I could see, it felt like I was part of it, I gave her the go a head

The next affair had started and lasted quite a long time but that to ened, after that nothing happened in the end we had a family then my was not interested at all

Maybe it was over she had her fling and I guess it was, that was till our youngest left for uni last year, before he left he had a lot of friend over we knew then there was good bit of bozz involved they had s good time

After he left Will terned up, one of his friends say he left a jacket here our son had browed , Sue went to look in his room for it and couldn't find itt

She shouted down to Will come up here so he went up not to long after that Will came down with a jacket in his hand, saying to me found it and left, then Sue came down looking flushed and said cheek sod he touched me up. I laguted say your luck changed , hu she went but she was not upset

I didn't think any more of it, then she told me Will had popped round when I was at work , she said something about why he called that was nothing

Move on a couple of week and he visited a couple of times it was now for a chat and a coffee, I will just say about Will was our boy's mates in away he was the odd one out he didn't do well at school he left as soon as he could but saying that he got a job right away he comes from a single parent family we know his mum but his dad was not about and he must of been black as Will is very dark

At the time Will was nineteen and I never imagined he set his sights on my wife, I was not told how often Will visited but Sue started saying what a nice lad he is as if she thought a lot of him, when I said had he tried it on any more she said no but it didn't quite sound that convincing

Move on a little a few weeks, Sue was a bit hesitant about this she said he had touched her up, it was not come on to her she used the word touched up

I asked how she want quiet then said oh he just put his hands around me for a hug, I said his after you and that is not touching you up, she got a little flustered saying no I didn't mean that, what had really happened was young Will had a snog and had a nice feel of tit, my wife was not only letting him but encouraging it, and was not saying because he was so young and a friend of our son and she was embarrassed

That is why she was not saying but she did want to tell me as she thought there would be a chance after all of letting her legs get opened, she most likely fancied him maybe wanted him but was not sure about me she knew I was alright all that time back but now she was not sure

It took some time for me to relise quite what she was hinting at

When the penny dropped I said why don't you shag him Sue look startled say oh Christ no but it didn't take long and she was saying gain what a nice guy he was not using the words lad of boy, now we got talking and the age difference did come up and a lot of other things like about how his our lads friend Sue found problems I was getting horny and finding ways around them

Then she admitted about them snogging him having a feel

That was when I told her to go for it but I could see if she did this be close to home and the only safe place for her to get laid would be here at home and just maybe something I had always wanted was to be involved but how and would she want that I just didn't know

God I could imagine see my forty two year old wife getting it off a young stud and god Wills almost black Christ that be something to watch I wondered if it was true what is said about black men if it was I would cum in my pants

So I did what I could to convince Sue she should but she was still a little unsure, when I said he should come round in the evening

It must've been a week before Sue told he he would come over on the Friday evening , okay but it would be a step into the unknown how would my wife react and also I hadn't put eny thought into how Will would be most like it would be a beer and a chat

Up till then as far as I knew Sue had let Will have a play around with a snog and stopped anything else but that was when she was alone with him so was that all

Will arrived it was not as awkward as I expected it started as I thought, us talking, I thought get out of here leave them and see if anything do happen

So did just that after a time I sneaked back to have a look. I was quite surprised it looked as if it was Sue after hin

I didn't go in I stood in the doorway oh yes it was Sue taken the lead, he want to get her tits out, she took her top off and undid her bra , Will was soon sucking away at some very stiff nipples , my wife's bust is quite large but since have two kids it hot that firm so they do sag and there are a couple of stretch marks on the sides but Will looked really happy with them Sue rubbed his crotch at the same time

He pushed her over so she lay back Will knew what he wanted his hand right up under her skirt, no way could you say my wife was not willing she parted her legs

I couldn't see but he must have his hand on that hairy pussy he must have then knicker to one side and be feeling them long meaty lips he would get them untangled and parted and be feeling that long slit between them

She started to gouen the lad found what he wanted, she had one leg wide to the side the other pressed into him

Maybe he got carried away sucking her nipple or he bit it she pushed him off it, then he was rolled on his back his hand was out, now Sue was undoing his jeans in a rush

She was soon tugging them over his hips with his pants, I was holding my breath to see what his cock was like

I think I gasped when I did see it, that lad was anything but small, also it was really black unlike the rest of him which is dark, his mother is white

Sue had his jeans over his knees but she was looking up at his cock, she was on her knees in front of him getting the jeans off his feet, Will look quite erect and hard it was a hell of a lot longer than mine and maybe twice to three times as wide it was a very fat one but it was my wife I was amazed to see how keen she was, jeans now off she lent in pushing his thighs apart she wanted that cock

