Written by weathergirl!!

11 May 2008

My hubby and I have a cracking relationship and have dabbled in some mmf scenarios before. I seem to attract lots of young or black guys, don\'t know why :)) We have discussed if I see someone I like would we have to arrange a mmf first so Dan could see them or if I felt ok could I fuck them. Dan has always said yes but only if you feel really at ease with them. This was said years ago so didn\'t really thing that much of it but this week seemed to bring out all the guys looking for easy fucks!

I was walking the kids to school with a neighbour when I noticed a half-caste guy looking as we walked up the street. As we got to him he smiled at me and said good morning, I replied isnt it and smiled. My neighbour Emma said its obvious what he wants, I laughed and said same here. We both giggled as I turned to see if he was still looking, yes he was and he licked his lips at me.

I felt a real gush of horniness and became wet quite quickly. I couldn\'t stop thinking of this and thought if only. My neighbour had to go into town so I walked back on my own and noticed in the distance this guy was still there. As I got close he moved forward and said you after some fun love, I thought you fucking bet and said why not. The air was charged as we talked and hurriedly walked back to my house. He asked if I was sure I wanted too of which I said no problems. He questioned my hubby knowing of which I siad he\'s working away and I can do anything if I wish, this really spurred him on as he groped my arse as we walked down the street. I told him to hang back and knock on in ten mins. He obviously couldnt wait as within two mins he was knocking on the door. I let him in as he closed the door behind him he kissed me undoing my top and agrresively sucking at my tits. His hands were in my wet knickers in seconds as he slipped his fingers into my lips. He held me pushing me onto the settee as he pulled my skirt up and top off revealing my hard nipples. As I fell backwards he buried his head into my clit as he licked at me furiously. I could hardly say a word as he just wanted to explore me fiercely. He stopped for a few seconds and said, you ready for this white slut! Me I said Im no slut hun just any match for a male slag! He pulled out his cock which was really thick and long and dipped his head into my moist lips and said without protection too slut!! I looked and said yes thats right fuck me then and make sure you fill it. He didn\'t hang around and leaned his body weight in pushing his cock deep into me. I didn\'t let him know but he was fucking really stretching me with that cock as he furiously fucked at me ramming hard and deep into me. He said you are a doing well hun I usually have them screaming by now, I said perhaps when you fill me up you will now fuck me you cunt! He went hell to leather now as we were pouring with sweat and hoisted me up as he began to unleash his cock into me, oh my cosh it was heaven and Im afraid I had to give in and screamed out \"oh thats fucking nice\" He seemed to stay there for ages as he pumped loads of cum into me. He started to pull out when I grabbed his legs and said fuck me again hun, he looked in defeat and said crikey babe youve won I can\'t just yet. I smiled and said thanks hun as I watched this cum ooze down my legs and arse. He came what seemed like about six times in one laod, very impressive.

I remembered I\'d got to go down town and said c\'mon you need to go Ive got to go down the local high street. He looked and said give me your number and we can do this again, I thought no way and said\" you had one go thats more than enough\" he seemed very disappointed and said ok I understand and left. I was like the cat that got the cream as I saw him off and admired the cum all over me. I quickly cleaned up and headed into town. Whilst there a young white guy was smoking outside a shop and as I walked up he smiled and said looking good today lady. I thought thats nice and said you too hun and walked in the shop. I couldnt believe it when I came out he asked if I was interested in younger guys. I said yes why do you like older lady\'s, he smiled and said you are well fit babe what guy wouldnt be. I thought oh no this is moving quick. He looked at me and said you up for some fun with me and a mate? I looked amazed and thought you cheeky twat and said what mate! He looked towards a car where there was a guy sat in it looking across at us. He looked quite fit so I said go on then. He took my hand and took me to this car, he opened the door and I got in with him, what am I doing I thought! What the hell I thought. These two guys were early twentys and very nice with great physiques so I thought don\'t turn this offer down. The guy started putting his hand up my skirt as his mate drove on. I got his cock out and wanked him as this guy pulled onto a layby area. The guy in the front climbed over and started sucking at my nipples, before I could say no the other guy had his head buried in my fanny. He said i TASTED superb and I thought that would be the other guys cum then :)) I had a cock now in each hand as there hands explored me. One guy got into position and started to fuck me really fast, now I mean fast! This guy was like a machine gun making me pour with sweat as he fired his load into me. It was really hot as he pushed every drop into me. His mate took position and slowly fucked my wet sticky pussy. He said I was the best fuck he\'d had so far and said I was a stunning. A guy with compliments while we were fucking thats rare. He really took time to bring me off to an almighty orgasm as he clinched ny arse and started to unload into me. He slowed down as his dick started to go soft in me but as he was quite big he stayed in then just kept slowlly pushing back into me. The guy was hard quite quick as he again began to fuck me, This time he got really quick as he fucked me saying your fucking gorgeous. I digged my nails into his back as he really enjoyed fucking me and I have to say he was good. We seemed to be fucking for ages when all of a sudden he stopped pulled out and fire his load onto my face, oooh I said thats naughty. He smiled, kissed me and said do you want a lift home. I said yes as he said something to the other guy as he walked away. Everything ok I said, yes he said I just want you to myself again so lets go back mine. I thought my gosh I need to get home but didnt want to disappoint him especially as he was so good and polite to me. We arrived at a shop where he said he had the upstairs flat. We walked up and he pushed me into a bedroom laying me against the bed. He took off all my clothes then his and said you are amazing I want to fuck you again no-ones ever done that to me. His cock was hard again as he climbed onto me slowly putting his cock into my pussy. We fucked in every position ever invented and he must have come a futher three times as we enjoyed each other. When he stopped I said I need to go hun as Ive loads to do at home, he said ok sorry for keeping you so long. I kissed him and said dont be sorry I have loved it. He asked if we could meet again of which I said yes certainly and he dropped me at home.

That night I told the hubby and he fucked me for being naughty whilst he was at work and agreed to letting me fuck him again.

Well that was was two years ago and the young guy has come on holiday with us twice and seems really happy to join me and the hubby and fuck me when I call him up in fact weve even joked about letting him lodge with us so its easire to arrange