Written by Peter

31 Dec 2016

Strange really but the ex misses got me into the bi thing not long after we had met we were fucking when she did something i had never experienced. She was sucking my cock when suddenly she slid a finger up my arse. At first i tried to pull away but she held me sucking my cock harder so i relaxed. As i came in her mouth the feelings were so fucking intense i just came and came shouting oh fuck. Later we talked about what it felt like. he told me about an experience she had on holiday with her friend when they picked some guy up. Her friend was only interested in her so while the ex was licked she sucked the guys cock and fingered his arse. When she convinced me to go out and find a male to experiment. i went to a local spot we found on the net, Not feeling to sure i parked up it was a nice summer night and quite warm. After what seemed like hours a man walked over to me and started to chat. I explained why i was there and my misses had encouraged me. He said what he was into and we walked to a quiet spot. He pulled my jeans down releasing my stiff cock. I had some poppers and offered them to him but he declined i had a big sniff hoping it would relax me. Then he grabbed my cock and started to wank me saying come on come on. After a while i started to cum and he pulled my cock harder as i shot my load. I went home to tell the misses and we ended up fucking . The next time i was there i saw a guy near the bushes and i walked over more confident now. Then another guy walked up i told the guy in the bushes to get our cocks out. he did and the other guy was massive and fucking hard. Has the guy wanked us the big cock walked off leaving just the two of us. I got him to suck my cock fuck it was nice but then i told him to finger my arse which he was happy to do s o he sucked my cock and fingered my arse i started to cum oh fuck i said im cumming but he kept sucking and i shot my cum down his throat. Well i went back a few times i even tried sucking a cock but never managed to go all the way. Then me and the misses decided to find a bi male for a threesome and we found one. We invited him round but that is another story and very true so ill tell you later.