She grabbed it pulling it to her his foreskin it rolled back his knob end was mutch lighter almost pink it was very bell shaped with a big meaty flange her mouth went over it like she was going to bite it, what followed was amazing she sucked her head bobbed up and down she never sucked my cock like that with that mutch enthusiasm

Will was getting excited, was she going to suck him off but she must of sensed how he was and stopped

Next she shocked me she stood up pulled her skirt up sat on the sofa lifted her bum pushed her knickers down and off one foot before she her other foot out he was trying to get between her legs, she parted her thighs as he pushed in

It became a rush Sue pushed her bum forward on the sofa

Will holding his cock trying to get in line as my wife moved to him, a second later, she cried out Jesus Christ, Will had found the right place, he gave a very hard pushe she squealed followed from him with two sharp thrusts he was home and by Christ my wife knew it she felt that alright

What came next was like a mess of confusion, now he was in her he was going to fuck her you couldn't say he wasn't experienced it was a case of he knew what had to do

Sue go her legs up bent her knees back with thighs wide open her ares on the edge of the sofa she had to take his full length like that her white knicker hung on one foot

Will started thrusting every time he went all the way she squealed out then that went to a gasp she could of adjusted to his extra size and length, there was no stopping Will once he got going he hammer her the sofa got pushed back for a second it may of tipped over, my wife with her chin on her chest tits swing like crazy legs waving about as that cock drove into her like crazy

Will got faster and harder Sue sreaked she was cumming and he gave her one hell of a oragum before he started to grunt and gasp as he let his spunk go into her it lasted about ten minutes after he started but what a fuck

I had my cock out and had just shot my load on the floor and my hand as it finished

As Will pulled back I still had my cock out it was amazing Sue lay there still shaking from her climax legs wide open as he he slumped down beside her I moved closer still with my old man hanging out all three of us must of been a sigh

Sue looked at me but didn't say anything, I looked down at her she didn't move, as I looked her pussy and I had never seen it like that the black hair round it looked wet even her thick bush above it seemed wet, the long lips hung open rolled back her large slit was gaping a trickle of white was running out, I knew that pussy and before I had tasted it meany time and slipped my cock into the sloppy mess but it had never been like that, I could smell a odor of sex

As mutch as I wanted to bury my face in it I didn't holding off what would Will think if he saw that

I can say me being there had changed every thing they must've known I had watched, Will didn't look worried not did my wife I guess I was a sight with my dick hanging out

I slipped him back in and sat down, Sue looked at me for a few seconds then terned to Will and kissed him

I heard her whisper that was wonderful his member still there it was now limp but still very large

No one spoke but they started to get dressed, Sue pulled down her skirt and got her top and went to loo as Will got his jeans on, she came back with the top on her bra and pants still lay on the floor, she said I want a drink do any one else we ended up with a coffee

The conversation started again almost like nothing had happened after a time Will couldn't keep his eyes off Sue I think it was her tits by about ten it was obvious he was getting aroused he keep adjusting himself Sue noticed

Not long and she kissed him her hand went to his crotch

She sat back and said with her hand still on him, you are horny again, she then said okay but in bed this time

She took his hand and lead him upstairs with me right behind them, once in our bedroom she pulled her top off then her skirt, naked she started undressing him

Once he was naked she got hold of now semi stiff cock and almost pulled him onto the bed

The poor lad she took over she started sucking his cock that was very quickly rock hard I don't think he got a look in

She got a leg over him to straddle him, fuck she look so bloody sexy her thick black bush that almost cover her navel them big tits hanging down both nipples looked siff and very dark she had to lift one leg to get him in but it took a few seconds to get it in the right place

Then the leg came down, she felt his knob end going in , I heard Hooo Fuck as she pressed down

The lucky sod was getting a sloppy one, he had stretched her and still had his spunk in her so that made it easier but even so she impaled herself slowly with a determined look on her face, as she pressed right down she said Fuck as he still filled her to the limit, she was not quite upright as she sat up she gasped Christ that is fucking big

She started to roll her hips she gasped a few times but carried on as she got going her tits started to swing, god I loved that, she had both hand on him the more she lent back the more she gasped , she was soon going like hell her head down, she cried out Fuck Fuck, she made herself cum on his cock, she slumped forward, that horny bugger he held her and bucked like crazy, Sue screamed

I looked behind them hell that pussy was stretched so mutch the lips wrapped around his shaft and got pulled in and out my wife was foaming

Before I knew it a tangle of arms and legs as Will rolled her onto her back, now Will was going to have her, he got her legs lifted, he rammed into her she squealed, Will fucked like crazy she got a real pounding

He lasted longer as mutch as fifteen minutes this time before that married pussy took another load and it looked like she got as much as last time

Will went home an hour later, next morning Sue was siff and acked but very happy, it was only the start his been her long term lover and still is