Written by Andy

5 Jul 2014

TO recap, Jo is a single mum in her late 30's. She brought my parents house 3 years ago after my mum died. She was rather shy and very insecure due to her boyfriend treating her like shit and calling her all the names under the sun (often in front of anyone) and getting violent with her and her kids. He eventually dumped her and she came to me for a chat and comforting (I live next door). After nearly 18 months of me telling her how attractive she was, she finally accepted that not all men are the same as her ex. On that day, she changed and ended up having several orgasm on my patio.

Here's part 5.......

Jo came back front the kitchen, her naked body glistening in the midday sun. She sat on the lounger and lay back, stretching her legs out. By now she was a completely different woman from the shy, insecure woman who moved in a couple of years ago, and definitely different from the woman who, only hours earlier came to me crying because she had been dumped by her psycho boyfriend.

I asked her 'how you feeling?'

She turned to me and said with a laugh 'fucked!, I could sleep for a week - I've never orgasmed like that before and definitely not so many times!'

All I said was 'how about one more then?'

When she looked at me, she definitely had a glint in her eyes and then said 'oh yes please!'

I stood up and moved to her lounger, all I said was 'knee on the bed', instantly she sat up turned over and knelt on the lounger, her arse pointing straight up. What a picture!

I pushed her knees apart, so that they were touching the bed frame and told her to put her hands out to the edge too. Which she did. As the foot of the bed was still dropped, it allowed me to get closer to her, her arse was at just the right height for me.

I placed my hands on her arse and slowly began to run my fingers up and down the crack of her arse and down along her pussy lips, she let out a low moan - I knew that she was starting to build up again. After several minutes of this, I stopped with my finger on her pussy lips, I gently pushed them in so that her lips parted covering my fingers in her juices, my fingers began to slide in and out as she began to moan, her breathing getting heavier.

After a few minutes of my fingering her, she said 'I want you inside me now'.

I moved closer, my erect cock was much harder than it had been for sometime, the tip was just touching her lips. I allowed it to part her lips, feeling the warmth of her pussy envelope my bell end. Slowly pushing it into her, inch by inch. When I my cock reached as far as I could, Jo gave a moan that was so erotic I nearly came there and then. I began to gently pull it back out until the tip was touching her lips again. I thrust back into her and pushed harder, Jo squealed and pushed back against me, my cock pushing against her cervix.

If I looked to my left I was looking at the patio doors. Due to the brightness of the sun outside and the darkness in my dining room, I could see our reflection as clearly as if I was watching someone else. The image of Jo kneeling on the lounger with me standing behind her, both completely naked, her tits swinging back and forward as my cock began to slide into her and she pushed back was very erotic.

This carried on for several minutes, feeling her juices flowing as my cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles beginning to tighten, her breathing getting deeper and faster, her moans getting louder and deeper - she was approaching orgasm. I didn't want to waste this moment, I wanted to cum with her.

I changed my position slightly so that I was entering her at a steeper angle, the shaft of my cock was now rubbing against her pelvis, while the rip was rubbing against her G-spot. In less that a minute I feel my balls begin to tighten, and a hot sensation rushing from my balls and all the way to my feet (it's weird but when I put off cummin that many times I always get this feeling when I do eventually cum). I carried on looking at our reflection, so her lovely tits swinging back and forth was too much.

I said to Jo 'I'm gonna cum'

Jo said 'oh fuck yes, so am I' then she suddenly said 'no, I'm not on the pill'

By then it was too late, I felt my balls tighten and the first shot of my cum pump into her hot, wet pussy. Jo couldn't wait any longer either, the sensation of my cummin caused her to orgasm again. She pushed back onto me as her orgasm ripped through her, my cum pumping into her again and again.

Finally both our orgasms subsided, Jo's arms collapsed and she fell forward onto the bed, her arse still in the same position with my still rigid cock inside her. I couldn't move, my legs were like lead. When I did finally move, and slowly pulled my cock out of her, my cum slowly began to seep out and run down her leg.

I sat on the lounger, catching my breath. Jo's pussy was inches from my face.

Now I've licked a girl before, during and after her orgasm, but I have never lick a pussy full of mine or anyone else's cum - I turned my head, grabbed her by the hips and began to lick her pussy for all I was worth, burying my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy. This had the reaction of causing Jo's orgasm to reignite and she instantly began to buck like an untamed horse!

Her only other reaction was 'oh fuck!'. I licked out her until she stopped bucking and until all my cum had gone.

Jo collapsed onto her side on the lounger. 'No one has ever done that before to me' she said 'thank you'.

We both lay there for a few minutes, then Jo said 'I'd better go to the chemist and get the pill'

I told her 'not to worry, I can't have kids, so if you want to do that again sometime, we can'

Jo smiled and definitely had a glint in her eyes.

We lay there for an hour in each others arms, enjoying the sun, when she said that she needed to go and get ready to pick her kids up. I offered her a shower, but she declined saying 'after that experience, I don't want to clean up!'

She left and went back home, promising to come back again and repeat the performance.

True to her word, she did - several times, often when the weather was hot and sunny. But also in the middle of the night (she has my spare key) when her kids are either at their dads or fast asleep.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did actually doing it.